Woman accused Incognito of harassment in 2012

November 8 - The Sports Xchange

A Florida woman accused suspended Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito of harassing her in 2012, according to the ABC television affiliate in Miami.

An Aventura, Fla., police report stated that Incognito harassed a 34-year-old female volunteer at the Dolphins' annual "Fins Weekend Golf Tournament" in May 2012 at the Turnberry Resort and Club in Aventura.

According to the report, the woman claimed Incognito had been drinking alcohol and was acting inappropriately. He allegedly approached her and rubbed his golf club against her vagina. Then, he rubbed up against her from behind, saying "Let it rain, let it rain," before pouring bottled water on her face.

After notifying her supervisor, who then informed team security about the incident, she claimed nothing was done about it. However, former Dolphins wide receiver Nat Moore apologize to her after he hearing about what happened.

The woman wanted an apology from Incognito, but did not receive one. The TV station reported that she kept silent about the incident for the past year because of a confidentiality agreement.

Incognito was recently suspended indefinitely in the scandal that involves the bullying of fellow Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who left the team last week and is with his family in California where he has had counseling for emotional issues.

The alleged bullying centers around hazing that Martin faced from teammates his 2012 rookie season that carried over into this year.

But Incognito may not have just picked on Martin.

Yahoo! Sports reported that Incognito regularly held team meetings for offensive linemen at a South Florida strip club, and demanded that they attend or face a fine.

Also, if players did not attend, Incognito would reportedly mock them for not being part of the group.

"Richie wanted to set up Richie's world as a way for everybody to act," a team source told Yahoo! Sports. "Richie thinks everybody should act that way. He doesn't get that some guys aren't into that behavior. Some guys don't want to constantly explain to their wife or girlfriend why they have to go to a strip club."

While Incognito's teammates have expressed public support for him, others around the league have not.

ESPN.com polled 72 NFL players this week to gauge their opinions of Incognito, Martin and rookie hazing. They were asked three questions.

When asked which of the two players they would rather have as a teammate, 15 respondents (20.8 percent) preferred Incognito, 34 (47.2 percent) indicated Martin and 23 (31.9 percent) wanted neither.

Overall, the results showed that 57 (79.2 percent) would not want Incognito as a teammate.

The players were also asked, true or false, if they were ever victims of hazing during their NFL careers. Thirty-one of the players (43.1 percent) answered true, while 41 (56.9 percent) answered false.

Also, players were asked if they ever had to pay money as a part of hazing. Twenty-eight (38.9 percent) answered true, while 44 (61.1 percent) answered false. Of those who answered true, they were asked to provide the highest dollar amount they were asked to pay. The amounts included $40 for donuts, $100 for Chick-Fil-A and $2,500 and $5,000 for team dinners. Four of the players stated they paid $9,000, $10,000 (two players) and $18,000, but did not indicate what they paid for.

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