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Patriot WR Randy Moss absolutely destroyed the Bill defense in 2007, and he's looking good again in the season opener with his boy Tom Brady back in the starting lineup. We've got all 15 remaining matchups broken down with plenty of player analysis in our Week One Game Center (Published, 9/11).

WEEK ONE Content
Sunday Evening Injury Roundup - A brief look at who got hurt this weekend - Published, 9/13
Week One Sunday Content - Check here for our Quick Sunday Update, which includes Sunday Situations we'll be watching, last-minute advice on the 15 matchups, Caplan's Week One Reaches, a Weather Update, and inactive information before the start of the 1pm, 4pm, and 8pm kickoffs - Published, 9/12
Saturday Practice Report - With 4 teams playing a bonus update from the Saturday practices - Published, 9/12
Week One Projections - Updated at this week's numbers with IDPs - Updated, 9/12
Friday Practice Report - Our practice reports from Friday - Updated, 9/11
Week One Kick Returner Previews - 50 return guys ranked, projected, and and analyzed - Updated, 9/12
Week One Looking Glass/Player Analysis - We look at every player and analyze how they are looking this week - Published, 9/11
Week One Reaches of the Week - The reaches from our Game Center together on one page - Published, 9/11
Caplan's League Page - Caplan shows you his leagues and who he's starting this week - Published, 9/13
Friday Injury Roundup - We fill in more information from our Thursday Night Practice Report - Published, 9/11
Week One Friday News & Notes - We take a late-week look around the league for Week One - Published, 9/11
Week One IDP Previews - We cover all 16 matchups from an IDP perspective and break down the key players for each team - Published, 9/10
Week One Thursday Game Center - Our first preview of the first game of the first week of the new NFL season - Published, 9/9
Week One Picks - New for 2009 we have staff picks for all our main contributors, expanded suicide suggestions, and our usual office pool picks with confidence ratings  - Published, 9/9
NOTE: We will keep the preseason page up until Sunday for those looking for it for late drafts. We will then switch to our in-season homepage.
guru reports
The Stock Watch - Our final preseason Stock Watch covers some straggler last-minute upgrades and downgrades, but doesn't have much juice - Updated, 9/6
Archives: 8/31 I 8/24 I 8/17 I 8/11 I 8/4
Final 2009 Position Battles - Caplan has a final and mostly definitive update on this year's key battles & winners while also explaining roles for 2009 - Updated, 9/6
2009 RB Handcuffs - Caplan's final preseason update on backup RB situations for all 32 teams - Updated, 9/6
Good Vibes/Bad Vibes - For those still drafting, Hansen once again goes over all 32 teams and talks about the good vibes, the bad vibes, latest news, and more as we rapidly approach Week One  - Updated, 9/5
2009's Values & Player to Target - A few last-minute additions to our massive overview of this year's values and players to target become more and more clear - Updated, 9/5
Draft Trends - Camp and Dolan break down the trends they noticed from the Mock Draft Series. They look at each position and what it meant to draft early, middle, or late. - Published, 9/3
Mr. Relevant - Check out our long list of players we're targeting with our last pick or one of our last picks for upside potential and/or surprising value - Updated, 9/3
PPR Gold - We look at some player who we feel will be worth more than some people think in PPR leagues due to their large roles in the passing game - Updated, 9/2
2009's Contract Year Players - Assuming there is a new CBA, 2010 is actually a pretty good year for NFL free agents, as there are plenty of stars who will be looking to get paid in '10. Read up on all of them with plenty of analysis - Updated 9/2
Overvalued & Player to Avoid - An expanded and updated look at some players we're not exactly feeling in 2009 due to their talents, situation, and current draft position - Updated, 9/1
2009 Rookie Report - Our updated rankings, a ton of analysis, and insight for keeper leagues in our third breakdown of this year's rookie class in training camp - Updated, 9/1
Caplan's Values and Late-Round Gems  - Caplan nailed a ton of calls last summer, and he's back to hook you up with more values and sleepers for 2009 - Published, 8/31
2009's Top Backups - Check out our look at the top backup players at QB, RB, WR, and TE with tons of analysis - Updated, 8/30
2009's Breakout Receivers - We cover 80+ second and third-year WRs and TEs in our annual look at this year's group of potential breakout players - Updated 8/19
TD Vultures - We take a look at the RBs, WRs, and TEs who should be particularly effective scoring TDs in 2009 - Published, 8/9
Mis-Priced Players - Learn how to identify mis-priced players (like DeAngelo Williams last year), secure separation from other teams in your league, and more - Published, 7/21
2009 Coaching Changes - From Magazine
32 Writers Answer 32 Questions - From Magazine
The Stock Watch - Updated, 6/5
Strategy Stuff
2009 Draft Plan - Hansen's 12,000-word manifesto covers basic strategy, tips for a variety of league types, insight on how to handle your draft from various draft positions, and of course gives positional overviews and goes round-by-round to give you the most detailed draft plan yet - Updated, 9/4
When to Draft Handcuffs - Horn looks at the strategy and reasons behind the time to draft a handcuff - Published, 9/4
Building a Roster - Horn analyzes three big-time fantasy contests and evaluates the ideal roster - Published, 8/21
When to Draft a Tight End - Horn looks the best time to draft a TE based on league results, line-up requirements, and scoring rules - Published, 8/19
When to Draft a Quarterback - Horn looks the best time to draft a QB based on league results, line-up requirements, and scoring rules - Published, 8/18
Draft Openings from Three Perspectives - Horn looks the relation between draft strategies and how different league rules affect them - Published, 8/17
Target Matrix - Horn updates his draft article on using matrices to identify players to target - Published, 8/13
Drafting Styles - Horn goes more in depth with his look at drafting styles - Published, 7/28
Drafting Styles - Horn looks at different drafting patterns and styles - Published, 7/24
Fantasy Draft Analysis
14-Team PPR Draft - Published, 8/28
8-Team Standard Draft - Published, 8/28
12-Team PPR Expert Draft - Published, 8/27
12-Team IDP PPR Expert Draft - Published, 8/27
12-Team PPR Expert Draft - Published, 8/27
12-Team Standard Draft - Published, 8/26
10-Team Standard Mock Draft - Published, 8/21
10-Team PPR Auction - Published, 8/21
10-Team PPR Mock Draft - Published, 8/18
12-Team PPR Mock Draft - Published, 8/13
10-Team Standard Mock Draft - Published, 8/11
10-Team Standard Mock Draft - Published, 8/7
14-Team PPR Mock Draft - Published, 8/7
12-Team Standard Mock Draft - Published, 8/5
10-Team PPR Mock Draft - Published, 8/5
12-Team PPR Mock Draft - Published, 7/29
12-Team PPR Mock Draft - Published, 7/20
12-Team PPR Mock Draft - Published, 6/23
12-Team Non-PPR Expert Draft - Published, 6/16 Magazine Expert Draft - From Magazine Magazine Showcase League - From 2009's Magazine
Statistical Analysis/Numbers Stuff
2009 ADP Report - Korbel is back with the final updated look at this year's ADP data (expanded to our top-200) with player analysis on all positions - Updated, 9/4
Draft Snapshot - Horn breaks down the updated ADP of each position and determines any patterns that develop - Updated, 9/3
Decline of the Fantasy Workhorse - Horn looks at how the drop in carries has made the fantasy workhorse an endangered species - Published, 9/2
Draft Snapshot - Horn breaks down the updated ADP of each position and determines any patterns that develop - Updated, 8/31
Draft Snapshot - Horn breaks down the updated ADP of each position and determines any patterns that develop - Updated, 8/25
Draft Snapshot - Horn breaks down the ADP of each position and determines any patterns that develop - Updated, 8/14
2009 SOS Analysis - We update our comprehensive look at SOS and project SOS for rushing, passing, first half, and second half, with plenty of analysis - Published, 8/12
Proven WR Performers - Horn checks in to see how well veteran WRs did after proving themselves as fantasy “performers" - Published, 8/12
Proven RB Performers - Horn breaks out one of his preseason staples - The Proven Performers. This article looks at running backs that have proven their worth. - Published, 8/11
Breakout Rates - Horn looks at how many players were draft by position and determines their breakout possibilities and rates - Published, 8/7
Understanding Rookie QB Identities - Mike Horn looks at how rookie QBs affect offenses - Published, 7/22
Understanding Identities - Mike Horn clueing us in on the identity history of this year's new offensive coaches - Published, 7/10
WRs Changing Places - Published, 6/10
Romo Without T.O. - Published, 3/12
RBs and Body Mass Index - Published, 2/23
Correlating RB Success - Published, 2/20 mag cover story
2009 Cover Story: Time to Shine - Our exclusive interview with Jaguar RB Maurice Jones-Drew conducted at a late-May OTA session in Jacksonville - From 2009's Magazine
2005-2007 Archives - Links to 250+ past articles.
Fantasy Football Journal of Medicine - The skinny on the most frequent player injuries.
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