Good Vibes/Bad Vibes

Good Vibes/Bad Vibes

I started doing this article about ten years ago as kind of informal look at the “vibes” I was getting for all 32 teams after following them closely and watching all of their exhibition games. Over the years, though, it’s really grown in popularity because it’s been a strong indicator of things to come, and because it’s a great piece for readers to quickly access the “CliffsNotes” version of all of our preseason content. For instance, if you haven’t been following a thing in the NFL this summer, you can get caught up in just 10-15 minutes, at least in terms of the offensive side of things. 

Every year at this time I feel very good about the work we’ve put in and the analysis we’ve put out there, and this year is certainly no exception. I think most readers would agree that we’ve taken very logical and realistic positions on everything we care about in the fantasy world, and for the most part, things have held up pretty well as we steamroll toward Week 1.

We all know mass chaos is about to ensue, but even over the last two crazy se...

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John Hansen

By launching in 1995, John Hansen became one of the true pioneers of fantasy sports reporting and analysis. Over the last 22 years his fantasy coverage has been seen and heard on, NFL Network,, SiriusXM, DirecTV, and more. In 2013 he was inducted into the Fantasy Sports Writers' Association's Hall of Fame. Be sure to follow John on Twitter at @Fantasy_Guru.