IDP Fundamentals

If you’re fairly new to IDP, there can be a lot to digest early on. One of the reasons why is because the defense just doesn’t get talked about as much in the media, and when they do, the like to throw around lots of cool-sounding phrases like “Tampa 2” and “SAM linebacker” without explaining what the hell they just said. 

The key to winning at IDP is to understand how IDPs function at each position, and as that position relates to their defensive unit.

How defensive coordinators use their players to win football games can often be tricky to translate to IDP scoring. But with a little bit of background on how defenses work and how defensive players work within certain schemes, you can learn to anticipate which players will benefit (or suffer) from a change in defensive coordinators, schemes, or positions.

Let’s start with some fundamental responsibilities of each of the three levels of defense:

Defensive Linemen

Defensive linemen put their hand on the ground and spend all day trying to get past offensive linemen. There are two types of DLs when it comes to IDPs: Defen...

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Justin Varnes
IDP Analyst

Initially a subscriber to Fantasy Guru, Justin became the company’s IDP Analyst in 2015. He produces both preseason and in-season content geared towards IDPers, including weekly defensive player previews. Follow him on Twitter at @downwithIDP.