If you’re interested in this article, first please read my take on the offensive identities (Part 1 and Part 2) of all the teams in 2016. That will explain some of the stats in this article, which I will not explain here. As I did last year, I will write a detailed piece on each team.

This will be Dowell Loggains third full year as an NFL OC and 2nd in Chicago. If I were to sum up the Bears' successes on offense last year, it might be Jordan Howard; and the failures: everything else. As far as Loggains though, I'm not sure he gets assessed any of the blame for the injuries and shortcomings of Jay Cutler, Alshon Jeffery, Jeremy Langford, etc. He now has a shiny new QB (Mitchell Trubisky) and a less shiny old one (Mike Glennon). Mark Sanchez is even #4 on the depth chart.










DL = Dowell Loggains’ offense
NFL = Average NFL offense

I'm not sure a lot is expected of the Bears in 2017 – maybe progress? Vegas has the over/under at about 5 or 6 wins; probably Loggains needs to match that, have decent QB play from somebody, and otherwise project growth on offense if he's going to stick around. From an identity standpoint, we've got a very limited sample, but it brackets the expectations for this year's Bears. We don't know what a winning Loggains' offense looks like but it probably doesn't matter.


The Offense Overall










Total plays – the sum of rushing and passing plays.

The 2013 Titans had an average play total under Loggains; last year was well below average, even for a 3-win team. Teams with three victories have averaged about 1000 plays since 2002. So have teams with 5-to-6 wins. That's the average for Loggains' two years as an OC – and for John Fox as a head coach. While I wouldn't say the evidence is overwhelming, it's enoug...