If you’re interested in this article, first please read my take on the offensive identities (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) of all the teams in 2016. That will explain some of the stats in this article, which I will not explain here. As I did last year, I will write a detailed piece on each team.

Sean McVay is 31. The Rams can't be accused of sticking to the "hire-the-experienced-guy-who-went-to-a-Super-Bowl-once-even-though-he's-been-out-of-football-for-a-year-after-getting-fired-for-going-6-and-10" model. The extreme "hire-the-young-guy" approach last gave us Lane Kiffin and 5 wins in 20 games, worse than 31-45-1 but I prefer trying to hire the hot new guy over the low-risk, low-pay-off old coach. In fairness to McVay, he's not Lane Kiffin, whose eight years in coaching only included one in the NFL (and just a quality control assistant job) and only two years as an OC (one of which was co-OC with Steve Sarkisian). In contrast, McVay has nine years as a coach, all but one in the NFL and three as a pro OC. He's seen in Washington how to (not) handle a #2 pick and how to groom a 4th rounder to succeed in the NFL. So he's young like Kiffin, but experienced in a way Kiffin was not.

It may be that Jay Gruden deserves credit (and blame, don't forget RGIII flamed out on his watch even though Mike Shanahan takes most of the fallout) for what happened in Washington. But in these charts, I assume McVay's three years as OC are the best clue to his identity. I will also show the last three years of the Rams' identity, to help describe how McVay might change things there.

Besides the coaching change, the big news here is that 55% of the targets in last year's offense went to players no longer here, particularly Kenny Britt, Brian Quick, and Lance Kendricks. WR Robert Woods arrived in free agency; the Rams spent a 2nd round pick on TE Gerald Everett and a 3rd and 4th on wideouts Cooper Kupp and Josh Reynolds. The other big move was adding LT Andrew Whitworth, which should be an upgrade. Of minor note, Lance Dunbar arrived from Dallas, possibly to assume a passing down role.

Of course, change is to be expected after five straight losing seasons in the Jeff Fisher era:

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