2017 Free Agency Preview: Intro/Glossary

2017 Free Agency Preview: Intro/Glossary

There weren't too many blockbuster signings at the skill positions last year, but it's a pretty good skill position class this year for free agency so we'll be closely watching to see which studs re-sign and which ones seek out a new home. After a three-day negotiating period for teams, the new league year officially begins on March 9 at 4 p.m. Eastern, giving the NFL a primetime free agency special, and it’s possible many of the top names in this article are locked up in the days – or even hours – after the new league year starts (there’s always flurry of activity as soon as 4 p.m. hits).

In this article series, we will have an extensive list and analysis of all of the key free agents in the NFL this off-season (and quite a few guys who aren’t so key). Some of these guys will make an impact next year, and many will not. We have you covered either way.

To start, a primer on the 2017 free agency process:

These are terms you’ll hear a lot in this article and over the next few weeks. These brief descriptions should have you adequately prepared for the whole process.

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