Divisional Round Stat-Pack

Welcome to the playoffs!

In the weekly Stat-Pack, I go team-by-team and break down three key statistics that help explain the fantasy action. The attempt here isn’t to provide atypical game recaps, but instead to provide forward-looking context about the games that may not be obvious. 

Here's the special Divisional Round Stat-Pack:

Atlanta Falcons

  1.  This year, the Falcons defense allowed just 5.1 yards per offensive play -- 12th-best. Last year, Atlanta allowed 5.6 yards per play -- 19th-worst.
  2. Julio Jones has double-digit targets and at least 80 yards in four of his last five games.
  3. Since Tevin Coleman returned in Week 16, the Falcons have split carries between Coleman and Devonta Freeman 40 to 31 in favor of Freeman. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Leonard Fournette's playing time is way up. His snap rate in Week 1-12 was just 58%, but, over his last five contests, Fournette's snap rate is up to 77%.
  2. ...
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Graham Barfield
Senior Analyst

Graham is a senior analyst for Fantasy Guru and works closely with statistics to produce quanitative analysis for complementary weekly content. He will be appearing before the season and during the season on The Fantasy Guru Podcast with John Hansen and Joe Dolan. Be sure to follow Graham on Twitter at @GrahamBarfield.