ADP Anxiety is back! Returning subscribers know the deal here. In this column, we’ll go in-depth on five players that, for one reason or another, are making fantasy owners squeamish at their average draft position.

However, this year’s version of ADP Anxiety is going to be a bit different and more in-depth than last year’s. Part One – the column you’re perusing now – will focus only on players with an average draft position in Round 1-4. Part two will feature five more players in Round 5-9 and the final installation of ADP Anxiety, Part Three, will hit double-digit rounders’ only.

In all, readers are essentially getting 15 mini-articles breaking down players’ in different cost tiers.

Let’s get to it.


First Round ADP

Ezekiel Elliott (Dal) – Is the pending discipline for Ezekiel Elliott actually providing some upside for his dropping ADP?Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. At press-time, Elliott has still not been suspended or punished by the NFL for his personal conduct investigation. There’s no reason for the NFL to continue to drag its feet on this situation, but the lack of clarity has pushed Ezekiel Elliott’s average draft position below Antonio Brown.

In July, Brown was being taken third overall – behind David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, and Elliott – just 23% of the time, per Josh Hornsby’s ADP Application. That’s since flipped. Brown is now a top-3 pick in just over 70% of drafts. That’s the right move, considering Antonio Brown’s consistency and upside is almost unparalleled.

While Brown has deserved the right to be a top-3 pick regardless of Elliott’s possible suspension, there is actually some hidden upside in Zeke’s fantasy profile this season. Again, we have to operate in limbo for the time...