Intro to 2018 Dynasty Content

Hello to all the FantasyGuru subscribers! I’m very excited to be providing weekly dynasty content for the 2018 season. You’ve potentially seen me in other areas of the site so far (which I’m excited to be contributing to as well), but the dynasty format will always be my favorite fantasy football child. Dynasty leagues were my base for many years, and this platform is a great opportunity to share the plethora of research (mine and others) that’s been discovered.

The NFL is an incredible organism composed of exceptional athletes. That’s an important fact. Most folks who play in the dynasty format are fans of the game and have an appreciation of what they’re watching.  With a view towards a longer timeline, and no life-changing prize pools like their relatives (DFS and re-draft), there wouldn’t be anything derogatory about labeling the format a hobby. Simply put, the amount of folks who make a livable income off dynasty league prizes is, well, probably none. The goals are different than other formats, but it’s an enjoyable variation. 

WITH THAT SAID (!), though the main goal isn’t monetary, there’s other motivations that border on just...

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Russell Clay
Fantasy Analyst

Russell Clay joined as a contributor in August 2018. He prides himself on being a versatile fantasy writer who’s able to provide strong analysis on a wide array of topics.