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For fantasy purposes, who would you rather be starting for the Browns?
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2014 Excel Custom Cheat Sheet - Create your own custom cheat sheet in excel and much more - Updated: 8/19
2014 Excel Pro Draft Tool - For advanced excel users, maximize your draft and more - Updated: 8/19
2014 Excel Simple Draft Tool - A basic excel tool to help you draft - Updated: 8/19
2014 ADP Data File - Our latest ADP data in excel includes ADP for PPR, non-PPR, Avg. $ values, etc. - Updated: 8/18
2014 Excel Auction Guru - For advanced excel/auction users, this robust tool will help you dominate your auction and upgraded for 2014 - Updated: 8/19
Permutation Drafting - Check out this unique drafting tool that examines every possible combination of players - Updated: 7/29
Target Matrix File - Form your own target matrix and maximize your draft - Updated: 7/29
Defense by Committee Tool - Use this to help you find the best defenses based on their schedule - Updated: 8/4
2014 SOS Excel Data File - View all of our current SOS data charts
2014 Schedule Grid - One-page sheet with color-coded matchups
2014 Rush Chart - Each team's schedule color-coded by ease of schedule vs. the run
2014 Pass Chart - Each team's schedule color-coded by ease of schedule vs. the run
2014 Bye Week Sheet - Track your draft player's bye weeks as you draft them
Roster Tracker Sheet - Track your drafted roster
Position Tracker Sheet - Track your positions drafted
Draft Tracker - Record each rounds of your draft on this sheet
IDP Position Eligibility Chart - We break down the IDP position eligibility across league-hosting sites