2017 Top-30 Returners

In each of the past five seasons, total kick return attempts and yards for all 32 teams have decreased every year. Attempts have decreased by 26% while yardage has dropped off by over 31% since 2012. Teams are not as concerned with paying top dollar for kick or punt returners any more. Therefore, you see more and more players handling returns. Thus, it is harder to rely on a player to be productive as a returner as well as be involved on offense or defense. Even then, the art of dual returners is fading away with each passing season. Here’s a quick breakdown of kick and punt return stats over the past five seasons:



ATTs:   2016-1035     2015-1080     2014-1226     2013-1289    2012-1395

YARDs: 2016-22688   2015-25445   2014-29124   2013-30118  2012-32892

TDs:     2016

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Tom Simons
Staff Writer

Simons, a 20-year fantasy veteran, has been a staff writer for FantasyGuru.com since 1995. In addition to his contributions to FantasyGuru.com, Simons has been commissioner of such esteemed and groundbreaking leagues as ffWebMASTERS expert league since 2001, the innovative HAFA-X in its’ inaugural season of 2003, and Hardcore Fantasy Invitational since 2004.