I've put some of the general guidelines that I repeat every year in a separate article. You should read that, or at least review the six guidelines in it, before going through the plan.

The auction plan will focus on specific guidance for this year's fantasy football auctions. You'll still have to tailor these thoughts to your specific league – scoring system, roster rules, fellow owners, etc. – and the dynamic of your auction – especially shifting player values. Just like the NFL, your auction won’t be exactly the same this year as it was last year.

The auction plan takes John’s draft plan and “translates” it into “auctionese.” I always throw in some of my own thoughts on player values, but if you’ve read the draft plan and understand the auction guidelines some of this may be a bit redundant.

Direct quotations from the draft plan are in italics. I'm probably quoting because 1) I agree and couldn't say it better, or 2) I think it's important you get John's strong opinions directly on a topic.

Price Tiers

I use these tiers to structure my discussion of players both within and across position groups and to help you see where values exist in an auction or when the bidding on a player has gotten out of hand. It’s also a shorthand I use since I can’t say to take Player X any earlier than in the third round or preferably in the fourth – instead, I’ll use the tiers to give you some idea of his appropriate value in an auction. You might find it handy to print the chart to refer to for the rest of the article.

When I write “RB1”, I mean the top 10-12 RBs; “RB2” is in the next 10-12 players at the position, etc.







For example, in an auction with a 200 dollar spending cap, an elite RB probably costs over 50 dollars while a top WR1 would cost 40-50 dollars.

Changes to the table (Bold Red Font) based on 2017 market trends:

  • First, QB values have all slipped down one tier: Elite QBs used to be in Tier III, now are in Tier IV; Top QB1s used to be in Tier IV, now are in Tier V, etc.
  • Second, Rob Gronkowski still gets a tier of his own among TEs, but he's dropped from Tier III to IV.

Comments on the current market:

  • Elite RBs vs. Elite WRs: I didn't want to add yet another tier and technically they're all 25+% but there is a clear separation between th...