2017 Offensive Line Preview

2017 Offensive Line Preview

A large part of fantasy production has to do with a team’s offense as a whole, and while you won’t be drafting any offensive linemen for your upcoming fantasy season, offensive lines certainly have a massive impact on that – a line can revive a career (Darren McFadden behind Dallas’ line in 2015), or tank a team’s entire offense (Minnesota and Carolina last year). While most lines won’t have that much of an impact, it’s important to know what teams will have the most attractive group of “Big Uglies” up front (oxymoron?).

Note: All offensive line metrics are from 2016 and are sourced from FootballOutsiders.com (FO).

The metrics referenced from FootballOutsiders include “adjusted line yards” and “adjusted sack rate.” Both of these metrics capture down/distance and opponent strength before they are adjusted to the league average.

The offensive line metrics are from STATS, LLC and incorporate QB Pressures Allowed (any hit, hurry or sack of a passer) and Run Stu...

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