I publish these guidelines separately from the auction plan as a way to make that plan simpler. I added a guideline this year so it's not quite the same article as it was. I also tweaked the Typical Position Values (player tiers) table again and added some thoughts on the market this year. If you've read this article before, you might want to review it again just to get your head back in the game and to pick up the couple of new tidbits. Newcomers to auctions might take some time to absorb this piece before getting buried in detail.

I have six (up from five, so they must be better) basic guidelines I try to stick to in every auction:

#1 – spend 100% of your salary to buy players worth about 125% of the cap.

#2 – use your first couple of nominations to understand player values in your auction.

#3 – have a purpose for your nominations.

#4 – buy three of your Top 25 players for no more than 60% of your cap.

#5 – respect the market.

#6 – keep several dollars for the endgame.

The rest of this article explains what I mean by those guidelines.

Typical Position Values

It’s important to go into the auction with an idea of how much a player is worth, so I’ve built a table that I find helpful. Auctions in leagues with typical roster requirements (start QB, 1-2 RB, 2-3 WR, 0-1 flex, TE, PK, DEF/ST) and standard yardage and TD scoring have tended historically to value their players in price tiers defined by a percentage of the league’s cap. PPR rules (yes or no) don’t affect these values much. When I write “RB1”, I mean the top 10-12 RBs; “RB2” is in the next 10-12 players at the position, etc.







For example, in an auction with a 200 dollar spending cap, an elite RB probably costs over 50 dollars while a top WR1 would cost 40-50 dollars.

Changes to the table (Bold Red Font) based on 2017 market trends:

  • First, QB values have all slipped down one tier: Elite QBs used to be in Tier III, now are in Tier IV; Top QB1s used to be in Tier IV, now are in Tier V, etc.
  • Second, Rob Gronkowski still gets a tier of his own among TEs, but he's dropped from Tier III to IV.

Comments on the current market:

  • Elite RBs vs. Elite WRs: I didn't want to add yet another tier and technically they're all 25+% but there is a clear separation between the Elite RBs (David Johnson, Le'Veon ...