How to create a non-PPR scoring system

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We’ve always listened to our readers and try to do everything that is suggested within reason, and for years the masses have preferred for us to lean more toward PPR leagues as opposed to non-PPR leagues. As of 7/2/13, 66% of our readers who responded to our poll said “Yes” to us switching our default scoring system to PPR. 

For those who want Non-PPR projections, those can be obtained in less than five seconds. Even if you don’t set up a team in MyGuru, you can quickly set up a custom scoring system for a non-PPR league.
Here’s what you do:
  1. Head to MyGuru
  2. Scroll down to “Create a new team” and enter “Non-PPR” or whatever you would like to call this scoring system.
You’re done.
Now, when you click on projections, you’ll notice the Non-PPR scoring system is present in the drop-down menu. To view non-PPR projections, simply toggle to that scoring system and you are viewing the exact same projections we used to display as our site default.
Of course, we encourage you to use MyGuru more in depth, but that’s how easy it is to create just a scoring system for Non-PPR. Obviously, you can make many other scoring tweaks to customize a team you’ve set up more for your actual league.


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