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12-Team PPR Mock Draft Review

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We’re going to be organizing and reviewing mock drafts using different league sizes and scoring systems right on up until Week 1 of the regular season. This one is a 12-Team PPR draft with @FantasyGuruSite Twitter followers that awards 4 points for passing TDs.

This was draft was done off the mock draft lobby. The starting lineup requirements were:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 DT, 1 PK


1.01    1.         Dizzy                          Johnson, David ARI RB         

1.02    2.         TTP                             Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB          

1.03    3.         Big Hitters                  Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB 

1.04    4.         bbread                       Brown, Antonio PIT WR                   

1.05    5.         WeaponX                   Beckham, Odell NYG WR                 

1.06    6.         Hardway                    Evans, Mike TBB WR

1.07    7.         Juicy Fruit                  Jones, Julio ATL WR  

1.08    8.         PK                               Green, A.J. CIN WR 

1.09    9.         Enigma                       Howard, Jordan CHI RB                   

1.10    10.       Calhoun79                 Gordon, Melvin LAC RB                    

1.11    11.       Softball Jesus             McCoy, LeSean BUF RB        

1.12    12.       Steven Ferrari           Freeman, Devonta ATL RB  

Analysis: Is the RB back? The answer was yes in the first round of this PPR league with 7 RBs taken through the first 12 picks. The big three backs went off the board first which seems to be the case in most leagues so far this summer although that could change if the news on Zeke is bad.

Good Value: Julio as the fourth receiver off the board is a nice spot for him. I’m seeing more leagues where Mike Evans is being taken before Julio as we did here but with an almost certain drop in targets for Evans coming this season I’m not feeling him over Julio.

Bad Value: Jordan Howard as the 4th back selected at #9 overall is a bit of a reach. His current ADP of 16 tells us he would likely have been available for his owner in the second round.


2.01    13.       Steven Ferrari           Hilton, T.Y. IND WR              

2.02    14.       Softball Jesus            Cooper, Amari OAK WR       

2.03    15.       Calhoun79                 Thomas, Michael NOS WR               

2.04    16.       Enigma                       Nelson, Jordy GBP WR                     

2.05    17.      PK                               Ajayi, Jay MIA RB    

2.06    18.       Juicy Fruit                  Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB       

2.07    19.       Hardway                    Gurley, Todd LAR RB

2.08    20.       WeaponX                   Fournette, Leonard JAC RB             

2.09    21.       bbread                       Murray, DeMarco TEN RB               

2.10    22.       Big Hitters                  Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE     

2.11    23.       TTP                             Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR

2.12    24.       Dizzy                           Bryant, Dez DAL WR

Analysis: Most teams are in BPA mode here and surprisingly we saw the first QB and the first TE get selected about a round earlier than they normally do.

Good Value: I would take Jordy Nelson all day every day as the ninth WR off the board as he was here. He led the league in red zone targets last year (29) and should be in line for another big season.

Bad Value: I think it’s a leap of faith taking Amari Cooper at #14 overall as WR7. Michael Crabtree has been the better Raiders WR to own over the last two seasons so clearly this owner is banking on a year three breakout from Cooper. I can’t justify taking him over Jordy or Michael Thomas.


3.01    25.       Dizzy                           Luck, Andrew IND QB          

3.02    26.       TTP                             Kelce, Travis KCC TE           

3.03    27.       Big Hitters                  Cooks, Brandin NEP WR      

3.04    28.       bbread                       Robinson, Allen JAC WR                   

3.05    29.       WeaponX                   Baldwin, Doug SEA WR                    

3.06    30.       Hardway                    Mixon, Joe CIN RB    

3.07    31.       Juicy Fruit                  Watkins, Sammy BUF WR    

3.08    32.      PK                               Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR      

3.09    33.       Enigma                       Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB                     

3.10    34.       Calhoun79                 McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB                      

3.11    35.       Softball Jesus             Cook, Dalvin MIN RB            

3.12    36.       Steven Ferrari           Miller, Lamar HOU RB          

Analysis: Four teams used one of their first three picks on a QB or a TE. I’m not going in early on either of those positions this year but if you want the top scoring QB or TE this is likely where you’ll find him.

Good Value: Lamar Miller at #36 overall and RB16 seems like really good value as his current ADP is 26. This draft was held just before the D'onta Foreman news broke so the Miller pick is looking even better now.

Bad Value: Luck and Cook. There’s no reason to go this early on Andrew Luck as he’s usually available a couple of rounds later. We’re still not entirely sure where he is in terms of his shoulder and he still hasn’t begun throwing so he’s a risky pick this early. I can’t see taking him over Brady. If Dalvin Cook is getting 15+ touches a week beginning in Week 1 (which we don’t know yet) he could be worth a selection this high, but his ADP suggests you can wait a couple more rounds before taking him.


4.01    37.       Steven Ferrari           Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR        

4.02    38.       Softball Jesus             Adams, Davante GBP WR    

4.03    39.       Calhoun79                 Brady, Tom NEP QB             

4.04    40.       Enigma                       Allen, Keenan LAC WR                     

4.05    41.      PK                               Reed, Jordan WAS TE                    

4.06    42.       Juicy Fruit                  Landry, Jarvis MIA WR        

4.07    43.       Hardway                    Wilson, Russell SEA QB        

4.08    44.       WeaponX                   Pryor, Terrelle WAS WR                  

4.09    45.       bbread                       Lynch, Marshawn OAK RB              

4.10    46.       Big Hitters                  Brees, Drew NOS QB

4.11    47.       TTP                             Hill, Tyreek KCC WR

4.12    48.       Dizzy                           Hyde, Carlos SFO RB

Analysis: 5 QBs in the first 46 picks is a little more than we usually see. 48 picks into this draft and there are still plenty of impact players on the board.

Good Value: People seem to be split on Marshawn Lynch this year but he looks like a steal to me at #45 overall. If he can just be 2016 Latavius Murray he will be well worth a pick here. He’s usually a third rounder.

Bad Value: Keenan Allen isn’t a bad value here based on his ADP but there’s just too much downside (injuries, lots of mouths to feed in LA) with him for me to take him as WR19 as he was here.


5.01    49.       Dizzy                           Olsen, Greg CAR TE  

5.02    50.       TTP                             Winston, Jameis TBB QB      

5.03    51.       Big Hitters                  Montgomery, Ty GBP RB     

5.04    52.       bbread                       Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR         

5.05    53.       WeaponX                   Anderson, C.J. DEN RB                     

5.06    54.       Hardway                    Diggs, Stefon MIN WR          

5.07    55.       Juicy Fruit                  Bryant, Martavis PIT WR     

5.08    56.      PK                               Crabtree, Michael OAK WR                      

5.09    57.       Enigma                       Tate, Golden DET WR                      

5.10    58.       Calhoun79                 Moncrief, Donte IND WR                 

5.11    59.       Softball Jesus            Carr, Derek OAK QB 

5.12    60.       Steven Ferrari           Eifert, Tyler CIN TE              

Analysis: Owners in this league continued to be aggressive with the QBs as Winston and Carr went off the board in this round. They both usually go about 30 picks later.

Good Value: Both Crabtree and Tate are usually 4th round picks in a league of this size. There’s no reason to think either of them will see their production take a significant step backwards this year.

Bad Value: I like Tyler Eifert but not at #60/#61 overall as TE5. His ADP is 75 so in fairness to his owner, he would likely not have been available when his owner picked again at the Round 7/8 turn.


6.01    61.       Steven Ferrari           Edelman, Julian NEP WR     

6.02    62.       Softball Jesus            Davis, Corey TEN WR           

6.03    63.       Calhoun79                 Snead, Willie NOS WR                      

6.04    64.       Enigma                       Abdullah, Ameer DET RB                

6.05    65.      PK                               Gore, Frank IND RB           

6.06    66.       Juicy Fruit                  Henry, Derrick TEN RB        

6.07    67.       Hardway                    Coleman, Tevin ATL RB       

6.08    68.       WeaponX                   Graham, Jimmy SEA TE                   

6.09    69.       bbread                       Marshall, Brandon NYG WR            

6.10    70.       Big Hitters                  Crowder, Jamison WAS WR 

6.11    71.       TTP                             Ware, Spencer KCC RB        

6.12    72.       Dizzy                           Ingram, Mark NOS RB          

Analysis: Lots of low-end RB2/high-end RB3 types in this round. If you’re loading up on WRs early and/or taking a QB or TE early, these are some of the names you could wind up with as an RB2.

Good Value: I love Jamison Crowder at #70 overall about a round and a half later than his ADP suggests he should go. He could wind up leading the Redskins in receptions this year considering Reed’s injury issues and both Pryor and Doctson essentially being brand new in Washington.

Bad Value: This is too early to take Derrick Henry (ADP 79) in my view. Obviously you’d like to get him if you’re a DeMarco Murray owner (this owner wasn’t), but as a weekly contributor don’t look for much from Henry if Murray is healthy.


7.01    73.       Dizzy                           Parker, DeVante MIA WR    

7.02    74.       TTP                             Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR   

7.03    75.       Big Hitters                  Gillislee, Mike NEP RB          

7.04    76.       bbread                       Walker, Delanie TEN TE                  

7.05    77.       WeaponX                   Ryan, Matt ATL QB               

7.06    78.       Hardway                    Henry, Hunter LAC TE         

7.07    79.       Juicy Fruit                  Martin, Doug TBB RB           

7.08    80.      PK                               Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR 

7.09    81.       Enigma                       Garcon, Pierre SFO WR                    

7.10    82.       Calhoun79                 Powell, Bilal NYJ RB              

7.11    83.       Softball Jesus             Perkins, Paul NYG RB           

7.12    84.       Steven Ferrari           Perine, Samaje WAS RB       

Analysis: Still plenty of viable fantasy starters available 75+ picks into this draft.

Good Value: There were some really nice cheaper PPR options available in this round, most notably, Powell, Garcon and Fitzgerald. I was thrilled to get Larry at this spot as WR36. The latest Guru projections have him as WR20 in this format.

Bad Value: I think taking Hunter Henry as the 8th TE off the board is a bit aggressive. His current ADP is 100.


8.01    85.       Steven Ferrari           Ross, John CIN WR               

8.02    86.       Softball Jesus            Coleman, Corey CLE WR      

8.03    87.       Calhoun79                 Hunt, Kareem KCC RB                     

8.04    88.       Enigma                       Woodhead, Danny BAL RB              

8.05    89.      PK                               Peterson, Adrian NOS RB 

8.06    90.       Juicy Fruit                  Lacy, Eddie SEA RB  

8.07    91.       Hardway                    Cobb, Randall GBP WR        

8.08    92.       WeaponX                   Meredith, Cameron CHI WR                       

8.09    93.       bbread                       Jackson, DeSean TBB WR    

8.10    94.       Big Hitters                  Maclin, Jeremy BAL WR       

8.11    95.       TTP                             Prosise, C.J. SEA RB   

8.12    96.       Dizzy                           Williams, Mike LAC WR        

Analysis: It was all RBs and WRs in this round. We saw some rookies trying to make names for themselves (Ross, Hunt) and veterans trying to have bounce-back seasons (Woodhead, Peterson, Lacy, Cobb).

Good Value: I’m not all-in on Adrian Peterson by any stretch but he fell a couple of rounds in this draft (ADP 67) and he is definitely worth a shot in this range. He may be frustrating this year because he likely won’t help you much unless he scores (think Jeremy Hill the last couple of seasons).

Bad Value: John Ross is an exciting player but he may be a bit buried on the depth chart in Cincinnati so I can’t see him returning value on his selection here as the 38th WR off the board.


9.01    97.       Dizzy                           Brown, John ARI WR

9.02    98.       TTP                             Matthews, Jordan PHI WR  

9.03    99.       Big Hitters                  Decker, Eric TEN WR           

9.04    100.    bbread                       Newton, Cam CAR QB                      

9.05    101.    WeaponX                   Johnson, Duke CLE RB                     

9.06    102.    Hardway                    Doctson, Josh WAS WR        

9.07    103.    Juicy Fruit                  Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE         

9.08    104.    PK                               Cousins, Kirk WAS QB      

9.09    105.    Enigma                       Mariota, Marcus TEN QB                 

9.10    106.    Calhoun79                 Bennett, Martellus GBP TE              

9.11    107.    Softball Jesus              Ertz, Zach PHI TE     

9.12    108.    Steven Ferrari           Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB

Analysis: We started this round wrapping up a run on WRs as we had 8 WRs taken over 9 picks (#91-#99). If you’re waiting on your starting QB this seems to be a nice spot to grab one.

Good Value: Zach Ertz’s ADP is 105 so this is the round he should be going in but he looks like a strong value based upon the latest Guru projections which have him as TE7. He was taken as TE11 here.

Bad Value: None of note.


10.01 109.    Steven Ferrari           Prescott, Dak DAL QB           

10.02 110.    Softball Jesus            Tucker, Justin BAL PK          

10.03 111.    Calhoun79                 Williams, Tyrell LAC WR                  

10.04 112.    Enigma                       Ebron, Eric DET TE              

10.05 113.    PK                               Doyle, Jack IND TE 

10.06 114.    Juicy Fruit                  Broncos, Denver DEN Def   

10.07 115.    Hardway                    Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def           

10.08 116.    WeaponX                   Blount, LeGarrette PHI RB               

10.09 117.    bbread                       Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB       

10.10 118.    Big Hitters                  Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK          

10.11 119.    TTP                             Texans, Houston HOU Def   

10.12 120.    Dizzy                          Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def  

Analysis: We saw some teams grabbing their defenses early but there were still some guys who may be fantasy starters on the board.

Good Value: LeGarrette Blount’s current ADP of 78 suggests he should have been gone long before this round. If he can score even half as many touchdowns this year as an Eagle as he did last year as a Patriot he will be well worth a pick this late.

Bad Value: Some folks like to grab the #1 kicker or defense on their board early but I’m not taking a kicker or a defense until the last couple of rounds of my draft. I would much rather take a shot at a potential fantasy starter than grab a defense.


11.01 121.    Dizzy                           Bryant, Matt ATL PK

11.02 122.    TTP                             Bailey, Dan DAL PK  

11.03 123.    Big Hitters                  Patriots, New England NEP Def      

11.04 124.    bbread                       Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def

11.05 125.    WeaponX                   Wallace, Mike BAL WR                     

11.06 126.    Hardway                    Crosby, Mason GBP PK        

11.07 127.    Juicy Fruit                  Vinatieri, Adam IND PK       

11.08 128.    PK                               Riddick, Theo DET RB      

11.09 129.    Enigma                       Rivers, Philip LAC QB                       

11.10 130.    Calhoun79                 Williams, Jamaal GBP RB                 

11.11 131.    Softball Jesus             Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def  

11.12 132.    Steven Ferrari           Howard, O.J. TBB TE             

Analysis: The kicker and defense love continued in this round but there are still solid PPR depth players available not to mention potential QB1s.

Good Value: I was able to get Theo Riddick 45 picks later than his ADP (83) in this PPR draft. Fantasy owners seem to be buying in to Ameer Abdullah being the Lions’ lead back this year, and he will be…but Riddick’s role in the passing game should remain largely unchanged. He has averaged 5 catches per game over the last two seasons (26 games).

Bad Value: None of note but I’d still be waiting on my kicker for sure.


12.01 133.    Steven Ferrari           White, Kevin CHI WR                       

12.02 134.    Softball Jesus             Stafford, Matthew DET QB  

12.03 135.    Calhoun79                 Enunwa, Quincy NYJ WR                 

12.04 136.    Enigma                       Britt, Kenny CLE WR            

12.05 137.    PK                               Thielen, Adam MIN WR    

12.06 138.    Juicy Fruit                  Wentz, Carson PHI QB         

12.07 139.    Hardway                    Dalton, Andy CIN QB

12.08 140.    WeaponX                   Manning, Eli NYG QB                       

12.09 141.    bbread                       Janikowski, Sebastian OAK PK        

12.10 142.    Big Hitters                  Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB          

12.11 143.    TTP                             Njoku, David CLE TE

12.12 144.    Dizzy                           Kamara, Alvin NOS RB         

Analysis: We had five QBs selected in this round and teams were filling out their backups and bye week replacements.

Good Value: Quincy Enunwa (ADP 106) and Kenny Britt (ADP 126) stand out as players who should lead their respective teams in targets and receptions who were both available 135 picks into this draft.

Bad Value: None of note.


13.01 145.    Dizzy                           Bortles, Blake JAC QB           

13.02 146.    TTP                             Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB      

13.03 147.    Big Hitters                  Engram, Evan NYG TE         

13.04 148.    bbread                       Flacco, Joe BAL QB    

13.05 149.    WeaponX                   Thomas, Julius MIA TE                    

13.06 150.    Hardway                    Hooper, Austin ATL TE        

13.07 151.    Juicy Fruit                  Jones, Marvin DET WR        

13.08 152.    PK                               Palmer, Carson ARI QB     

13.09 153.    Enigma                       West, Terrance BAL RB                    

13.10 154.    Calhoun79                 Panthers, Carolina CAR Def

13.11 155.    Softball Jesus             Watson, Deshaun HOU QB  

13.12 156.    Steven Ferrari           Fuller, Will HOU WR             

Analysis: Five more backup QBs went in this round along with some upside TE plays.

Good Value: West and Jones. Terrance West should start the year as the lead back in Baltimore while Kenneth Dixon is out, and he normally goes about two rounds earlier than he did here. It’s worth noting that West’s schedule against the run over the first few weeks of the season looks pretty good so could be a nice RB2/Flex option for at least a month. Marvin Jones has a current ADP of 110 (WR47) and he lasted all the way until 151 (WR 55) here. I know he disappeared last season after a hot start and the Ebron hype train is starting to roll again, but Jones is looking undervalued to me so far this year as a guy who will likely catch 65+ balls and have some big games for the Lions.

Bad Value: None of note.


14.01 157.    Steven Ferrari           Charles, Jamaal DEN RB      

14.02 158.    Softball Jesus             Forte, Matt NYJ RB   

14.03 159.    Calhoun79                 Santos, Cairo KCC PK           

14.04 160.    Enigma                       Fleener, Coby NOS TE                      

14.05 161.    PK                               White, James NEP RB        

14.06 162.    Juicy Fruit                  Williams, Joe SFO RB

14.07 163.    Hardway                    Kelley, Rob WAS RB 

14.08 164.    WeaponX                   Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def                      

14.09 165.    bbread                       Shepard, Sterling NYG WR  

14.10 166.    Big Hitters                  Perriman, Breshad BAL WR

14.11 167.    TTP                             Murray, Latavius MIN RB    

14.12 168.    Dizzy                           Bradford, Sam MIN QB        

Analysis: We recommend looking for upside guys in the late rounds and players who may have slipped through the cracks as teams were grabbing their QB2s and TEs.

Good Value: I like all these RBs where they were taken. We’ll see what Forte and Charles have left to contribute this year but it’s not out of the question those guys could handle a significant share of their respective team’s backfield touches this year. They’re worth a shot this late as is Super Bowl hero James White, rookie Joe Williams who got plenty of buzz this Spring in San Francisco, Rob Kelley who could still be the Week 1 starter in Washington and even Latavius Murray who I could see scoring 6-8 TDs this year in Minnesota.

Bad Value: None of note.


15.01 169.    Dizzy                           Jones, Zay BUF WR   

15.02 170.    TTP                             Mack, Marlon IND RB           

15.03 171.    Big Hitters                  Foreman, D'Onta HOU RB   

15.04 172.    bbread                       Rawls, Thomas SEA RB        

15.05 173.    WeaponX                   Williams, Jonathan BUF RB             

15.06 174.    Hardway                    Lockett, Tyler SEA WR         

15.07 175.    Juicy Fruit                  Matthews, Rishard TEN WR

15.08 176.    PK                               Hopkins, Dustin WAS PK  

15.09 177.    Enigma                       Giants, New York NYG Def               

15.10 178.    Calhoun79                 Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB   

15.11 179.    Softball Jesus             Smith, Alex KCC QB  

15.12 180.    Steven Ferrari           Raiders, Oakland OAK Def  

Analysis: Some decent RB handcuffs were still available at this point. This draft took place before the Foreman news.

Good Value: Jones and Stewart stand out to me as guys who should be every week contributors to their team’s offenses. Stewart isn’t a sexy pick at all but he could certainly still handle double-digit touches every week for the Panthers as well as their goal line work.

Bad Value: None of note.


16.01 181.    Steven Ferrari           McManus, Brandon DEN PK           

16.02 182.    Softball Jesus             Goff, Jared LAR QB   

16.03 183.    Calhoun79                 Bernard, Giovani CIN RB     

16.04 184.    Enigma                       Boswell, Chris PIT PK                      

16.05 185.    PK                               Bills, Buffalo BUF Def       

16.06 186.    Juicy Fruit                  Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR          

16.07 187.    Hardway                    Fiedorowicz, C.J. HOU TE     

16.08 188.    WeaponX                   Novak, Nick HOU PK            

16.09 189.    bbread                       Samuel, Curtis CAR WR       

16.10 190.    Big Hitters                  Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB  

16.11 191.    TTP                             Conner, James PIT RB          

16.12 192.    Dizzy                           Witten, Jason DAL TE           

Analysis: Grab a defense or kicker if you haven’t already or take one more flier on an upside guy.

Good Value: I love the James Conner pick. Remember, there’s no more DeAngelo Williams in Pittsburgh and it looks like Conner is the next man up if Bell can’t play. Conner is nowhere near as talented as Bell (or Williams for that matter) but there’s something to be said for opportunity in what should once again be a very fantasy friendly offense.

Bad Value: None of note.


PK’s Starters

QB       Cousins

RB       Ajayi, Gore/Peterson

WR      Green, D. Thomas, Crabtree

TE       Reed

Flex     Fitzgerald

K         Hopkins

DT       Buffalo



All but one team had at least 1 RB by the end of the first two rounds.

When I’m drafting mid-to-late first round and I go WR, I like to target Ajayi with my second pick as one of the few backs in the league who could log 20 touches per week. I ended up with four of the top 22 WRs according to the latest Guru projections, which gives me an advantage at WR/Flex over the rest of the teams in this league. I’m not thrilled with Gore as my RB2 (his schedule is tough) and I think trying to project Peterson week to week is going to be tough because TDs can be fickle, but I knew I would take a hit at that RB2 spot by going TE early with Reed but I think it was definitely worth it. I’m happy with Jack Doyle, who I think is being undervalued so far, as my TE2 waiting in the wings in the event Reed gets hurt again. Overall this looks like a well-rounded team that I’d be thrilled to go into the season with.

Paul Kelly
Staff Writer/Podcaster

Paul has been a writer and contributor for Fantasy Guru since 2010, writing plenty of preseason and in-season content, including his preseason Mock Drafts. He’s a host on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, a key contributor for The Fantasy Guru Podcast, and can be heard each week on Down to the Wire with Senior Writer Tom Brolley.

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December 31, 1969
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