IDP Scoring and Roster Construction

When it comes to IDP, the rules and strategies can vary wildly. If you think PPR vs. non-PPR can greatly affect how you build your roster, just wait until you have to break out your old conversion chart from your Trapper Keeper to set your IDP lineups.

Just kidding. It’s not that bad. In fact, this article is here to help you master the ins and outs of IDP leagues, so that you never feel overwhelmed. Use this article as a reference every time you join a new league, or have a question about a player’s value. Additionally, it’s a resource if you are considering starting up your own IDP league.



First, some terminology: 

Tackle: A solo tackle. When the official scorer award a player with a full tackle.

Assist: When the official scorer gives half the tackle credit to one player and the other half to another, both players get an assisted tackle. Some scorers give out multiple assists on one play.

TFL: Tackle for Loss. It’s like a sack of the running back.

Big Play: Anything ...

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Justin Varnes
IDP Analyst

Initially a subscriber to Fantasy Guru, Justin became the company’s IDP Analyst in 2015. He produces both preseason and in-season content geared towards IDPers, including weekly defensive player previews. Follow him on Twitter at @downwithIDP.