DrafKings Championship Round NFL Showdown (Single-Game) Contest: IDP Breakdown

Over the last two weeks of the NFL Showdown contests, it seems as though big plays are driving the winning lineups. And the cream of the crop of the defensive players in winning lineups were a mix of high tackles with a big play or two mixed in. Players like Vonn Bell, Cameron Jordan, Telvin Smith, and Marcus Williams all had at least one big play and several tackles. Smith was in a ton of high-cashing lineups.

While that seems obvious, the important point to glean from this (albeit small amount of) data, is that going for pure edge rushers who don’t post a ton of tackles (for example, a 3rd-down sack specialist), or spending on players who are mainly just 5-6 tackle-producers (a non-elite MLB, for instance) might be money better spent elsewhere.

With that said, let’s dive into the two games this weekend:


JAC @ NE, Sunday at 3:05pm

Paying Up

Telvin Smith had a monster game last week against the Steelers. He racked up a fumble recovery and a TD to...

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Justin Varnes
IDP Analyst

Initially a subscriber to Fantasy Guru, Justin became the company’s IDP Analyst in 2015. He produces both preseason and in-season content geared towards IDPers, including weekly defensive player previews. Follow him on Twitter at @downwithIDP.