The Hail Mary: Week 10

The Hail Mary: Week 10

Anyone can give you advice about today.

But what about the future?

Nicknamed The Oracle, Ray Flowers will look ahead, not to the current week of games, but to the week thereafter, every Thursday for Fantasy Guru. While most people are looking at today or tomorrow, Ray will fast forward things an entire week in an attempt to get you the advice you need, long before your competition is even thinking about it.

A few things about this attempt.

1 – Yes, the same man who won’t give start/sit advice is going to attempt to look a whole week ahead. The irony of this assignment is not lost on him.

2 – While Ray attempts to be precise as possible, detailing nearly every position he takes meticulously, he will cast that hat aside once a week for this piece as there will be some divining involved.

3 – Given that the advice being given is for next week, meaning if the article appears in Week 10 that it’s talking about Week 11, there will have to some guesses offered. Not random, but logical type of guesses, you know, the educated style. There’s a lot of white noise he’s attempting to sift...

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Ray Flowers
EVP Guru Elite

Ray Flowers is the EVP of GuruElite. While others have dabbled, Ray is one of the few who has worked in the fantasy industry full-time for each of the last 17 years. A multi-time FSWA Award winner for Best Baseball Series, Ray also hosts The Fantasy Drive six days a week on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, a position he has held since the first day of the network's existence.