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Keeper Projections: Quarterbacks

These rankings are designed to rank the players for the next 2-3 years for keeper and dynasty leagues, but we do tend to give some players with immediate value a slight bump based on their ability to help you now. We also at times give players we are high on for down the road a little bit of a bump up. Our ratings for talent consider skill level and ability to excel in the pros. Our ratings for opportunity consider supporting cast, system, and durability. Mouse over the "KEY" icon to see what the various categories and symbols mean.


Updated: 01/10/2017 09:19pm EST
Rank Name Pos Age Team TAL OPP Up Dn MOVE Comments
1QB2700--NONEHas issues but will always put up numbers due to passing and running skills, and stocked with young WRs and OL help in '16 draft.
2QB2800--NONEIntangibles off the charts and play on field also stellar with rushing production and WR Lockett looks legit.
3QB2500--NONEGifted thrower and athletic and WR Cooper and TE Walford are nice additions, so things look promising as he can clearly play.
4QB2800--NONEStill an elite arm talent and Jim Bob Cooter a good fit and locked in as OC, and Calvin retiring was not an issue.
5QB3300--NONEUp and down in 2016, but still relatively young and a future HOFer and some hope at WR with some young guys, could use a nice TE.
6QB2700--DOWNThe hits have taken a toll and a down year in 2016 and looking less appealing heading into '17.
7QB2400--NONEBalanced QB in terms of physical skills and mental ability, he has shown clear signs of being capable of developing into an elite player.
8QB2300YES-NONEPrescott is a good athlete with a strong arm and if he keeps working on his craft he's shown he can be a star, and he will keep working.
9QB2300--NONEMany strong QB attributes and appealing qualities on the field, but still has to keep improving.
10QB3800--NONEGetting old but few signs of slippage and can still put up numbers next 1-2 years with Payton as HC as they have reloaded nicely at receiver.
11QB2300--NONEHe's improved midseason and is developing into a solid pocket QB, but they need some speed at WR and Murray won't do it much longer.
12QB3100--NONEShanahan's offense didn't help him in 2015, but it's been a God-send in 2016 so short-term future looks good, but Shanahan could leave.
13QB2800--NONESettling in nicely here with Gruden and they do have really nice weapons as we love rookie Doctson.
14QB3400--NONECan't do it forever and hurt in 2016, but OL in solid shape w/ stud talents in WR Brown/RB Bell, plus Bryant a difference maker.
15QB3900--NONECan still put up huge numbers and no sign of a slow-down and loaded with playmakers, including impressive rookie WR Mitchell.
16QB2900--NONECan clearly put up strong numbers with all the weapons here and the OL has the talent for the future.
17QB3500--NONEHas some solid years left in him and WR corps is very solid and now TE star in Henry so things looking okay.
18QB2800--NONESmart/athletic with big arm and running ability and new HC Gase gives him a chance with revamped OL and a foundation back in Ajayi.
19QB2400-YESNONEImpressive physical tools and talented young receiving corps, but he's devolved in 2016 and future isn't as promising now.
20QB3600-YESNONEBeckham a stud the rest of Eli's career, plus continuity w/ new HC McAdoo and Shepard a nice WR added in draft, but level of play down in 2016.
21QB3200--NONEHe can clearly play and Perriman could still pan out so he should be decent next 2-3 years at least.
22QB2900--NONEHe's never played as well as he's played here in 2016 so has a chance to be a top-15 guy next 1-2 years at least if OL is brutal.
23QB3700-YESNONEHas weapons to produce big totals next 1-2 years but he's fallen off badly in 2016 so far.
24QB2500YES-NONESolid showing in 2016, but Brady wants to keep playing a few more years and we do like 3rd round pick Brissett so Jimmy needs to be traded.
25QB2200YES-NONENot off to a good start but will be the guy and there's some talent around him and he can throw it well.
26QB2200YES-NONEAn athletic freak, Lynch should have nice weapons around him and the physical tools to put up big numbers, but Siemian has been pretty good in 2016.
27QB3200--NONEMaclin helping and Kelce is a stud plus some WR talent otherwise, but they may be tiring of him and his mediocre production and look for replacement.
28QB2700--DOWNHis athleticism at least provides the Bills and fantasy owners with a soid floor but he's replaceable and future her ein 2017 up in air.
29QB2900--NONEHas tools to produce, and scheme has been his friend in 2016, but how know how long Chip will stay in SF?
30QB2500YES-NONEAverage player at Northwestern but he has showed well in 2016 so should still have a future as a starter somewhere even with Lynch here.
31QB2600YES-UPHas a big arm and is in a good spot with O'Brien and after a solid preseason and regular season, he might be their guy for now.
32QB3300-YESNONEHe's going to be a year to year guy going forward with downside and minimal upside.
33QB2300--NONESmart and accurate with good pocket feel, but has a poor arm and minimal upside, yet showed fairly well in 2016.
34QB2700YES-NONEShows many good traits and a big arm so should get a chance to start down the road and a FA in 2017.
35QB2500YES-NONEWe have doubts about his ability to transition to the NFL, and Jets seem to agree with Hackenberg pick and 2016 did him no favors.
36QB2300YES-NONEA lower-case Winston, Brissett a better prospect than many others drafted in the 2016 class, but buried now behind Brady/Garoppolo.
37QB2600-YESNONESigned to be their QB of the future and speed at WR has Hou's skill group looking interesting, but the problem is he's not any good.
38QB2600--NONEWill get a look late in 2016, but he can't stay on the field so he can't play and be counted on.
39QB2600YES-NONEHas a lot of positive traits and did well in 2015 when he played, but will have to move on as FA in 2 years to have a chance.
40QB2600--UPThrew a lot of INTs but also played very well otherwise so might have a chance to be 1-2 year placeholder, and solid NFL backup at this point.
41QB2400-YESNONEHas intangibles/passing skills but he also has limitations and could be done in Min with Bradford proving to be a big upgrade.
42QB3600-YESNONELong-term and now short-term availability is a concern, and Dak is clearly the guy long-term, but could be moved to SB contender.
43QB2600-YESNONEHe can throw it and will run, but consistency issues and we doubt he'll ever make it as a starter.
44QB3400-YESNONEFitz won't get a chance to start again after 2016 unless he's lucky with an injury, yet he's like Jason from Friday the 13th.
45QB2700-YESNONEHe is still 26 and got a chance to start and actually showcased some talent so not hopeless, but he's pretty close to hopeless.
46QB2400YES-UPNeeds to learn pretty much from the ground up, but Buffalo’s offense is a great fit for impressive skill set and Taylor is no lock to stick.
47QB2100-YESNONEHuge arm, but his poor college tape means he’s best suited for sitting and learning, but he may never come through.
48QB2600-YESNONELost job to Taylor and they took Cardale Jones to develop so he'll need to move on most likely.
49QB2800--NONEHe was back in the mix in 2016 and not a hopeless proposition but a major reach as career backup.
50QB2300--NONEHundley has all the physical tools, but needs serious seasoning, and if he’s ever a successful starting QB it won’t likely be in Green Bay.
51QB3100-YESNONEHe's going to be a journeyman backup from here on out, but he was at least solid in 2016.
52QB2500YES-NONEVery talented and he's hung in there and has stuck, so worth keeping eye on still as Smith's time is running out.
53QB2300--NONEA “winner” and producer in college, he could have a long NFL career but fell in draft due to character and leadership concerns.
54QB2700--NONEHe's at best a #2 QB on run-based team and was awful in 2015, so latching on with Reid his best chance and played week 8 2016.
55QB2400YES-NONESmart, athletic, and well-respected, he doesn’t have a huge arm but has running ability to stick and get a shot to start down the road.
56QB2300YES-NONELacks the size and arm strength teams desire in a passer, but a “winner” in college and lands in a good spot for him as Wilson's backup.
57QB2700--NONEHe did get a chance to play in 2015-2016 and acquitted himself fairly well, so his long-term outlook improved at least a little.
58QB2700--NONEIt's all Carr and now Cook here indefinitely and he’ll battle for #3 job going forward so not much hope.
00--NONECoker has a solid arm, but his pocket presence will almost certainly prevent him from being more than a backup in the NFL.
60QB3000-YESNONENothing special but good enough to contribute in right situation, yet a backup only rest of the way.
61QB2400--NONEAllen was one of a handful of solid backup type prospects in 2016 class, and Bortles has been really bad this year.
62QB2800--NONESkilled passer who showed some promise late in 2015 and looks like a great backup to Flacco here, but still just a backup.
63QB3100-YESNONEHenne was a short bridge to the future in Bortles and now he looks like a career backup as he re-signed in 2016.
64QB2400--NONEMannion was a high draft pick compared to others in this class, but tape suggests he'll struggle to develop into more than a quality backup.
65QB2500--NONEAn excellent deep ball thrower with an injury history, Doughty processes things too slowly and he’s an older prospect.
66QB2300--NONEHe's small but productive and they like him as he's stuck on roster/practice squad for two years now, but a long-shot still.
68QB3200-YESNONEJust a veteran backup unless Tannehill is out or terrible, but capable with some weapons and OC Gase, and signed new deal in 2016.
69QB2600-YESNONEClearly many teams did not view him as a viable starter, and he's looked awful in the preseason.
70QB2500-YESNONEPocket passer with toughness/mentality to play at a high level and landed in a solid spot for long-term, but he's on third team in 2 years.
72QB3700-YESNONEAge a major issue and at this point he's not a keeper.
73QB2300--NONEAn intriguing developmental talent with great athleticism but he's buried on depth chart in Cincy.
74QB2600-YESNONEFales is limited physically and an NFL backup only and might be off an NFL roster soon.
75QB2700-YESNONEOff and on the practice squad the last 1-2 years so not exactly a strong prospect but he did flash nicely in 2014 preseason.
76QB2300--NONEWe view Sudfeld as having a career backup ceiling, but then again, many thought that about Kirk Cousins as well.
77QB3000--NONEThe backup to Cousins once again in 2016 but he's really just a year-to-year guy.