Whether you’re in a TD-only league or not, finding the end zone is obviously a key to success in fantasy football, fickle as TDs can be. So while we started putting out this preseason article to appease the TD-only dinosaurs out there (how you guys doing, by the way?), the fact is it’s a worthwhile exercise to examine which players have a little more going for them than most in the scoring department.

For the most part, we’re not going to take up our time and your time by writing about the league’s obvious choices in terms of scoring TDs. You already know who those guys are.

Note: Any reference to “red zone” in this article refers to plays inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, while any reference to “goal line” refers to plays inside the opponent’s 5-yard line. These numbers can be found in sortable form in our Red Zone Tool.
When a percentage is referenced for QBs and RBs – as in “Andrew Luck was involved on 73% of the Colts’ red-zone plays” – the percentage measures the times the player threw a pass, ran the ball, or was targeted on a team’s red-zone or goal-line plays.
For WRs and TEs, a percentage references to the percentage of the team’s red-zone or goal-line targets that particular player saw, unless specified otherwise.


  • Terrance West (RB, Bal)
  • Rex Burkhead (RB, NE) 
  • Anquan Boldin (WR, Buf)


  • Andrew Luck (QB, Ind) - The Colts still have no timetable for his return, so he could miss the start of the season. They may try to tie an anchor to his leg to keep him from running and endangering his shoulder once he returns.
  • Sammy Watkins (WR, LAR) - The Bills traded Watkins to the Rams, which is major downgrade in both offenses and at QB, going from Tyrod Taylor to Jared Goff



Note: For QBs, we’re focusing on rushing TDs.

Cam Newton (Car) – In his six-year career, Newton has never accounted for fewer than 5 rushing TDs in a season, though he has “bottomed out” at that point in two of the last three years. ...