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2017 Staff Mock Auction Review

In early August, the Fantasy Guru staff and some friends of the site conducted a 12-team mock auction draft to prepare for the season. Below, all 12 participants of that draft break down their teams, including strategies and mistakes. 

As a note, this draft was conducted prior to the Ryan Tannehill injury, so make any mental adjustments on the prices of Dolphins players as you see fit.

The draft was a 12-team PPR format with a $200 salary cap, starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T FLEX, 1 K, and 1 D/ST, with a 5-man bench. In other words, it was a site-default format.

John Hansen, Publisher

TY Hilton (WR, Ind) $47
Jay Ajayi (RB, Mia) $45
Todd Gurley (RB, LAR) $37
Tyreek Hill (WR, KC) $25
Brandon Marshall (WR, NYG) $9
Ameer Abdullah (RB, Det) $8
Derek Carr (QB, Oak) $6
Eric Ebron (TE, Det) $5
Josh Doctson (WR, Was) $5
Chiefs D/ST $2
Dion Lewis (RB, NE) $1
Coby Fleener (TE, NO) $1
Thomas Rawls (RB, Sea) $1
Latavius Murray (RB, Min) $1
Nick Novak (K, Hou) $1

This was only my third auction ever (pathetic, I know), so I'm still learning as I go. But I certainly have a draft plan for 2017, and I tried to apply it to the auction. My approach to an auction is to NOT pay up for top-dollar players, but to get an extra couple of Tier-2 guys with the monies saved, and I basically did that. I always also target younger and ascending players because those types get me excited, and I certainly did that in this auction. 

I felt good about the team for most of the auction, but I fell off a cliff at the end, due to the fact that I walked away for one minute and when I returned I had more money than all but a few teams (too much money, actually, as I left $6 on the table), and I got stuck with Latavius Murray, who was auto-nominated and awarded to me because I had more money than anyone else still participating. In retrospect, I should have been a little more aggressive when everyone was down to $30-40 range. For example, I could have easily afforded Duke Johnson at $11 when he went off the board. Turns out I was saving money for no one, since the quality at RB dropped off majorly. 

Otherwise, I accomplished many of my goals. I got a QB I'm very high on this year (Derek Carr) for a low price ($6). I landed two young, talented, and versatile RBs locked into huge roles in Todd Gurley and Jay Ajayi, and I supplemented that with a nice value in Ameer Abdullah. I'm not that high on Gurley in a typical draft because of his 2nd round ADP, but I thought the $37 price on Gurley was a small value based on youth, talent, and role. I flirted with missing out on one of the few elite WRs, but I did land TY Hilton. I got an exciting upside-oriented WR2 in Tyreek Hill, and a solid value in Brandon Marshall for my WR3. And I got two cheap TEs (Eric Ebron and Coby Fleener) who cost me $7 total and offer serious upside at that price. I tend to take more chances and target players I think will be ranked higher the following seasons, and while that may mean I miss more than some, when I hit, I hit big, and that's how I roll. 

In terms of some lessons learned in only my third auction, I have a few tips. First, don't be afraid to bid on a stud player very early. Some players, like myself in this auction, opt to sit on the sidelines to see how things go, so there are potential values at the top with fewer people willing to spend and go all-in. That was the case with Ezekiel Elliott in this auction. Also, I liked the strategy of nominating a top DT and PK early, since few are inclined to even think about a defense or a kicker early, which explains how top unit Denver and Stephen Gostkowski went for the $1 minimum. I find the results of an auction to be more random than a draft, actually, and it's easier to wind up with players you don't like (especially if you bid on player you don't like in an effort to drive up their price). There's no board to stick to, since players are taken randomly and in no predictable order, so I would advise any newbie to run a couple of practice auctions at least before they do their auction(s) for real. 

Joe Dolan, Managing Editor

Jordy Nelson (WR, GB) $57
Sammy Watkins (WR, Buf) $38
Ty Montgomery (RB, GB) $23
Keenan Allen (WR, LAC) $18
Stefon Diggs (WR, Min) $17
Eddie Lacy (RB, Sea) $7
CJ Prosise (RB, Sea) $7
Kyle Rudolph (TE, Min) $6
LeGarrette Blount (RB, Phi) $6
John Brown (WR, Ari) $6
Marcus Mariota (QB, Ten) $5
Jonathan Stewart (RB, Car) $4
D'Onta Foreman (RB, Hou) $4
Dan Bailey (K, Dal) $1
Eagles D/ST $1

I actually went into this draft with a strategy, and I mostly stuck to it: I was going zero-RB from the start. I left this draft thinking that zero-RB is both incredibly viable and advantageous, especially in auctions, but I was unsure about my execution of that strategy. 

My big mistake, in my opinion, was waiting too long to get the players I did want. I made a mistake when I went to get my stud WR in Jordy Nelson. Or rather, my mistake was that I didn't get one earlier. Jordy was the last of the top-tier WRs to be nominated (below the three elite guys), and a bidding war ensued. I got Nelson for $57, which turns out to be just $1 fewer than Antonio Brown went for earlier in the auction. As much as I love Jordy, I'd much rather have Brown for the price he went for. That said, I am totally fine with how the rest of my WR position, which I intentionally made the centerpiece of my roster, played out. I'm super high on Sammy Watkins, and I have said all off-season that when his inevitable fantasy explosion comes one of these years, I will have him on my roster when it happens (and will take as many Ls as it takes to get there!). I also think the $18 I spent on Keenan Allen is a worthwhile investment, as he's a guy with injury problems, but is also a guy who was on pace for 130 catches when he went down with a fluky injury in 2015. A similar point can be made about Stefon Diggs ($17), and I love John Brown as a potential bounce-back guy for $6.

Unfortunately, I didn't learn from my mistake with the WR position, and I ended up in yet another bidding war for my "#1" RB. I had initially targeted Danny Woodhead, who went for $20. I misread my opponents, thinking I was the only one who would be willing to pay up into the high teens for Ty Montgomery, and instead I found myself targeting yet another player who was the last of a tier whom everyone went after. I had to go to $23 for him, passing up other values in the process. Otherwise, I think I did well at RB, getting Eddie LacyLeGarrette BlountCJ ProsiseJonathan Stewart, and D'Onta Foreman for a combined $28, just $5 more than Montgomery went for. In all, I spent $51 on six RBs... or $1 cheaper than Ezekiel Elliott (who still might be suspended) went for by himself. That was the whole idea. Do I have the certainity of an elite RB? No. But I have combined some "unsexy" floor guys (Blount, Stewart) with some massive ceiling guys (Prosise, Montgomery). This strategy won me a ton of money in my big-buy-in auction draft last year, when I stole Melvin Gordon for $4.

Elsewhere, I got potentially league-winning assets at QB and TE for dirt cheap. Never, ever spend up for a QB in a 1-QB auction. There will always be values! Marcus Mariota for $5 is awesome. And Kyle Rudolph, the 2016 NFL leader in targets at the TE position, was just $6.

In all, I am happy enough with my roster, but would advise anyone employing the same strategy to be a little more aggressive in getting your targets before a perceived tier at the position runs dry, or else you'll be caught in bidding wars.

Tom Brolley, Senior Writer

Dez Bryant (WR, Dal) $37
Amari Cooper (WR, Oak) $36
Leonard Fournette (RB, Jax) $33
Rob Gronkowski (TE, NE) $27
Jordan Reed (TE, Was) $15
Bilal Powell (RB, NYJ) $10
Pierre Garcon (WR, SF) $9
Jeremy Maclin (WR, Bal) $9
Adrian Peterson (RB, NO) $7
Giovani Bernard (RB, Cin) $7
Corey Coleman (WR, Cle) $3
Philip Rivers (QB, LAC) $2
Cam Newton (QB, Car) $2
Cairo Santos (K, KC) $1
Panthers D/ST $1

I can’t say that I’ve ever drafted arguably two preseason favorites to be the best players at their position, but that’s exactly what I did in our mock auction. Gronk and Jordan Reed clearly have the most upside to post monstrous seasons at the TE position, and they’re also the odds-on favorites to land on the IR at some point in 2017, as well. I actually had Reed and Gronk teamed together back in 2015 when they finished 1-2 at the position, and it was quite fun knowing I was annihilating my opponents at the position every week. A goal of mine in every auction draft is to select at least one elite player at either RB, WR, and TE. I’ll gladly take nabbing two premier players at the same position, especially at a roster spot where I can only start two of them (TE and FLEX).

Of course, I had no earthly plan of drafting both players, but that was the scenario I was placed in during our mock. I had already purchased Gronk for $27 and wanted to suck more money out of the league early in the draft, so I figured I would nominate one of the top TEs. I put Reed on the block for $15 and no one placed a bid on him – his early camp injury scare the likely the cause. So boom, I had the two best TEs at $42 combined, not bad when you consider that 8 WRs and 7 RBs went for the same price or higher. As Reese Bobby once told Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” I took that saying to heart with the rest of my draft. After I took the risk-reward TEs, I drafted boom-or-bust picks like Dez BryantCam Newton, and Adrian Peterson to go with my TEs. I added in a couple breakout candidates (Leonard FournetteAmari Cooper, and Corey Coleman) and some “good players in bad offenses” (Bilal Powell and Pierre Garcon) to round out the core of my lineup. 

If you’ve read any of my auction content on the site, you know just how much I love the format because of the constant adjustments you must make based on your draft and the room your in. This mock draft is a prime example why. Never in my life would I ever be thrown into a similar spot in a re-draft league because I would never take Gronk in the third round and Reed in the fourth. What a blast!

Graham Barfield, Senior Analyst

Julio Jones (WR, Atl) $61
Alshon Jeffery (WR, Phi) $32
Davante Adams (WR, GB) $25
Danny Woodhead (RB, Bal) $20
Michael Crabtree (WR, Oak) $20
Emmanuel Sanders (WR, Den) $15
Theo Riddick (RB, Det) $12
Ted Ginn (WR, NO) $5
Tyrod Taylor (QB, Buf) $3
Rex Burkhead (RB, NE) $2
Jason Witten (TE, Dal) $1
Shane Vereen (RB, NYG) $1
Jeremy McNichols (RB, TB) $1
Sebastian Janikowski (K, Oak) $1
Seahawks D/ST $1

Given the league format (start 3 wide receivers plus one FLEX) and PPR scoring, I knew that I wanted to lean towards pass catchers early in the auction. Ideally, I wanted to score one stud (Julio Jones) and another top-12 option at the position. While I did get my stud, I missed out on other low-end WR1 targets that I had in mind like Jordy Nelson and Doug Baldwin. My consolation prize was that I just bludgeoned mid-tier wide receivers to death, hoping to have enough of a positional advantage against my opponents. Putting Alshon Jeffery, Michael Crabtree, and Davante Adams into my wallet at an affordable price is awfully attractive. Emmanuel Sanders is my WR5. I’m more than fine to roll into Week 1 with Danny Woodhead and Theo Riddick as my starters, but this is not a strategy I would usually employ in standard (non-PPR) formats. Joe Dolan and I both agree Zero-RB is most attractive in PPR auctions. My two lone objections to this squad are that I should have been a little more aggressive in pursuing my second receiver after nabbing Julio and that my No. 3 running back slot is a mess. If this weren’t a mock, I would be scouring the waiver wire each week to find at least a semblance of running back depth.

Paul Kelly, Senior Writer

Michael Thomas (WR, NO) $47
Doug Baldwin (WR, Sea) $42
Travis Kelce (TE, KC) $24
Marshawn Lynch (RB, Oak) $15
Joe Mixon (RB, Cin) $14
Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Ari) $12
Frank Gore (RB, Ind) $9
Donte Moncrief (WR, Ind) $9
Samaje Perine (RB, Was) $7
Matt Ryan (QB, Atl) $6
Darren McFadden (RB, Dal) $6
Zay Jones (WR, Buf) $4
Ben Roethlisberger (QB, Pit) $3
Dustin Hopkins (K, Was) $1
Bills D/ST $1

I typically like to build my auction teams the same way I build my snake draft teams. I always want a stud or two to hang my hat on but in some auctions, like this one, the players that are typically 1st-round picks in redraft leagues were too expensive for my liking. I ended up with essentially an early 2nd-rounder (Thomas) and three 3rd-rounders (Baldwin, Kelce, Lynch) as the foundation of my team and I like the way it turned out. I have two of our top 10 WRs per the latest projections and three of the top 20 so I'll put my starting three WRs and starting TE up against anyone's in this league and feel good about it. My RBs are older than dirt (Lynch, Gore) but I think they will both be solid, steady contributors and I grabbed Joe Mixon as a swing for the fences pick. I always like to wait on/cheap out the QB position and while Ryan at $6 is probably the most I've paid up for a QB in a long time, I did have him significantly higher on my board than the other remaining QBs at the time. I took a late flier on McFadden in the event Zeke gets suspended. Overall I think I have a nice mix of strong producers, upside guys and steady veterans making up what looks like a well-rounded team with no obvious weaknesses.

Justin Varnes, IDP Analyst

AJ Green (WR, Cin) $55
LeSean McCoy (RB, Buf) $47
Terrelle Pryor (WR, Was) $26
Aaron Rodgers (QB, GB) $16
Darren Sproles (RB, Phi) $9
Greg Olsen (TE, Car) $8
Rob Kelley (RB, Was) $7
Mark Ingram (RB, NO) $7
Randall Cobb (WR, GB) $4
Rishard Matthews (WR, Ten) $4
Sterling Shepard (WR, NYG) $3
Cole Beasley (WR, Dal) $2
Vikings D/ST $2
Jordan Matthews (WR, Phi) $1
Phil Dawson (K, Ari) $1

My strategy going in was simple: key in on a group of players at each tier that I’d pay up for, and a slew of players with upside that I think I can pick up on the cheap. Kind of a “Stars and Scrubs” mentality. I tried to stick to the Golden Rule in auctions: use no more than 60% of your budget on your top 3 players. However, the bidding was fast and furious early on. That moved me to my 2nd favorite rule: the market is the market. Sometimes you can’t stick to your presumed price ranges for players once the $ starts flying.

I was planning on grabbing one of the top three RBs (the only three who seem like locked-in RB1s), but they flew off the shelf at more than I was willing to pay (Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson went for the mid-60s, while Elliott and his suspension concerns went for $52). Soon after, the top tier WRs started going for around the same prices: Odell Beckham, Jr. went for $60, Antonio Brown for $58, and Julio Jones for $61. I was hoping to get any of those 6 for a solid $5-10 less than they went for.

So early on, I realized I had to shift gears and pay up for some players just below the top tier to field a competitive team. I picked up A.J. Green for $55 and LeSean McCoy for $47, grabbing two players I felt confident about as potential top-5 players. I then grabbed Terrelle Pryor, Sr. for $26, who I think will easily outperform his price tag, and reached a bit for Aaron Rodgers at $16. After Tom Brady came off the board at $21, I felt good about getting a $6 discount on a player who can easily finish as the #1 overall QB. After missing out on the top-3 players at RB and WR, I felt it necessary to grab Rodgers at a discount as opposed to wait on QB. The elite-level talent was drying up, and I used the money I saved at WR1 and RB1 to move on Rodgers.

One of my favorite picks was Greg Olsen for $8. With Rob Gronkowski going for $27 and Travis Kelce going for $24, I was happy to get arguably the best TE left in the draft for a third of the cost. At this stage, I’m happy with four players who have a strong chance of finishing in the top-5 at their positions. While I had a “Stars and Scrubs” strategy mapped out, once the bidding skyrocketed for the “stars,” I changed tack to field a team that is very strong at every key position, but with few game changers. This strategy saved me enough money to load up on a ton of solid role players to fill in the gaps, like Randall Cobb, Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram, and Cole Beasley.

Kevin Adams,

Le'Veon Bell (RB, Pit) $63
Antonio Brown (WR, Pit) $58
Corey Davis (WR, Ten) $11
Mike Gillislee (RB, NE) $9
Kirk Cousins (QB, Was) $8
Doug Martin (RB, TB) $7
Robert Woods (WR, LAR) $7
DeSean Jackson (WR, TB) $6
Mike Wallace (WR, Bal) $6
Delanie Walker (TE, Ten) $6
James White (RB, NE) $5
Martellus Bennett (TE, GB) $3
Alvin Kamara (RB, NO) $1
Mason Crosby (K, GB) $1
Buccaneers D/ST $1

I am not very happy with the team I drafted. By spending so much on Antonio Brown ($58) and Le’Veon Bell ($63) to get the draft started, I think I cost myself, especially at the WR position. Both DeSean Jackson and Mike Wallace are similar boom or bust players which isn't ideal in a PPR league. My hope is rookie Corey Davis stays healthy (of course, he's already hurt) and emerges as the Titans #1 WR, if so he will look like a steal at $11. As of now, I have way too much invested in the Steeler offense. The most important player for my team may not even be on my team: Ben Roethlisberger.

Scott Pianowski, Yahoo!

Brandin Cooks (WR, NE) $38
Demaryius Thomas (WR, Den) $31
Isaiah Crowell (RB, Cle) $26
Christian McCaffrey (RB, Car) $19
Willie Snead (WR, NO) $13
Jamison Crowder (WR, Was) $11
CJ Anderson (RB, Den) $9
Cameron Meredith (WR, Chi) $9
Zach Ertz (TE, Phi) $5
Derrick Henry (RB, Ten) $5
Jacquizz Rodgers (RB, TB) $5
Jameis Winston (QB, TB) $3
Quincy Enunwa (WR, NYJ) $3
Justin Tucker (K, Bal) $2
Chargers D/ST $1

I went with a "no stars, just talent" approach, which means you skip on the pricy top tier of players but hope to take everyone down with a team of Cookses and McCaffreys and Crowells and Sneads. It isn't for everyone. I get that fantasy football is a game of top-heaviness, and star power. But I have a young team, and a bunch of players who would go between Rounds 2-6 of any draft. I'm certainly not saying it's the right approach, but it's a viable approach. I also have Justin Tucker (just $2) projected to score approximately 978 points this year. If you get nothing else from this, please go $2 on Tucker. 

Brandon Funston, Fantasy Industry Pioneer

Devonta Freeman (RB, Atl) $46
Jordan Howard (RB, Chi) $44
Lamar Miller (RB, Hou) $25
Allen Robinson (WR, Jax) $20
Tyrell Williams (WR, LAC) $13
Drew Brees (QB, NO) $11
Jimmy Graham (TE, Sea) $10
Terrance West (RB, Bal) $10
Kenny Britt (WR, Cle) $7
Marvin Jones (WR, Det) $5
Matt Forte (RB, NYJ) $4
Eric Decker (WR, Ten) $2
Tyler Lockett (WR, Sea) $1
Matt Bryant (K, Atl) $1
Steelers D/ST $1

There were no pre-conceived strategies for me. An auction draft is like jazz, an improvisation exercise that's unlikely to ever repeat itself in the exact same manner of auction drafts before it. So I went into this one just planning to work off muscle memory, and only had a couple tenets I wanted to make sure to adhere to.

First and foremost, I'm not a big fan of the stars/scrubs approach, so I wanted to exercise some restraint in the early inflationary rounds when the biggest names were being nominated, and purchased for exorbitant prices. Basically, buy the back-end of the top tiers instead of the front-end. I think that plan worked for my RBs (Devonta Freeman, Jordan Howard, Lamar Miller), but I wound up a little lighter at WR than I would have hoped (A-Rob, Ty Williams, Kenny Britt, Eric Decker). Taking Miller for $25 wasn't the worst purchase price, but there were a few RBs that went in the $15 range that I would have been very happy owning (as my third RB), and the savings would have allowed me to pump up my WR corps a little more. If I have a draft regret, that's probably it.

Trevor Ray, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

David Johnson (RB, Ari) $68
Melvin Gordon (RB, LAC) $37
Golden Tate (WR, Det) $22
DeVante Parker (WR, Mia) $14
Duke Johnson (RB, Cle) $11
Tevin Coleman (RB, Atl) $10
Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Car) $10
Andrew Luck (QB, Ind) $9
Paul Perkins (RB, NYG) $6
Adam Thielen (WR, Min) $4
Jack Doyle (TE, Ind) $4
Dak Prescott (QB, Dal) $2
John Ross (WR, Cin) $1
Matt Prater (K, Det) $1
Patriots D/ST $1

I came into this auction wanting to spend money at RB and find value at WR. I also hoped to get David Johnson for under $65 or Le'Veon Bell for under $60.  Well, Le'Veon came up first and went for $63, and I felt like I was being a bit tight to my "budget" so when DJ got nominated I decided I would go as high as 70 (or more) for him. I think both of these guys are in a tier of their own in PPR leagues with both being able to get 80+ catches in a season. 

Once I got DJ, I knew I was most likely going to have to wait for some value to hit.  So I let many of the top WRs go by without bidding for guys like Odell Beckham ($60), Antonio Brown ($58), and Julio Jones ($61) and focused on WRs I could get for cheaper in the 30s.  However before I could get one of those WRs, I ended up buying Melvin Gordon for $37 because I figure him to return $45 or more worth of value.

My biggest mistake was letting Pianowski get Brandin Cooks for $38, even though I had seen other similar tier players go for much more, like Michael Thomas and TY Hilton for $47. I ended up getting Golden Tate ($22) as my #1 WR which isn't anything to be proud of but he is solid and steady in that Lions offense. I also got a few nice values in Kelvin Benjamin and DeVante Parker (prior to Ryan Tannehill's injury, of course). 

While I'm happy with my QB situation, I do feel like I overpaid a little bit for Andrew Luck, but I also nabbed Dak Prescott for $2 as a nice backup. I think my best values along the way were Adam Thielen at $4, Duke Johnson at $11, and Paul Perkins at $6.  I feel like my worst buys were Tevin Coleman for $10 and Andrew Luck for $9. Overall I feel like my team is solid and deep at RB but my biggest weakness will be my wideouts. I would definitely be looking to move one of my RBs for some WR depth if we played this one out. Final grade for myself: B+.

Tim Riordan, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Odell Beckham (WR, NYG) $60
Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Dal) $52
Jarvis Landry (WR, Mia) $25
Julian Edelman (WR, NE) $16
Carlos Hyde (RB, SF) $15
Russell Wilson (QB, Sea) $7
Spencer Ware (RB, KC) $6
Hunter Henry (TE, LAC) $6
Joe Williams (RB, SF) $5
Kevin White (WR, Chi) $2
Jamaal Charles (RB, Den) $2
Austin Hooper (TE, Atl) $1
Chris Thompson (RB, Was) $1
Stephen Gostkowski (K, NE) $1
Broncos D/ST $1

My strategy was to grab one of the top three running backs and one of the top three wide receivers for $115 or less, and then go player by player after that to find values. Ezekiel Elliott was the first player off the board at $52, a pretty good discount compared to Bell and Johnson (of course, there's that suspension thing, that can explain the discount). I grabbed Odell Beckham as well for $60, accomplishing my main goal for $112. Considering I went so top heavy, I'm very surprised with how well my team came together. My group of wide receivers with Beckham, Landry and Edelman has to be one of the best in the league. Running backs are a bit weak, but at least Hyde and Ware are assumed starters right now.

My best pick was Edelman for $16. My worst pick was Hunter Henry for $6, I got caught up in the bidding with better, cheaper tight ends still available. 

Dan Tarditi, Friend of the Site

Mike Evans (WR, TB) $58
DeMarco Murray (RB, Ten) $38
DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Hou) $25
Tom Brady (QB, NE) $22
Dalvin Cook (RB, Min) $17
Martavis Bryant (WR, Pit) $15
Kareem Hunt (RB, KC) $7
Tyler Eifert (TE, Cin) $7
Jonathan Williams (RB, Buf) $3
Marqise Lee (WR, Jax) $3
Curtis Samuel (WR, Car) $1
Chad Williams (WR, Ari) $1
Ben Watson (TE, Bal) $1
Adam Vinatieri (K, Ind) $1
Texans D/ST $1

I came into this thing with one idea: Tom Brady no matter what.  

My plan was to break traditional strategy and pay up for the elite of the elite at QB. I am happy with my starting squad and upside with DeMarco Murray, Dalvin Cook, and Kareem Hunt at RB/Flex. My starting 3 WRs all have upside to be WR1 or high end WR2 in Evans, DeAndre Hopkins, and Martavis Bryant.

Tyler Eifert, if healthy, is a top-five TE. I wasn’t willing, nor able, to pay up for one of the big three TEs (Gronk with back, Reed with concussions, Kelce cost at ceiling of 2016), so Eifert to me held the highest upside potential at his relatively depressed cost.  Ben Watson was my $1 floor play with all the volume potential with every other Baltimore tight end injured.

I was cash-strapped at the end of the draft and thus unable to secure some young RB targets in Samaje Perine or D’Onta Foreman to round out my RB corps. Jonathan Williams, at least, is a solid stash who could be a high end RB2 if McCoy were to go down with an injury.

I was forced to go all upside for cheap rookie WR dart throws in Chad Williams and Curtis Samuel, whom I can easily cut for the hot waiver wire add after Week 3-4 if I need roster space.

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