If you’re interested in this article, first please read my take on the offensive identities (Part 1 and Part 2) of all the teams in 2016. That will explain some of the stats in this article, which I will not explain here. As I did last year, I will write a detailed piece on each team.

Marty Mornhinweg took over for Marc Trestman as Ravens OC in Week 6 last year. To be honest, it didn't make much difference in offensive output: The Ravens were 19th in offensive yardage and tied for 24th in scoring under Trestman and 18th in yardage and 19th in scoring with Mornhinweg. The big problem under Trestman was only scoring 8 TDs on offense in 5 games: Mornhinweg managed 22 in 11 games, so that was an improvement from 31st in the league to 22nd. On the other hand, the Ravens were 3-2 when Mornhinweg took the job and went 5-6 the rest of the way. It was enough for Mornhinweg to keep his job. 

He's a long-time NFL coordinator, going back to the late '90s when he was the hot young coaching prospect as OC of the 49ers under Steve Mariucci. His reputation in that job got him a hired as the Lions HC in 2001 and five wins total in two seasons with Detroit got him fired. His decision to take the wind in an OT game in 2002 made him something of a laughingstock and his public reputation has never recovered. He spent three years working as an assistant on Andy Reid's staff in Philadelphia, then was promoted to OC in 2006. He held that job until Reid was fired in 2012, but didn't follow Reid to KC. Instead, Mornhinweg moved to NY and was Rex Ryan's OC in 2013-2014. He left with Rex and landed as Baltimore's QB coach in 2015. From that position he was promoted to OC.

For the stats this article, I'm going to use Mornhinweg's numbers in Baltimore from Week 6 on last year, pro-rated to a full 16 games.

My database starts from 2002, so the Wins chart doesn't show Mornhinweg's 2-win 2001 season. But basically, he has not been the HC or OC for a team over .500 unless Andy Reid was in charge – and even with Reid, not since 2010. Mornhinweg at least has been on winning teams, so we may get an idea of what his identity will look like if the Ravens have a good year.










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