2013 Testimonials


Notable Celebrity Testimonials
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I wanted to say thank you for your terrific site! I won the 2013 NFFC online championship for 100,000 and I could not have accomplished this without your site. Thanks again!.”
Sam Botnick
After meeting John Hansen and learning more about what he does it gave me real respect for the job that he does and the knowledge that he has. He really is The Guru.”
John Madden, NFL Hall of Famer (on SiriusXM NFL Radio)
"When I'm playing fantasy football, I love to double check my info against's. They know how fantasy works the way a great head coach or general manager knows how his team works."
Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL Insider
"You listen and follow @Fantasy_Guru and you can repeat as league champ too, like I did.  FantasyGuru got me into Lacy, Stacy, Bell, and Gordon!
Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money

“When it comes to fantasy football, you are my beacon in the night."  
Paul Rudd, Actor (said on SiriusXM).
" is the only fantasy site I'd get my info and analysis from." 
Jay Glazer, Fox Sports NFL Insider

"I know football, but's John Hansen knows fantasy football." 
Ron Jaworski, ESPN NFL Analyst
“'s John Hansen was a fan of mine during my days with the Vikings. Now I am a fan of his! NOBODY knows more about Fantasy Football than the GURU John Hansen!”
Fran Tarkenton
, NFL Hall of Famer and Entrepreneur

"When I need some extra insight, I go to" 
Brent Jones, former 49er TE and NFL Analyst
If you use, I guarantee results!
Fred McGriff, former MLB great
"The best information, the best strategy advice, the best writing -- the best FF site, bar none."
Nick Bakay, Contributor/Actor/Writer
Every good fantasy player I know subscribes to John Hansen's passion, research, and relentless pursuit of the latest fantasy strategy set him apart. He has earned the right to be called "The Guru."
Tom Grieve, Former MLB player and Texas Rangers GM
Unbelievable site. The Players to Trade and Trade for is RIDICULOUS!”
Ian Kinsler, MLB all-star player for the Texas Rangers (said on Twitter)
Our 2013 Testimonial of the Year
I wanted to say thank you for your terrific site! I won the 2013 NFFC online championship for 100,000 and I could not have accomplished this without your site. Thanks again!
Sam Botnick
Apps and Tools
Just when I thought your service couldn’t get much better, you rolled out your awesome auction draft tool and you turned MyGuru app from a pretty good app to a product that is worth the price of your subscription alone.”
S. Grayson
I was blown away by your auction draft program and could not believe it how it automatically adjusted $ values based on so many key factors as the auction moved along, which made my auction feel like stealing.”
R. Tomasello
Nice addition this year adding your news feed. It was nice to have a constantly-updated stream of news and notes and injury updates right on the site, and searchable and sortable by player or team as well. Thanks for continually improving your already excellent product.”
R. Klesco
Your Draft Guru is the only app I use for mock drafts. It works great always has updates on rankings an ADP. The live draft option is great I use it for all my drafts. Love how you can put in your leagues scoring system and it take that in account on the ranking of players. It's just an all-around great tool for fantasy.”
T. Nilson
Great upgrades this year to the Draft Guru app this year! Last year, I used it mainly for mock drafting and loved it. This year due to your upgrades I used it for all my drafts. It was amazing to draft from a bar using only my smart phone as my tool.
R. Farr
You can't ask for an easier-to-use mock draft tool than your Draft Guru app. The 3 second shot clock for computer picks means you don't have to spend a lot of time mock drafting.”
E. Plotkin
“And the winner of the most-used app in 2013 for me was……MyGuru. GREAT enhancements this year, especially all the sections for articles and how they were flagged when a new article was added.”
Player Analysis
I noticed you guys were really high on Eddie Lacy this year, and when I saw John Hansen put his money where his mouth is and draft him in the 3rd round of your site’s staff league, I was all-in as well. Great call!
B. Henderson
Thanks for Tweeting out the notice to all subscribers to check out the WW report for a certain WR marked in red to pick up just before he broke out. Due to that tweet alone I won my overall points championship due to my picking up Keenan Allen!
H. Maskrey
Thanks from 5-yr member! Cumulative Points Champion 4 of 5 years. Finally won a super bowl this year. Most useful article was your office draft. Hansen gave me the confidence to draft Josh Gordon!
S. Gingras
In my Winner Take All League I managed to win it all with generous help and support from Guru. Strong suggestions such as Eddie Lacy in the 3rd round, holding off on my QB and snagging Tony Romo and Andy Dalton in the middle rounds for a tag-team approach at QB, plus Knowshon Moreno and Julian Edelman in the latter half of the draft helped to secure the win this year. Thanks Guru!
J. Rose
Believe it or not, I won my league championship game due entirely to your strong recommendation of Marcedes Lewis on the WW and in Wk 16. I’ll probably never start him again in my life, but that was good scouting with that one.”
B. O’Neil
I was desperate for RB help in my semis and you guys touted Matt Asiata as an upside play due to the potential for 20+ touches, so I picked him up and started him. 27 points later and boom…back to the championship.”
T. Terry
Thanks for telling me to draft Le'Veon Bell and for holding my hand while he was injured and out. Several people I know dropped him and regretted it, but you were talking him up as a buy-low acquisition.”
T. Belsky
At the end of my draft I wanted to find a good upside TE, so I checked your Mr. Relevant article, which has done wonders for my ability to find great late sleepers. This year your top TE in the article was Julius Thomas, so I blindly took him. Cha-ching!
C. Speight
I have to admit, I was getting annoyed with your love of Antonio Brown over the last few years, but when I saw him slip to the 7th round of my draft, I gave him one more shot…and then BOOM he was a stud.”
H. Hostettler
I was hesitant to pay even your very reasonable rate for a premium service, but I have to say that your service did exactly what I was hoping it would. It was informative and entertaining, but most important it kept me ahead of the curve on rising and falling player values and especially for WW pickups like Jordan Reed and Zac Stacy.”
P. Whitaker
I loved your commitment/enthusiasm to Jordan Cameron in week 14....went with Gonzo and flat out lost wild card week and was done. Should have trusted the Guru and followed you "no brainer" status for JC that week.”
R. Singler
I felt that my teams were the strongest I've had in a long time this year. And it's largely because of Fantasy Guru. My QB strategy worked perfectly (wait until Andrew Luck or Tony Romo later), mixing in Zac Stacy, Le’Veon Bell, Eddie Lacy, with some vets, getting Alshon Jeffery and Josh Gordon. The kicker feature was awesome, rotating defenses based on match up usually worked great.”
C. Rorick
As you predicted it was a very tumultuous year with injuries, WW pickups and very unexpected performances happening weekly. I found the weekly "The Waiver Wire" articles extremely helpful especially throughout the season with number rankings. It helped me prioritize me adds and stay ahead of the competition. I also found your first article on Ascending Players/Breakout Players amazing. I was able to land Alshon Jeffrey & Keenan Allen and both helped me win my PPR league title this year for big money.”

Good job with your strong backing of Josh McCown before he started a game for the Bears….he came through for me week after week when I needed him.”
P. Whitaker
You guys were way out in front on Jordan Reed and he was great, let’s hope the kid can stay healthy next year!
N. Hawkins
I was a little worried in my keeper league after you hyped Kendall Wright up so much as a rookie but now it looks like I have a PPR beast for years to come, so thanks.”
N. Sanchez
Last year I subscribed to a different site, and I just wasn't happy with the product and resources available. The season result was indicative of the product as I came in dead last. This year I switched up to Fantasy Guru and loved the tools. I had a rough start to the season but stayed true to my roster because I believed it was quality. After starting 0-5, I went 7-1, made the playoffs, and ultimately WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! The Strength of Schedule and Points Allowed tools were instrumental as well as the weekly articles. However, it was the draft prep that set my team up: drafting Josh Gordon and Alshon Jeffery late, waiting on a QB and taking Matthew Stafford, and so many other tips I took from the site.”
W. Pagan
I have been a long time subscriber to FantasyGuru and this was probably my most successful season yet. I had 4 leagues, made the playoffs in 3. In 2 of those I was the #1 overall seed from the regular season. In 2 of the 4 leagues I won the Super Bowl. I would tell others, if they aren't using it, the Waiver Wire Podcast was GOLD. Tips like Keenan Allen and Zac Stacy carried me. The Greg Cosell Thursday show is a must. The insight and review is top notch.”
B. McGraw
Preseason and In-Season Coverage
You guys are relentless in the preseason updating or posting 4-5 new articles a day, podcasts, keeping up with news and notes, and everything. It’s so convenient to get all the info in one place, and a place I can trust.”
T. Meyer
Your WW report is like a fantasy football band aid. I kept having to plug holes due to injuries and you kept feeding me productive replacements.”
J. Johnson
Yet another great job on your players to trade and trade for article, really great look into the future that isolates players whose values will be on the rise to trade for and players who should decline to trade. You people have hit this out of the park in 2013 and 2012.”
B. Walden
You guys are always great in terms of your contacts in the league, but I was impressed to not only see Lance Zierlein’s OL article added as a weekly feature, but to learn that Lance’s father is an OL coach in the NFL right now.
J. Farber
Your IDP coverage improved noticeably this year. There’s still some work to do, but your new Friday game preview contributor was a nice addition.”
R. Rosengren
I couldn’t believe it when I saw you had an algorithm to predict place kicker performances each week, and then I really couldn’t believe it when the damn thing was about 75% accurate. Every week I would just pick the highest available guy on your list, and I think I got 2+ FGs all but 2 times.”
L. Maskrey
I thought your trending topics addition this year was a great read every week and was something that was missing before, great enhancement because there are always 3-4 key topics that FF players are very interested in each week and you addressed them there.”
R. Shefaat
Customer Relations
I have a quirky auction/draft league format. I emailed the folks that programmed the auction tool - they bounced right back with a thought about how I could use the tool for my format. Honestly, I was shocked!”
P. Joseph
Once again, you guys continue to listen to your customers and we liked the addition of the Dynasty League watch every week this year. That was one area your site was lacking and you guys addressed it.
J. Fares
Last year I asked for more auction content, and this year you guys delivered. I liked seeing more articles, and I really liked your 1-page printable-friendly auction cheat sheet with the dollar value ranges.”
P. Macfarlane
P. Bornstein
I am a subscriber to many fantasy sites. Guru was my first and is truthfully, the only site you really need to dominate your fantasy leagues. I often like to try out one or two other paid sites to compare services, projections, knowledge and accuracy that is being offered and I can honestly say, nothing compares to Fantasy Guru!! The amount of information you guys provide is truly remarkable. That, along with a complimentary subscription to Draft Analyzer ($49 + value), My Guru to import players, best looking app for your smartphone, awesome articles written by Guru and so much more, it's really a STEAL OF A SERVICE. When you compare what you pay for a subscription to Guru to your increased chance of winning your league, even if you're in a smaller entry fee league and 1st prize is $600, your Return on Investment (ROI) is 2400%.”
N. Angelillo
I’ve noticed your man Greg Cosell has quickly become known as one of the pre-eminent personnel and matchup analyst in the country, but of course he’s been with you guys for a decade. You’re ahead of the curve, as usual.”
S. Farmer
It was a pretty weird year, but regardless of outcome you guys were definitely on the right track with almost all players this season. Another excellent season of coverage.”
E. Stettnisch
There are a lot of sites out there now, but you’ll always be my go-to site. A lot of these sites now have writers who spew out a lot of stats and generally want you to marvel at how great they are how well they know the game. You guys are great at shifting through everything involved in FF and simply giving us reliable recommendations we can trust with minimal effort on my part.”
T. Lewis
I like how you give readers who crave information and analysis plenty of content, but for those too busy to read all your materials, you also narrow things down well. I love “Hansen’s Hints” on Sunday mornings. It is easily the most concise, comprehensive, and most up-to-date analysis of all the games and matchups each week.”
J. Graves
The best value and best analysis available, and I've been playing FFL since Jerry Rice's rookie year!
Steven Z.
When I first started with you in 2006, you were a few steps ahead of the completion. Now there really is no competition. I think the biggest difference is how far you've come in terms of access to the NFL and the players themselves. No one can touch you in that area, and it trickles down to every single article on the site.”
S. Wenger
Returning again, best money ever spent!! Love it keep up the great work!
S. Paolillo
I'm starting to gain an advantage over my dynasty league competition by following your rankings. The reason why? You don't overreact like the dynasty sites do. For example, they've written off Wayne and Colston, while you have them ranked in the 20s. I'm acquiring them for peanuts this offseason and they will probably help me win some games in 2014. On the flip side, I'm not getting burned by overpaying for unproven players or those with talent but a lot of red flags. Keep up the good work in this area!
Tom F.
Nice year for you guys. You probably hit on 8 out of every 10 predictions.”
P. Spohn
Simply the best, killer content, the best inside information, almost like you’re there hearing it first hand, a must have for even just fans of the NFL.”
W. Worosz
Keep up the great work. Your hard work really differentiates you from the competition.”
T. Nolan
As a pastor, I use to stay up to about 4am deliberating over lineups because Sunday morning I have heavenly duties. Now I use your site and sleep like a baby.”
T. Sirmans
You guys are right more often than not. Love the info and rankings. I also use FanDuel, so I love the bargains report. In one league I have won the cup 3 years in a row.”
D. Baker
I should have taken advantage of your early renewal options... after the great year last year using your site I can't imagine playing without you by my side!
J. Anderson
Losers subscribe elsewhere and hold Percy Harvin all year. Winners followed the GURU draft plan and had deep squads filled with PPR gold. Renew.” 
C. Gimino
I’ve been listening to your show on SiriusXM and love it! I listen to some of the other guys as well, but you are head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks for the great info.”
J. Cappillino
When you find a good doctor or restaurant, you tell your friends. Yet with this, it at times is difficult to tell your friends why you dominate every year. Thanks again.”
B. Joyce
You guys are great. I'm probably going cold turkey and quitting fantasy due to the amount of time I put into it and wanting to spend more time elsewhere. I still have a year paid from you guys and will still visit the site to view articles and listen to podcasts. That's how good you guys are. Keep up the great work.”
D. Cornish
I have been a member for several years and I would like to thank you for a great job! You have been on the money for years and your preseason rankings have been second to none!
G. Pluto
I look at a lot of different sites during the week, listen to at least one podcast a day leading up to Sunday and I always use the advice from Fantasy Guru as the final word. Love the projections, game analysis and individual player analysis for that particular game, information packed articles from before the season starts to the end podcasts are outstanding, the staff at Fantasy Guru is second to none.”
D. Tincknell
I would highly recommend fantasy guru to anyone I wasn't competing against. I went from mediocrity to league champion in one season, while managing a full time job, going to school & becoming a father. Guru does ALL THE WORK for you.”
T. Sirawan
I have been playing FF for 20 yrs. and the Guru is by far the most in depth, accurate fantasy website on the market. And I have tried many. The price is unbeatable, you could charge a lot more for the huge amount of info you provide. I will be a life-long subscriber.”
H. Heffelfinger
I've been using your service for I think probably the past 4 years and I have won my league twice in that four year span, including this year. The best part is I'm still learning all the wonderful things your site has to offer as far as tools for analysis.”
T. Muirhead
2013 was my first year of subscription - Great service - really impressed with the overall level of content and depth of analysis on so many players - excellent work.”
T. Whitestone
Your weekly analysis has always been the most helpful to me. You obviously watch the games and review the tapes and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the players.” M. Mackowiak
Success Stories
As the final minutes tick off the clock in the 49ers-Falcons game, I want to thank you. This will be my second championship in the last three years and my fourth final in the last five years. This year, I took prizes for first place in the regular season, most overall points and the championship. Needless to say, you guys deserve most of the credit. As a sports writer, I can really appreciate all the hard work you guys do and the amount of content you produce.”
C. Hunn
Thank you GURU for another great season! The site is fantastic for providing information and allowing us to make strong decisions. This year I was able to WIN 4 leagues and one overall points winner. Yes Sir that is 5 winners out of my 6 leagues. GURU is the BEST!
J. Kaiser
Just wanted to say you guys had another fantastic year. I play in a very knowledgeable and highly completive league and I finally won this year after 6 years of being close. Over that span I'm #1 in overall record and pts scored. Those 6 yrs coincide with how long I've been a subscriber to this site. The 25 yrs previous to joining this site (yes that is correct, I'm 47 and attended my 1st draft at 15) I had won twice and only made the playoffs once since going to that format in around 2002. Best money I spend all year. You guys do a tremendous job and even with all the thousands of fantasy sites out there now, your info, tools, insight and projections are by far and away superior to anyone's.”
David B.
Thanks for the help guys, went 15-0 in my league (which is 24 yrs old), setting 9-12 offense records this Championship, my 3rd! Keep up the good work, thanks again!
J. Lumijarvi
Keep up the good work. Even in a very strange season where I got off to 2-5 and 4-7 starts I was able to battle back and win 1 Championship and Most regular season points and 3rd place.”
J. Tangen
I have been in a 10-team league for 20 years. Since I started subscribing to Fantasy Guru, I have never come in worse than 4th and have always won money!
Ira R.
I won yet another championship this season (that makes 8 in 22 seasons of this particular league)... and a good deal of the credit goes to your excellent site. Thanks for all of your hard work!”
J. Karras
Using Fantasy Guru, I have won my league the last two years. And totally dominated this year being high scorer of the week 7 times in 13 weeks. And high scorer every week of the playoffs.”
J. Jacobs
Thank you for another great year. Can you say 4 Titles and an overall points winner. Yes sir. I cashed in 5 out of my 6 leagues.”
J. Kaiser
Can honestly say... being a winner once again in one or more of my leagues is a direct result of the insight garnered from listening to you guys on XM Radio as well as this website.”
Maris B.
I've been a subscriber for years now and I've never finished lower than 3rd in the leagues I care most about (the money ones!). Last year, I won $1500 in my combined leagues, so I will be a lifer!
B. Stott
I've won 6 championships in 8 years since subscribing. It’s a very competitive league, too.” S. Breden
I won my league again, thanks to you and your tools. In fact I've won this league 3 out of the last 4 years and I have slept like a baby.”
M. Macdonald
I made the playoffs in 7 out 8 leagues last year and won 3 super bowls. My season paid for a family ski trip next week. Thanks to you guys...keep up the great work.”
B. Parnell
Thanks to Fantasy Guru, I went 15-0 in my dynasty IDP league! I have been a subscriber for 2 years.”
J. Merring
I finally won my core league, thanks to your info. I went back-to-back in my other important league. Good drafts & dodged the injuries for the most part. I had very Gurrific teams! Keep up the good work.”
T. Jones
I have made it to the super bowl of my work league the last three years with your help. I might have to lose on purpose next year or they are going to throw me out! Thanks for all your great advice.”
D. Patterson
I have used this site for roughly 7 years. In those years, for the league I treasure, I have made the playoffs every year, been to the Championship game four times and won the Championship 3 times. Fantasy Guru is by far the best site I have used. Thank you for your preseason and in-season analysis, guidance, expertise and tireless work. I take my starting lineup and pull from 3 other sites along with Fantasy Guru projections and Fantasy Guru is the most accurate of all four sites 85% of the time.”
T. Carroll
Guys, I won my league this year with a 14-3 record. I posted the high score total as well. They are still going over the record books but as of right now my season ranks in the top 3 all time in the 20+ years this league has been in existence. I know that would not have been possible without Fantasy Guru there for guys are awesome.”
C. Nelis
I started 1-4 and then became a subscriber and won my league. Won't be renewing till July...would like to enjoy all my money guru helped me win this year and I don’t mind paying the full in July. Thanks John and your staff.”
A. Vargas
I won my championship this year... my first championship in 19 years of this league. I switched from another fantasy football consulting/ranking site I was with for 15 years and 3 years ago and I went with much of who I drafted originally to win, and a lot of that was your preseason reports, news and rankings.”
M. Helfand
Notable 2012 Testimonials
I really loved the incorporation of snaps counts into your content this year. I didn’t think you could enhance your excellent content much, but this was a major upgrade that helped spot out playing time trends and I believe it helped you be more accurate.”
D. Schuck
We use your Sunday morning pregame lineup notes WITHOUT FAIL before submitting our final starting team - every week of the season. It is the last word on pending injury starts, and the dreaded last minute "sits" by NFL teams.”
P. Oppenheim
“I kept hearing how John Madden was enamored with John Hansen on on Sirius NFL Radio so I had to subscribe to this site. Now I know why Madden loves Guru!”
J. Zimmerman
“I liked the new player comparison tool. I used it a few times to compare players for trades and WW pickups and it was a great way to compare the players I was considering in a ton of different ways and for a ton of different areas."
L. Hood
I was always a fan on John Hansen’s, but honestly, his abilities aren’t totally clear unless you listen to his show on SiriusXM. I listened regularly for the first time this year and his knowledge, personality, and delivery really put into focus the brains behind this site. Anyone who plays fantasy football and knows his show is insane not to subscribe.”
C. Potter
The site is great to use and I love the show on XM. You hit on so many value picks before the season this year.”
S. Dilse
You sons of bitches convinced me to draft David Wilson! And Doug Martin. And Alfred Morris.
W. Eichner
Early in the season I thought you guys dropped the ball majorly by giving so much love to Eric Decker. You admitted midseason that you underrated Demaryius Thomas a little, but ultimately Decker was EXACTLY what you said he would be and he was even more productive than you projected, so you got it right
T. Yerger
I have been a subscriber since 1999 and have won titles over and over again thanks to your analysis. You have a great blend of fantasy, game tape and statistical analysis that helps me make better fantasy decisions and also makes me a smarter football fan.”
F. Theadore
Right before my draft I went to your site for one last look at the analysis and Alfred Morris was splattered on the homepage with a big photo promoting an article on players to take at the end of your draft. I did just that, and the rest is history.”
G. Houk
This year I drafted completely off your cheat sheet in my 14-team league. I wound up holding off on drafting my QB as you suggested and took Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin in the 6th and 9th round, respectively. You always talk about trading from strength, so I wound up moving RGIII for Calvin Johnson when Megatron was struggling a little. My league mates now call me “Guru.”
C. Arnold
Notable 2011 Testimonials
JIMMY GRAHAM! You guys BEGGED us to draft him based on his ADP and upside, and I got him in all 5 leagues! That call alone was worth 2-3 years of subscribing (actually, by dollar value earned, probably 30 years).”
B. Williams
Absolutely brilliant call on Malcom Floyd in Week 17. You said if Vincent Jackson played to start Floyd because he’d have an easier matchup and to bench him if Jackson was inactive. Jackson was active and I started Floyd. His 7 catches for 127 yards and TD won me my league!
H. Coburn
It was a tough year with the lockout and I know you guys had to cram a full offseason of player movement and the like into 1-2 weeks, yet the preseason content was incredible as always and you didn’t miss a beat or an item of note.”
S. Carello
Thank you, thank you, thank you for listing Cam Newton as an upside QB pick late in the draft. I read your positive spin on the Panthers this summer with surprise, but I did grab Newton as instructed and that move alone was worth 10 subscriptions in term of money.”
R. Kollman
There wasn’t a lot of continuity in the NFL this year but your WW report and other info allowed me to continually plug minor holes on my roster. Most of the pickups didn’t last in terms of production, but you always pointed me to yet another player who could help me.”
J. Breery
Nice job stepping up the IDP content this year. Your Waiver Wire report was a fantastic resource and saved me a ton of time and research.”
D. Medlan
One of the best things about your analysis is your ability to isolate players who are “special.” This year in my keeper league I took WR A.J. Green #1 overall among all rookies and now I’m set with a stud wideout after last year taking Jimmy Graham, also on your advice.”
J. O’Conner
The week Felix Jones got hurt, people weren’t sure that DeMarco Murray was the clear pickup, but after seeing his picture splashed on your homepage on your WW report that made my confident to us my #1 waiver wire pick in my league for the week on Murray and he was great.”
G. Nelson
A guy in my league has been killing us for years, but then someone in our league who works with him saw he left his computer on your page, so he spilled the beans. Our league has never been more competitive than it was this year.”
H. Ramsey


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