D/ST Streaming: Week 7

In most leagues, only about 12-14 D/ST’s are on rosters leaving owners with a palatable amount of options if they are in need of a defense. Streaming your defense based on opponent strength and expected game script can give fantasy owners untapped upside on their roster.

(Author’s Note: This column will be updated by Friday afternoon every week to offer all of the latest injury news and analysis to aid in your decision-making).

Here are the three lower-owned (below 40%) options for Week 6:


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (vs. Cleveland Browns)

We're breaking one of our cardinal rules here -- the Bengals are only about 40% available across all platforms after facing New England in Week 6 -- but Cincinnati needs to be mentioned in this space. If the Bengals’ DST is still available after being dropped because of last week's matchup, make sure you remedy that. We have been attacking the Browns' offensive line all year with our streaming choices and Week 7 will be no different. After absorbing an i...

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Graham Barfield
Senior Analyst

Graham is a senior analyst for Fantasy Guru and works closely with statistics to produce quanitative analysis for complementary weekly content. He will be appearing before the season and during the season on The Fantasy Guru Podcast with John Hansen and Joe Dolan. Be sure to follow Graham on Twitter at @GrahamBarfield.