If you’re interested in this article, first please read my take on the offensive identities (Part 1 and Part 2) of all the teams in 2016. That will explain some of the stats in this article, which I will not explain here. As I did last year, I will write a detailed piece on each team.

Mike McCoy is back as the OC in Denver, where he built his reputation as an OC from 2009-2012, with QBs ranging from Kyle Orton through Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning. McCoy was then the HC for four years in San Diego. After two decent seasons, the Chargers had two down years and McCoy was fired. He has a good reputation for getting results from a wide mix of QB, which he needs to live up to this year.

I'll contrast McCoy's identity to what Denver has done the last three years to see how it might affect their fantasy production:










MM = Mike McCoy's offense
NFL = Average NFL offense
DEN = Denver's offense 2014-2016

McCoy has coached one double-digit winning team: with Peyton Manning in Denver. Mostly he's been with mediocre teams or worse. Meanwhile Denver slipped from winning 12-13 games four years running to 9 wins last year. Vegas puts the Broncos in the 8-9 wins category this year. Remember, McCoy got this team to the playoffs with Tebow in 2011, but it only won 8 games. There is upside on 8-9 wins thanks to what probably remains a good defense even with Wade Phillips leaving if McCoy can get the offense going but this is a tough division.


The Offense Overall










Total plays – the sum of rushing and passing plays.

With vintage Manning or Philip Rivers, McCoy has been up-tempo and had a lot of total plays, but generally he's been around league average. With Manning's retirement, the Broncos slipped from a high number of total plays back to the league average. I do...