IDP Metrics: 2017 Backfield Impact for Linebackers

In a previous article, I examined how a metric called Backfield Impact (BI) can help us identify DLs with the repeatable skill of getting into the opposing offense’s backfield.

To read more about BI and BI/S, READ THIS ARTICLE. To read about which DLs in 2017 are good bets to put up big plays, READ THIS ARTICLE.

That same metric can be applied to the linebacker position. There are plenty of edge rushing ‘backers who spend the majority of their snaps trying to disrupt play behind the line of scrimmage. The skill isn’t much different than a defensive end, and in today’s multiple-front defensive schemes, players such as Chandler Jones and Khalil Mack spend time both with their hand on the ground as a DE and standing up as an LB. Either way, their role is the same: get to that QB!

Of course sacks are usually not enough to be fantasy relevant every week. The ideal L...

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Justin Varnes
IDP Analyst

Initially a subscriber to Fantasy Guru, Justin became the company’s IDP Analyst in 2015. He produces both preseason and in-season content geared towards IDPers, including weekly defensive player previews. Follow him on Twitter at @downwithIDP.