2017 Backfield Breakdown

We changed the name of this article (formerly our Handcuff Report) because the reality is that “handcuffing” your stud RBs is less important than ever, since the pecking order and the roles in most backfields are murkier than ever. These days, it’s rare to find one single player who’s behind a starter and would be poised to handle a large workload should that starter go down. And that article forced us to make designations that frankly were unlikely to be true.

In some cases, we can absolutely name a single handcuff option for a particular backfield, and we certainly will when we can. But at this point, the goal of this article is to simply put into perspective what we think would happen if the top guy in a backfield – if there is one – should miss time.

In other cases, we have no other choice but to assume it’ll be a major RBBC if a lead back is out of the mix, but our goal with this article is to isolate the players to watch in a given backfield if the starter missed time.

As usual, we’ll be updating this article regularly all the way up until Week 17 of the 2017 season.



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