Outside of winning your fantasy championship in Week 16, there’s no better day for fantasy football than Draft Day. You subscribe to sites (thanks for reading!), buy magazines, and sharpen up your trash talking all in preparation for your draft. Some will have done their homework (we’re looking at you!) more than others have, and some will pick players who have already gone down to a torn ACL in the preseason. The typical, snake draft is certainly fun and there are minimal restraints and you don’t need to overthink it too much. If you fall into a good draft spot, you can end up with a solid team just by following our cheat sheets, which takes away some of the skill. Some may be looking for more of a challenge, and this is where the auction format come into play.

Advantages of Auction Leagues

Constant Involvement

This could be a negative for some, but for the diehards out there – and we have plenty of diehards among our subscribers – the constant involvement in auctions is the best part. The auction process takes away the time you have to wait between picks because you’re always involved. With the nomination and bidding process, you have to be constantly on your toes and always thinking ahead. Instead of sitting back and waiting for your next pick to come to you like in standard drafts, you have to monitor the prices of the current player nominated and decide if you want to spend your money now or wait until later. It can get chaotic at times in draft rooms, but it also makes the draft that much more fun because the whole league can be involved on every player that goes up for bid. The idea of sitting back and watching the draft board as a spectator as you wait to pick is non-existent in the auction format.

Decision Making

A good slot in a standard snake draft can almost guarantee you a solid team if you follow a good cheat sheet like the custom versions we have here on our site. Every league has those owners who do little or no preparation for their draft outside of buying a magazine and/or printing out a cheat sheet on draft day. Even those owners, in such a basic format, can still put together a competitive team with little or no skill involved. You can’t get away without preparing in auction drafts. Because many players could be up for bid at the same time, you’ll often have to choose which ones you are willing to spend money on early. Is it worth spending a quarter of your payroll for a top RB like Le’Veon Bell, or would you rather have a solid pair of second-tier backs like Ameer Abdullah and Joe Mixon for close to the same amount? Maybe you’d rather spend big bucks to load up on high-end receivers like Antonio BrownOdell Beckham, or Mike Evans while looking ...