I’m more convinced than ever that the key to success in fantasy football is to be ahead of the curve. There are a lot of ways in which one can be steps ahead of the competition in the fantasy game, but this time of the year, my focus is on keeper and dynasty leagues, since, well, there’s no season going on in February.

The great thing about being in a keeper or dynasty league is that one can enjoy the managing of a roster 12 months a year, and if you’re into that sort of thing, you should be looking now to make some moves before player values shift due to free agency activity and the draft – and before the hype train takes off some choice players in the spring and early summer. And after careful inspection of all 32 depth charts with a full understanding of what might take place in the pending free agency and the draft, here’s my list of players whose values should be rising in the coming weeks and months.

In other words, this is my list of current buy-low commodities for keeper and dynasty leagues.



Carson Wentz (Phi) – An obvious choice, my point with Wentz is very simple: While his numbers weren’t great, he showed he could play, and the Eagles will now focus on getting him the help he needed last year. The passing digits - 379/609 (62.4%), 3782 yards (6.2 YPA), 16 TDs, 14 INTs – weren’t particularly impressive, and I do have some mild mechanical concerns because his throwing motion seemed to elongate as the season progressed. But you have to grade on a curve for a rookie thrown into the fire and asked to throw it quite often to a mediocre receiving corps. In fact, you could argue the Eagles had one of the five worst wideout groups in the league and possibly the worst collection of outside WRs in the NFL. That will be addressed, and Wentz’ fantasy production will progress.

The possible OL optimism gives Tannehill a boost, and while he has yet to really consistently perform well, we're expecting this offense to score plenty in 2017.Ryan Tannehill (Mia) – I can’t bail on Tannehill because I still see a player who’s talented enough to be a fantasy difference-maker, yet he remains one of the least-regarded starters in the league, so I see a buying opportunity. Incredibly durable before last year’s knee injury – one that looked career-threatening but will only cost him a handful of games – Tannehill has shown only flashes and has yet to put it all together. That’s worrisome because, at this point, it appears he needs to be in a very good situation to perform at a high level. But he’s on this list because I think ...