Divisional Round Production Tracker

It is time to review the defensive points allowed data.

In addition to traditional points allowed metrics, this weekly piece features various data points by position. Not only do our readers get access to more data that allows for a full view of what defenses allow, the data is presented as a heat map. Green will indicate an above average matchup in a particular statistic, while red indicates a below average data point.

All of the running back, wide receiver and tight end data points use PPR scoring. Four-points per passing touchdown is used for quarterbacks.

Quarterbacks – Defensive Stats Allowed

(Data sorted by Fantasy Points per Attempt).

Running Backs – Defensive Stats Allowed

(Data sorted by P...

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Graham Barfield
Senior Analyst

Graham is a senior analyst for Fantasy Guru and works closely with statistics to produce quanitative analysis for complementary weekly content. He will be appearing before the season and during the season on The Fantasy Guru Podcast with John Hansen and Joe Dolan. Be sure to follow Graham on Twitter at @GrahamBarfield.