2014 Testimonials

Notable & Celebrity Testimonials


After meeting John Hansen and learning more about what he does it gave me real respect for the job that he does and the knowledge that he has. He really is The Guru.”

John Madden, NFL Hall of Famer (on SiriusXM NFL Radio)


"When I'm playing fantasy football, I love to double check my info against's. They know how fantasy works the way a great head coach or general manager knows how his team works."

Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL Insider


"You listen and follow @Fantasy_Guru and you can repeat as league champ too, like I did!
Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money 


" is the only fantasy site I'd get my info and analysis from." 
Jay Glazer, Fox Sports NFL Insider

"I know football, but's John Hansen knows fantasy football." 
Ron Jaworski, ESPN NFL Analyst


“'s John Hansen was a fan of mine during my days with the Vikings. Now I am a fan of his! NOBODY knows more about Fantasy Football than the GURU John Hansen!”
Fran Tarkenton
, NFL Hall of Famer and Entrepreneur

“When it comes to fantasy football, you are my beacon in the night."  

Paul Rudd, Actor (said on SiriusXM).

"When I need some extra insight, I go to" 
Brent Jones, former 49er TE and NFL Analyst


If you use, I guarantee results!

Fred McGriff, former MLB great


"The best information, the best strategy advice, the best writing -- the best FF site, bar none."
Nick Bakay, Contributor/Actor/Writer


Every good fantasy player I know subscribes to John Hansen's passion, research, and relentless pursuit of the latest fantasy strategy set him apart. He has earned the right to be called "The Guru."

Tom Grieve, Former MLB player and Texas Rangers GM


Unbelievable site. The Players to Trade and Trade for is RIDICULOUS!”

Ian Kinsler, MLB all-star player for the Texas Rangers (said on Twitter)


I wanted to say thank you for your terrific site! I won the 2013 NFFC online championship for 100,000 and I could not have accomplished this without your site. Thanks again!

Sam Botnick


Our 2014 Testimonial of the Year


The Fantasy Guru website is my go to site for rankings, strategy, and weekly projections. Without a doubt I would not have won the 2014 NFFC Primetime and $150,000 without the Guru!  If you are only going to subscribe to one site, should be your choice!

John Pausma, 2014 NFFC Primetime $150,000 Winner


Apps and Tools


Loved the upgrades to the MyGuru app this year because it was very close to having the whole site organized neatly on my smart phone and I loved the notifications when a new article was posted.”

N. Pastorius


Your Draft Guru app was HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! I mock drafted so many times and tried so many variations that it really wound up being the key to my entire season.” I selected your guy Andrew Luck so many times while mock drafting with the app that I wound up taking him in all three of my leagues and that was an awesome move.”

K. Kearney


Your Draft Guru iPad app was awesome looking and is the best iPad app I’ve ever used. I am addicted to fantasy football, but still…”

R Wallingford


To me your best addition in 2014 was your roster import tool. It took me 2 minutes to log into MyGuru and import my team and scoring system from Yahoo, and it was awesome to immediately see my team, custom news, and your recommendations for MY players on the MyGuru app. Very well done!

B. Fournier


I don’t have a smart phone so I was happy to see you guys roll out a web version of your much-ballyhooed DRAFT GURU app. That was really easy to use and worked very well for me to track and maximize my draft.”

P. Brothers


You can’t ask for a more convenient way to practice mock drafting than your Draft Guru app!”

M. Watson


Thanks for getting your Draft Guru app working for my android. I went back and forth using that and the identical web version of the app and I had a complete understanding of it in less than 15 minutes…very useful apps.”

L. Mezerski


My first year playing Fantasy Football was 1993. However, only won a Championship twice. Last year (2013 Season) I started listening to you guys on Sirius/XM and felt like I had a better grasp on the behind-the-scenes action that really impacts player performance... So, I decided to subscribe. I immediately locked onto your Draft Guru app. I made a mock for all SIX of my leagues. I love the fact that I can set to computer to 1 sec per pick and run a whole draft in about 10 minutes... by the time I got to my live drafts, I had run at least a hundred mocks... between the commentary, your online articles, and the Draft Guru, I went into ALL of my drafts this year "knowing" who I wanted when, and had reasonable certainty they would be there. The results are this year was my best year ever: in 6 leagues, made the play-offs in 4 of the 6, winning two outright... truthfully, I should have made the play-offs in all six. I will definitely be back next year - for anyone who is serious about WINNING FANTASY FOOTBALL, FANTASY GURU is where you should spend your money!

J. Irland


Player Analysis

I was able to win several weeks because you told me to get Odell Beckham before other sites.”

K. Ostrowski


Thanks to you guys I was able to proactively grab the value RB of the season in Justin Forsett. You guys quickly stated he was the guy to have in this backfield very early and I listened.”

D. Benson


He didn’t have a great year, but you were absolutely right to push Fred Jackson as a value because that’s exactly what he was. I drank the cool aid and held onto him per your reporting that he would return quickly from his injury. He did and he was money for me in the playoffs and his 20 points in Week 16 actually won me my league!

C. Speight


John and his team were high on Ryan Tannehill before he broke out in their WW column as well as Odell Beckham Jr. I love the way they scout and incorporate their analysis into fantasy. Great job all around.”

D. Fletcher


As far as I can tell, you guys were the only ones pushing Jarvis Landry this year. You had him as a late-pick only, but your endorsement prompted me to draft him in my 16-team league and he made a huge difference in the second half of the season.”

D. Hargray


Fantasy Guru is a difference maker. It's certainly worth the price, and it's really the only place you need to go for fantasy information.” I picked up Odell Beckham this year because I read where you said he could be a game changer in the second half of the season. I also held on to Latavius Murray because you kept saying he only needed a chance. I really like it when you push the guys you feel good about.”

P. Coffman


Man I loved how you were you all-in on Brandin Cooks. I didn’t exactly work out as well as you thought it would, but he had some huge games for me and I’m really pumped up to have him in my keeper league.”

F. Hill


DFS Content


Kevin Adams was a great add for the DFS stuff! He really knows football but he has an incredible handle on the statistical and numerical nuances needed to consistently win in DFS.”

C. Vargas


I was listening to ESPN The Game in Nashville early in the season and I heard John Hansen being interviewed and a caller asked for a good DFS QB-WR hookup play for the week and Hansen gave him Eli Manning and Reuben Randle. I played them both, and Eli put up 300 yards and 4 TDs and Randle put up 8/89 and just missed a TD or else he would have gone off! I was sold….and I’m still sold.”

S. Ritchie


Here is my 2014 record thanks to 1. Bragging rights, a free steak dinner, and $800 via home league championship. This in a competitive league. 2. A $40,000 win on Draft Kings (Week 8) using a lineup derived from your DFS article. 3. $6,200 in total prize money in the NFFC. I entered 10 contests and won prize money in 6 of those 10. I give FULL credit to for my results. I rely on them all year, and not just in season.”

C. Gimino

Signed up with you guys Saturday night. Used your projections to take 3rd on draft kings for $15k today. Thank you so much.”

J. Florez (Sent from Twitter, click here for tweet).


The DFS coverage was a great add this year. I turned $100 into $600 on Fanduel by playing for about half the season and basically playing nothing other than large field 50-50s so that was great. Great site, keep up the great work!

T. Andreacio


As long as you expand on your DFS content in 2015 as you said you would then sign me up. Your weekly DFS football column was about 75% accurate and was a great start.

M. Myer


Auction Stuff

I have consistently finished in top 3 of my fantasy league for the past 5 years thanks to the Fantasy Guru site and service. The auction draft app is money and worth every penny. The in season podcasts with Greg Cosell are great with the scouting aspect of football to complement the pure stats of fantasy, especially for the two dynasty leagues I am now competing in. Thanks!”

Dan Tarditi


Your auction draft tool is second to none. Wonderful tool. When set up properly by the user it is a huge advantage. Well worth the price of your website. Do NOT change it.”

D. Branco


Thanks for beefing up the Auction content. I’m now set printing out our auction cheat sheet PDFs and using that with your awesome auction tool, which is a huge advantage.”

J. Caruso

Keeper Coverage


I love this site! After guiding me to a championship in 2013, my 2014 season was derailed by injuries early on leading to an unfortunate 1-5 start. However, the site's amazing insight and information allowed to at least win the consolation bracket, a league high in points the last 4 weeks of the season and helped me land valuable keepers like Odell Beckham and Jeremy Hill to help right the ship in 2015.”

S. Bell


I have enjoyed your articles about the Dynasty/Keeper Watch. Even though my team completely tanked this year, I think I set myself up well for next season. After reading the Dynasty/Keeper article, I was able to nab Charles Johnson, Donte Moncrief, Jarvis Landry, Mychal Rivera, Tyler Eifert, & Derrick Carr as potential keepers because of the site's recommendations. I also held onto Charles Sims & Theo Riddick just in case they were valuable next season. I managed to grab several of these guys before each had big games.”

J. Bienvenue


Whenever I see you guys put out a keeper league players to trade/trade for or anything about buy-low keepers I drop what I’m doing because your selections and forward-thinking has been dead-on.”

G. Elliot


Preseason and In-Season Coverage


Your preseason Stock Watch report is now updated 7 days a week in the preseason, so it’s really the only place you have to check to keep up with all the news and how the players are moving up and down the draft board. With the work and family obligations, I have now, this report alone is worth the price of a subscription for me.”

R. Wells


Your in-season stuff is always very good, but you guys are relentless in the preseason and you usually put out or updated 5-6 articles a day, which is a lot. The bottom line is I always feel very, very prepared for my drafts.”

B. Vendel


Your preseason coverage is excellent. I am in huge leagues (20 teams, 20 players = 400 players) so I need to know who is good before the season starts as waivers are virtually nonexistent. Thus, preseason coverage is crucial to me. You do a fine job.”

S. Winograd


I absolutely love Hansen’s preseason Good Vibes and Bad Vibes. I was way behind in my preseason research and felt completely caught up after a 20-minute read. It’s always very accurate too!

S. Feingold


Customer Relations


I have been a subscriber for a number of years now. I am really happy that you have been able to keep the price very reasonable for the amount of content provided.”

D. Roberts


Honestly, I had a bad year in 2013 after crushing my competition in 2012 but I stuck with you guys because I really respect how you are constantly listening to your customers and trying to improve the service. It’s good karma because I won again in 2014!

R. Grunden


You probably had other requests for it, but it was cool to see my suggestion of being able to automatically import rosters from the league management sites being implemented this year, and that was a huge upgrade.”

G. Margolis




You guys have found a great balance between film work, statistical analysis, news and injury reporting, and a general fantasy acumen that works very well for me.”

A. Chinn


I loved Greg Cosell’s weekly matchup column. To get this kind of insight from one of the country’s top film analysts is pretty sweet and icing on the cake. Thanks to this column I started Larry Donnell the week he scored 3 touchdowns!


B. Newfield

As a long time subscriber that has used your information to help guide my teams to multiple championships almost every year; the next thing I need from you is the name of a good carpenter because I need a bigger trophy case!

R. Aubuchon


My partner and I had been long time subscribers, but decided to try a competitor this year. The experiment didn't last long. By early October, we were back.”

G. Slaughter


I follow a lot of NFL websites, but I trust your gut and calls over any other analysts in the business.”

M. Chyril


Very accurate most of the time, I usually lose when I go with my gut and against the Guru's rankings.”

R. Yates


The most comprehensive information to help you make the best draft and lineup decisions for your fantasy team. Be the first person in your league to know who to pluck off the waiver wire, weeks before everyone else is looking for that player.”

L. Goldman


It was a very minor enhancement this year, but I loved reading your fantasy analysis of the impact of all the non-skill players in your Friday practice reports. I got several tips in there that helped me make the right lineup decisions this year.”

G. Renbarger


First off, thank you so much! I have been using your site for several years now and it is awesome and I have played fantasy football for the past 25 years or so. I realize that there are tons of websites out there, but I rely and yours by far the most and I either win my leagues or I am in contention every year. Your draft plan is awesome.

R. Gryga


Excellent job. The site is chock full of stuff. To be honest I don't use it all. But I did win my league this year for the first time ever, much thanks to you. The one thing I use more than anything from you are the emails you send. They keep me informed as I often forget to go to the Fantasy Guru website. The emails are great. I read most all of them.”

L. Santora


I subscribe to the Guru to get an edge over my competitors. Your info is better and more unique than other sites, which I like.”

B. Tarajack


I am new to Fantasy Football. I joined one league and the next thing I know I'm in three leagues. was helpful to me as a new player, as I managed to make the playoffs in two leagues and even winning one! This site got me up to speed quickly and I knew what I was doing in making trades and working the waiver wire. Several of your weekly reports were invaluable to me during the season. I could not and would not have had the success I did without your help.”

J. Pinotti


Excellent site. My only suggestion is that you could actually charge more and it would still be a bargain.”

D. Reiland


If you only have the money to subscribe to one site (so many out there to choose from), this one is it. I have been a loyal subscriber for over 5 years and tried over a half dozen additional sites over that same period. Needless to say, this is the one site I am subscribing to in 2015 as the rest pale in comparison!

L. Kneer


Keep up the good work. I respect few, trust fewer, and I have already subscribed for 2015.”
D. Kostuk


This was my first time I have used a paid fantasy football site in 10 years and this is the first time I have won it all. I used the pre-season draft information and the information you guys provided weekly. I am going to be a repeat customer and I will promote your product to my friends just not those in my league. Thank you guys again.”

B. Johnson


Here's my testimonial and feel free to use it on the website! I joined for the first time in the offseason of 2014 and I won my first championship in 2014. Guru puts all the information and tools in your hands to outsmart your opponents every week and put yourself in a position to win.”

P. Madge


You go a good job in preseason, but where Fantasy Guru really shines is helping work the waiver wire.”

R. Dixon


I love spending hours combing through all the amazing information the site provides, especially when preparing for the draft. When draft times come I have a great "feel" for all players. You guys have an uncanny ability to highlight players just before they break out, allowing you to pick them up before they are even a hot commodity, a must to assure league domination!”

B. Heiser


For ten years I have played fantasy football and have never done as well as I did this year using this site for all analysis. I used the draft analyzer for the draft and the info throughout the year was very in-depth and was accurate compared to other projection sites. Thank You fantasy GURU!

J. Barone


I really enjoy and use the site. It is sophisticated, and what I especially like is that it is not afraid to take positions on the changing value of players - even before they become a known commodity. If you go through the weekly and rest-of-season rankings carefully, it is possible to pick up players ahead of the curve - which is essential to winning at fantasy football. FG also gives you reasoning behind their choices, which means you can make your own mind up - rather than simply trusting or not trusting the advice. In 2014 I won my live NFFC Primetime League!

T. Whitestone


Success Stories


The Fantasy Guru website is my go-to site for rankings, strategy, and weekly projections. Without a doubt I would not have won the 2014 NFFC Primetime and $150,000 without the Guru!  If you are only going to subscribe to one site, should be your choice!

John Pausma, 2014 NFFC Primetime $150,000 Winner


I am an extremely satisfied two year subscriber now. I qualified for the playoffs in all four of my home leagues as well as surviving late into the playoffs of the NFFC cutline championship before being eliminated. This site gives me a major edge on my competition and is a key reason I had such success (playoffs in every league) this year.”

M. Doyen


This is my 5th year as a subscriber, I'm in the same 2 leagues every year. I've won 5 titles during that time. None of the other players in those leagues use your site, and unfortunately for your pocketbook I will NOT be informing them of your amazing site.  I always feel like I'm the best-prepared going into those drafts every year. Thank You for all the knowledge and hard work. PS: I picked up $1,150 in cash earlier today thanks to you! I AM A SUBSCRIBER FOR LIFE.”

J. Kelly


The ‘14 season was my best season to date. I’ve won in prior seasons but not like this year. I’ve been a subscriber for my 4th year now and I owe it to the TEAM at Fantasy Guru. From the app to the website, it kept me informed and I actually felt like a real life GM. I was always on top of the news on my players, which helped me make well thought out decisions every fantasy football week. The reports on O-line and D-line injuries are top notch and give you a different perspective that hardly any other site puts out there. Out of the 4 leagues, I won 3 of them (w/12 teams or more) convincingly. All of my teams were well balanced and my bench filled with depth in key positions.”

C. Colon


Been with Fantasyguru for 8 years, 4 league championships and never missed the playoffs. Best there is!”

J. Ellis


I have been a satisfied subscriber for over 15 years. Having played fantasy football for nearly 2 & 1/2 decades, I have learned a lot of the same principles and strategies that Guru emphasizes—they do work! With the popularity of fantasy being so widespread and so many so-called 'fantasy experts' giving advice, it has become more challenging and critical to gain any advantage over your competition. This is where I find the real value of Guru's services for me. John and the entire Guru staff do a fantastic job and are always looking for ways to improve their services! I especially appreciate Greg Cosell's insights & observations—he's usually "spot on" when it comes to talent evaluation.”

C. Paroda


This fantasy site will be the difference for you in your league. The years I have had the Guru’s help I have always made the playoffs in my leagues and won them many times. When I did not have the Guru’s help, I missed the playoffs. So I am a believer. The information gained here will put you over the top in your league!

M. Cleaver


Just completed the 24th year of my Fantasy League and with the help of John and his staff 2014 was the most successful. I know you cannot be right in all your projections but you are really spot on the majority of the time. Thanks again for all the long hours and the constant upgrade of the site!

K. Holan


I entered 3 leagues this year. I won two and lost the other in the finals by 1 point. I was more prepared than my competition and gave me the edge I need to overcome the competition. It’s a crazy game, and is my navigator through the chaos! Thank you! I love how does not claim to tell you what you must do, but helps you realize how you must think to be successful in fantasy leagues.”

M. Watson


Ever since I became a subscriber more than 8 years ago I have three-peated twice and have won an additional championship in another league. 7 championships total. Your site helped me and I love it!

O. Tirre


My 10th year with the guru. 4 titles. Never finished below 4th place (we are a cumulative not head-to-head league). Obviously you are doing a lot right. Don't change much. I love your ballsy "play to win" picks and I admire your candor and drafting what you preach (see Brandon Cooks).”


Notable 2013 testimonials


I was blown away by your auction draft program and could not believe it how it automatically adjusted $ values based on so many key factors as the auction moved along, which made my auction feel like stealing.”

R. Tomasello


I noticed you guys were really high on Eddie Lacy this year, and when I saw John Hansen put his money where his mouth is and draft him in the 3rdround of your site’s staff league, I was all-in as well. Great call!

B. Henderson


Thanks for Tweeting out the notice to all subscribers to check out the WW report for a certain WR marked in red to pick up just before he broke out. Due to that tweet alone I won my overall points championship due to my picking up Keenan Allen!

H. Maskrey


Believe it or not, I won my league championship game due entirely to your strong recommendation of Marcedes Lewis on the WW and in Wk 16. I’ll probably never start him again in my life, but that was good scouting with that one.”

B. O’Neil


At the end of my draft I wanted to find a good upside TE, so I checked your Mr. Relevant article, which has done wonders for my ability to find great late sleepers. This year your top TE in the article was Julius Thomas, so I blindly took him. Cha-ching!

C. Speight


I have to admit, I was getting annoyed with your love of Antonio Brown over the last few years, but when I saw him slip to the 7th round of my draft, I gave him one more shot…and then BOOM he was a stud.”

H. Hostettler


I loved your commitment/enthusiasm to Jordan Cameron in week 14....went with Gonzo and flat out lost wild card week and was done. Should have trusted the Guru and followed you "no brainer" status for JC that week.”

R. Singler


You guys were way out in front on Jordan Reed and he was great, let’s hope the kid can stay healthy next year!

N. Hawkins


Your WW report is like a fantasy football band aid. I kept having to plug holes due to injuries and you kept feeding me productive replacements.”

J. Johnson


Yet another great job on your players to trade and trade for article, really great look into the future that isolates players whose values will be on the rise to trade for and players who should decline to trade. You people have hit this out of the park in 2013 and 2012.”

B. Walden


I couldn’t believe it when I saw you had an algorithm to predict place kicker performances each week, and then I really couldn’t believe it when the damn thing was about 75% accurate. Every week I would just pick the highest available guy on your list, and I think I got 2+ FGs all but 2 times.”

L. Maskrey


Once again, you guys continue to listen to your customers and we liked the addition of the Dynasty League watch every week this year. That was one area your site was lacking and you guys addressed it.

J. Fares



P. Bornstein


I’ve noticed your man Greg Cosell has quickly become known as one of the pre-eminent personnel and matchup analyst in the country, but of course he’s been with you guys for a decade. You’re ahead of the curve, as usual.”

S. Farmer


Returning again, best money ever spent!! Love it keep up the great work!

S. Paolillo


Nice year for you guys. You probably hit on 8 out of every 10 predictions.”

P. Spohn


Simply the best, killer content, the best inside information, almost like you’re there hearing it first hand, a must-have for even just fans of the NFL.”

W. Worosz


As a pastor, I use to stay up to about 4am deliberating over lineups because Sunday morning I have heavenly duties. Now I use your site and sleep like a baby.”

T. Sirmans


Losers subscribe elsewhere and hold Percy Harvin all year. Winners followed the GURU draft plan and had deep squads filled with PPR gold. Renew.” 

C. Gimino


I’ve been listening to your show on SiriusXM and love it! I listen to some of the other guys as well, but you are head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks for the great info.”

J. Cappillino


When you find a good doctor or restaurant, you tell your friends. Yet with this, it at times is difficult to tell your friends why you dominate every year. Thanks again.”

B. Joyce


 I have been playing FF for 20 yrs. and the Guru is by far the most in depth, accurate fantasy website on the market. And I have tried many. The price is unbeatable, you could charge a lot more for the huge amount of info you provide. I will be a life-long subscriber.”

H. Heffelfinger


2013 was my first year of subscription - Great service - really impressed with the overall level of content and depth of analysis on so many players - excellent work.”

T. Whitestone


Thanks for the help guys, went 15-0 in my league (which is 24 yrs old), setting 9-12 offense records this Championship, my 3rd! Keep up the good work, thanks again! 
J. Lumijarvi


Using Fantasy Guru, I have won my league the last two years. And totally dominated this year being high scorer of the week 7 times in 13 weeks. And high scorer every week of the playoffs.”

J. Jacobs


Can honestly say... being a winner once again in one or more of my leagues is a direct result of the insight garnered from listening to you guys on XM Radio as well as this website.”

Maris B.


I've been a subscriber for years now and I've never finished lower than 3rd in the leagues I care most about (the money ones!). Last year, I won $1500 in my combined leagues, so I will be a lifer!

B. Stott


I've won 6 championships in 8 years since subscribing. It’s a very competitive league, too.” 
S. Breden


I won my league again, thanks to you and your tools. In fact I've won this league 3 out of the last 4 years and I have slept like a baby.”

M. Macdonald


I made the playoffs in 7 out 8 leagues last year and won 3 super bowls. My season paid for a family ski trip next week. Thanks to you guys...keep up the great work.”

B. Parnell


Thanks to Fantasy Guru, I went 15-0 in my dynasty IDP league! I have been a subscriber for 2 years.”

J. Merring


I finally won my core league, thanks to your info. I went back-to-back in my other important league. Good drafts & dodged the injuries for the most part. I had very Gurrific teams! Keep up the good work.”

T. Jones


Guys, I won my league this year with a 14-3 record. I posted the high score total as well. They are still going over the record books but as of right now my season ranks in the top 3 all time in the 20+ years this league has been in existence. I know that would not have been possible without Fantasy Guru there for guys are awesome.”

C. Nelis


I started 1-4 and then became a subscriber and won my league. Won't be renewing till July...would like to enjoy all my money guru helped me win this year and I don’t mind paying the full in July. Thanks John and your staff.”

A. Vargas


I won my championship this year... my first championship in 19 years of this league. I switched from another fantasy football consulting/ranking site I was with for 15 years and 3 years ago and I went with much of who I drafted originally to win, and a lot of that was your preseason reports, news and rankings.”
M. Helfand


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