NFFC Magazine 12-Team PPR Draft Review

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by John Hansen, Publisher

Published, 7/13/12 

This week I was asked to participate in a draft for the NFFC magazine, which will hit newsstands later this summer. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve joined forces with the NFFC and we’re helping to promote their excellent leagues/contests. We’re doing so because I’ve known the people behind the NFFC for 15 years, and like the NFFC, we use Stats LLC for our game, The Guru Challenge. We also get asked often about good leagues to play in, and it doesn’t get better than the NFFC. If you’re not into our salary cap game and want to play in a regular league, the NFFC is a great option.
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This is a 12-team PPR draft, with all TDs worth 6 points. It’s also 3rd-round reversal, which helped me a tiny bit because I had an earlier pick than usual out of the eight hole.
I didn’t exactly plan it this way, but this draft turned out to be the all “Gurrific” draft in that I went almost entirely with young, ascending, and upside players.
And I loved it.
Round One
1        1        Arian Foster            RB      Team Kessenich
1        2        Ray Rice                  RB      Team Engel
1        3        LeSean McCoy          RB      Pickpockets
1        4        Aaron Rodgers         QB      Team Rundle
1        5        Calvin Johnson         WR     BigBlueNation
1        6        Tom Brady               QB      Game Face
1        7        Ryan Mathews          RB      Team Clum
1          8          Trent Richardson     RB       Team Hansen
1        9        Chris Johnson           RB      Team Sousa
1        10      Matthew Stafford     QB      Johnny Hammersticks
1        11      Darren McFadden     RB      Team Treffiletti
1        12      Maurice Jones-Drew RB      Team Ambrosius
My Pick: Putting my money where my mouth is on Richardson. A conservative player would argue that he has more downside than the other RBs drafted in this area because Richardson has never had an NFL carry. I’m not holding that against him. I took a chance that Cam Newton would last until my next pick, and he did. I almost took Newton, actually, which makes the Richardson pick look better, I think.
Good Value: None
Bad Value: One could argue that Richardson was bad value, since his ADP is outside the top 12. But I have no regrets.
Round Two
2        1        Drew Brees              QB      Team Ambrosius
2        2        Matt Forte               RB      Team Treffiletti
2        3        Jimmy Graham         TE      Johnny Hammersticks
2        4        Larry Fitzgerald        WR     Team Sousa
2          5          Cam Newton             QB       Team Hansen
2        6        Andre Johnson         WR     Team Clum
2        7        DeMarco Murray       RB      Game Face
2        8        Rob Gronkowski       TE      BigBlueNation
2        9        Marshawn Lynch       RB      Team Rundle
2        10      Wes Welker            WR     Pickpockets
2        11      A.J. Green               WR     Team Engel
2        12      Adrian Peterson        RB      Team Kessenich
My Pick: There were some other considerations, most notably Gronkowski, but I felt most comfortable with Newton. In retrospect, however, seeing how late Michael Vick went, Gronk and then Vick might have been better. In fact, I’m pretty sure it would have been better. I didn’t expect Vick to fall that far.
Good Value: Rob Gronkowski toward the end of the second round was a pretty darn good value. The Drew Brees contract saga is over, so nothing wrong with him outside of the first round.
Bad Value: He is Adrian Peterson, after all, but I need to see some clear positive signs this summer from him before I feel comfortable taking him this high. That may be the case, though, and I don’t see anyone drafted below who jumps out as great alternatives.
Round Three
3        1        Roddy White            WR     Team Ambrosius
3        2        Mike Wallace           WR     Team Treffiletti
3        3        Darren Sproles         RB      Johnny Hammersticks
3        4        Jamaal Charles         RB      Team Sousa
3          5          Brandon Marshall    WR      Team Hansen
3        6        Julio Jones               WR     Team Clum
3        7        Jordy Nelson           WR     Game Face
3        8        Greg Jennings          WR     BigBlueNation
3        9        Dez Bryant              WR     Team Rundle
3        10      Steven Jackson        RB      Pickpockets
3        11      Victor Cruz               WR     Team Engel
3        12      Steve Smith            WR     Team Kessenich
My Pick: If I knew exactly how this draft was going to go for me (almost all upside), I would have taken Julio Jones, who I’m officially “all in” on this year. The PPR factor was 100% why I took Marshall. I kind of wish I grabbed Jones, but it’s not like Marshall isn’t a special talent himself, and I do think he’ll catch 20+ more balls than Jones.
Good Value: Nothing really stands out here, although Roddy White in a PPR was a solid pick in the 3rd.
Bad Value: None of note.
Round Four
4        1        Dwayne Bowe          WR     Team Kessenich
4        2        Fred Jackson           RB      Team Engel
4        3        Ahmad Bradshaw      RB      Pickpockets
4        4        Jeremy Maclin          WR     Team Rundle
4        5        Tony Romo              QB      BigBlueNation
4        6        Demaryius Thomas  WR     Game Face
4        7        Hakeem Nicks          WR     Team Clum
4          8          Doug Martin RB       Team Hansen
4        9        Percy Harvin           WR     Team Sousa
4        10      Miles Austin              WR     Johnny Hammersticks
4        11      Vincent Jackson        WR     Team Treffiletti
4        12      Marques Colston       WR     Team Ambrosius
My Pick: Once again, I’m not holding the fact that a rookie hasn’t played yet in the league against him. It’s a little risky, but based on the talent and the opportunity for Doug Martin I’m fine with it. I’m really just loading up on potential impact players and don’t need every one of them to come through. I placed a little higher value on Martin because the RB talent drops off considerably, so I grabbed him. Obviously, he has to still win the job, but everyone expects him to, including those close to the team.
Good Value: I would have taken Fred Jackson here if he fell to me, so I liked that pick. Percy Harvin in this round was a pretty good value. There’s always something with that guy and he was only 38th in WR scoring through Week Ten last year, which cannot be totally ignored. But while Christian Ponder isn’t a sure thing, Harvin did go bananas the final seven weeks of the season. Marques Colston was also a nice value.
Bad Value: Not a terrible value in the 4th, but I’m not into Ahmad Bradshaw this year. I think the downside outweighs the upside at this point.
Round Five
5        1        Kenny Britt              WR     Team Ambrosius
5        2        Antonio Gates          TE      Team Treffiletti
5        3        Brandon Lloyd          WR     Johnny Hammersticks
5        4        Michael Vick            QB      Team Sousa
5          5          Antonio Brown         WR      Team Hansen
5        6        Michael Turner         RB      Team Clum
5        7        Aaron Hernandez      TE      Game Face
5        8        Frank Gore              RB      BigBlueNation
5        9        Stevie Johnson         WR     Team Rundle
5        10      Jason Witten           TE      Pickpockets
5        11      Eric Decker              WR     Team Engel
5        12      Philip Rivers            QB      Team Kessenich
My Pick: I’m “all in” on Antonio Brown, what can I say? This is a PPR league, which is a huge key for him because he’s yet to show he can score many TDs. Steeler CB Ike Taylor this month told our Greg Cosell that Brown is a quicker and faster version of Derrick Mason. I like that a lot.
Good Value: I don’t know who “Team Sousa” is, but this person should be arrested for robbery. Michael Vick in the 5th round of a 12-team league is simply not fair. To think, I could have drafted Richardson, Gronkowski, Julio, Martin, and THEN Vick. That would have prompted some serious rosterbation. Although not steals or great values, I liked Eric Decker and Phil Rivers in this round.
Bad Value: I love Kenny Britt, but this was a little risky this high, before we really know how he’s going to react to practicing in pads in camp. I would take him in the 6th, but this was a little high.
Round Six
6        1        Jermichael Finley      TE      Team Kessenich
6        2        Eli Manning               QB      Team Engel
6        3        Vernon Davis           TE      Pickpockets
6        4        Jonathan Stewart      RB      Team Rundle
6        5        Reggie Bush            RB      BigBlueNation
6        6        Isaac Redman          RB      Game Face
6        7        Shonn Greene          RB      Team Clum
6          8          C.J. Spiller                 RB       Team Hansen
6        9        DeSean Jackson       WR     Team Sousa
6        10      Roy Helu                  RB      Johnny Hammersticks
6        11      Robert Meachem      WR     Team Treffiletti
6        12      BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB     Team Ambrosius
My Pick: Once again, I was a little proactive on a player in C.J. Spiller, but looking at the remaining RBs, I don’t think it was a reach, even if he continues to take a back seat to Fred Jackson, which I think he will. If he’s good enough to use as my flex, I won’t regret the pick. I’m taking advantage of the great WR depth by grabbing 3 RBs in the first six rounds. I’m actually into the RBs this year early because the quality depth isn’t great, and it’s great at other positions.
Good Value: I probably would have taken Jermichael Finley in this round, so I liked that. I just have a suspicion that he’s going to be better for fantasy this year. Of course, I’m always into Finley.
Bad Value: Maybe I’m nuts, but I’m not into Eli Manning this high. He’s good, but Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning seem to be just as appealing and they went a full round and two full rounds later, respectively. That was probably a round too early for Jonathan Stewart. I really don’t want Shonn Greene, although he will get a lot of carries if he’s up to it. Roy Helu is overvalued. It’s no lock he’s the guy, and it’s looking like a messy situation again with Evan Royster well in the mix and Tim Hightower possibly the guy when healthy. This was too early for Robert Meachem, who is far from a sure thing on his new team.
Round Seven
7        1        Tony Gonzalez          TE      Team Ambrosius
7        2        Mark Ingram           RB      Team Treffiletti
7        3        Torrey Smith           WR     Johnny Hammersticks
7        4        Jahvid Best              RB      Team Sousa
7          5          Denarius Moore       WR      Team Hansen
7        6        Pierre Garcon                     WR     Team Clum
7        7        Lance Moore           WR     Game Face
7        8        Beanie Wells            RB      BigBlueNation
7        9        Stevan Ridley           RB      Team Rundle
7        10      Matt Ryan                QB      Pickpockets
7        11      Ben Tate                 RB      Team Engel
7        12      Greg Little                WR     Team Kessenich
My Pick: I seriously considered Greg Little (before they took Josh Gordon on 7/12), but I was a little uncomfortable with having two Browns on my team – and I love Denarius Moore. I know he might not be great for PPR, but if he hits this year like I think he can, he’ll still be a steal. Another swing-for-the-fences pick.
Good Value: Matt Ryan was a pretty good value here.
Bad Value: I think Mark Ingram is a good back, but we have no idea about his role and whether or not he can avoid injury, so this was a little early. It’s just too early for Stevan Ridley, who could potentially be almost worthless. Granted, he’s talented and could be a good pick, but it’s far from a sure thing he’s even solid. Lance Moore might have slipped 1-2 more rounds. Everyone is all in on Ben Tate, but I think that’s a little out of control in the 7th over Peyton Hillis and Willis McGahee. Yeah, he could be great – but only if Foster is out.
Round Eight
8        1        Peyton Hillis              RB      Team Kessenich
8        2        Fred Davis               TE      Team Engel
8        3        Reggie Wayne          WR     Pickpockets
8        4        Brandon Pettigrew    TE      Team Rundle
8        5        Willis McGahee         RB      BigBlueNation
8        6        Malcom Floyd                     WR     Game Face
8        7        Peyton Manning        QB      Team Clum
8          8          DeAngelo Williams RB        Team Hansen
8        9        Mike Williams           WR     Team Sousa
8        10      Pierre Thomas          RB      Johnny Hammersticks
8        11      Matt Schaub            QB      Team Treffiletti
8        12      Santonio Holmes       WR     Team Ambrosius

My Pick: I know his role is a little unsettled, but DeAngelo Williams can clearly still play at a very high level and late in the season last year, he got the ball for the Panthers. If Jonathan Stewart is out, this is a home run. Otherwise, he's still a very solid depth guy.

Good Value: Peyton Hillis will clearly have value and he has a smidge of upside, so that was a nice pick. Willis McGahee will clearly be the guy for the Denver Broncos and he should score more touchdowns playing with Manning, so he was a very rock solid value. Peyton Manning was also value this deep into the draft.

Bad Value: I would have preferred to get Malcolm Floyd a round or two later. Mike Williams in Tampa Bay looks like a volume receiver who needs a lot of pass targets to come through, and he won't likely get them this year with Vincent Jackson in town. Pierre Thomas is a solid utility player for the Saints, but this was a little too early for him. I like Santonio Holmes, but let's be honest: he's been a bit of a train wreck, so I would've preferred to get him a little bit later

Round Nine
9        1        James Starks                     RB      Team Ambrosius
9        2        Justin Blackmon        WR     Team Treffiletti
9        3        Ben Roethlisberger    QB      Johnny Hammersticks
9        4        Donald Brown          RB      Team Sousa
9          5          Jermaine Gresham TE        Team Hansen
9        6        Jay Cutler                QB      Team Clum
9        7        Ronnie Hillman          RB      Game Face
9        8        Robert Griffin III       QB      BigBlueNation
9        9        Brent Celek              TE      Team Rundle
9        10      Michael Crabtree       WR     Pickpockets
9        11      Michael Bush           RB      Team Engel
9        12      Austin Collie            WR     Team Kessenich
My Pick: It’s hard to draft a QB and a TE early and not have some holes, so I held off a little and took my pick for breakout TE of 2012 in Gresham. We’re not going to see a Jimmy Graham explosion, but if the light bulb goes on for Gresham, it may show in areas like his YPC because he has the ability to be a little more dynamic than we’ve seen thus far. His lack of explosive plays could be a mental thing in that he’s not yet comfortable with the system, and it was a new one last year in a lockout year. I also think he’ll be the second option in the passing game, so 75+ catches aren’t out of the question.
Good Value: This was fair value for RGIII, given his ability to settle into being an impact player at some point this year. I like Ronnie Hillman, Brent Celek, Michael Bush, and Austin Collie, but I can’t say any of them we real values other than maybe Bush. But they were all pretty good picks.
Bad Value: I’m not expecting the world from Justin Blackmonthis year, so I bet this pick goes down as being made a little too early.
Round Ten
10      1        Toby Gerhart           RB      Team Kessenich
10      2        Titus Young              WR     Team Engel
10      3        Anquan Boldin          WR     Pickpockets
10      4        David Wilson           RB      Team Rundle
10      5        Jacob Tamme          TE      BigBlueNation
10      6        Owen Daniels TE      Game Face
10      7        Jared Cook              TE      Team Clum
10        8          Ryan Williams          RB       Team Hansen
10      9        Sidney Rice              WR     Team Sousa
10      10      Darrius Heyward-Bey WR     Johnny Hammersticks
10      11      Daniel Thomas         RB      Team Treffiletti
10      12      Mikel Leshoure         RB      Team Ambrosius
My Pick: Again, I’m looking to acquire as many impact players as possible, and Williams certainly fits the bill as a potential impact guy. He could be a tease and a bit of a pain again as we returns from his knee injury and battles Bean Wells for playing time. But there’s no question in my mind that, if healthy and getting a lot of touches, Williams has serious upside. That’s more than enough to merit a 10th round pick, given Wells’ lingering and own injury problems.
Good Value: I liked David Wilson here a lot, and I would have been thrilled to get him, but he went four picks in front of me. Jacob Tamme wasn’t a steal, but a solid pick here, and the same goes for Jared Cook.
Bad Value: This was probably 1-2 rounds too early for Titus Young, who I am not convinced is poised to take another step forward this year. That’s especially true if rookie Ryan Broyles can play later in the season. If he does, then he’s in the slot, so Young will have to beat out Nate Burleson for snaps. This was probably a little too early on Daniel Thomas. I definitely want to see if he’ll have a larger role, but I know little about that right now, just like everyone else. He’s someone to take a shot with, at least here in mid-July, only if he’s a ridiculous bargain.
Round Eleven
11      1        Michael Floyd           WR     Team Ambrosius
11      2        Jacoby Ford            WR     Team Treffiletti
11      3        Shane Vereen          RB      Johnny Hammersticks
11      4        LeGarrette Blount     RB      Team Sousa
11        5          Doug Baldwin           WR      Team Hansen
11      6        Danny Amendola      WR     Team Clum
11      7        Isaiah Pead              RB      Game Face
11      8        Nate Washington      WR     BigBlueNation
11      9        Santana Moss          WR     Team Rundle
11      10      San Francisco DST    DST    Pickpockets
11      11      Dustin Keller            TE      Team Engel
11      12      Alex Green               RB      Team Kessenich
My Pick: He’s still a developing player, but I’m pretty convinced that Doug Baldwin will lead the team in receptions this year. We’ll have to see what his role is because Seattle is a power running team, meaning Baldwin’s snaps from the slot could be somewhat limited. Of course, they were limited for Percy Harvin last year and he still got it done. I love how Baldwin has been working out in Florida with (likely starting) QB Matt Flynn. That’s a good sign.
Good Value: Nate Washington is still undervalued, and while this wasn’t a steal, it was good enough value. I did consider him here and didn’t take him mainly because our ADP data shows him going a little later.
Bad Value: Some shaky picks here. Michael Floyd at least has good tools and upside, but I’ve been told recently that Andre Roberts will likely start over him for now. Jacoby Ford hasn’t been a big factor in the off-season for the Raiders. I love his talent, but he’s a clear backup right now. LeGarrette Blount may have been around 1-2 rounds later. I like Alex Green, but this might have been a tad too early. There’s a fine line between being proactive on a player you want and taking a risk that could haunt you a bit, and since he’s coming off an ACL injury I would have looked at him 1-2 rounds later.
Round Twelve
12      1        Brandon LaFell         WR     Team Kessenich
12      2        Carson Palmer         QB      Team Engel
12      3        Randy Moss            WR     Pickpockets
12      4        Randall Cobb           WR     Team Rundle
12      5        Brian Quick              WR     BigBlueNation
12      6        Brian Hartline WR     Game Face
12      7        Mike Goodson          RB      Team Clum
12        8          Coby Fleener            TE        Team Hansen
12      9        Greg Olsen               TE      Team Sousa
12      10      Tim Hightower          RB      Johnny Hammersticks
12      11      Ryan Fitzpatrick        QB      Team Treffiletti
12      12      Joe Flacco                QB      Team Ambrosius
My Pick: If I don’t get a stud TE, want I want to do is get two possible breakout guys later, and then I’ll simply hope one of them gets it done. That’s what I did with Gresham and Coby Fleener, so I feel good about my TEs. This is yet another upside pick, yet the 12th round was very fair value for Fleener, who has tangible upside.
Good Value: I’m not buying Randy Moss yet, but I guess this could go down as a value. I’m not sold on Carson Palmer, but this was a decent pick about 130 picks into the draft. Brian Quick was absolutely worth a pick here and could go down as a steal. I would have taken him if he fell two more spots.
Bad Value: Randall Cobb is being overhyped this year. Right now he’s the 6th option in the passing game. Sure, he could move up in the pecking order 1-2 spots, but that’s the 4th option, at best. I don’t think Don Driver is going away. I know we’re getting fairly deep here, but Brian Hartline? Nah. Greg Olsen doesn’t do much for me, but it’s not inconceivable he surprises, as long as Jeremy Shockey is out of the mix. I guess Tim Hightower was an okay pick because he could be the guy if healthy, but will he be healthy? And he was the guy last year but lost his job before he got hurt.
Round Thirteen
13      1        Kellen Winslow         TE      Team Ambrosius
13      2        Mario Manningham    WR     Team Treffiletti
13      3        Evan Royster           RB      Johnny Hammersticks
13      4        Felix Jones               RB      Team Sousa
13        5          Kevin Smith              RB       Team Hansen
13      6        Vincent Brown          WR     Team Clum
13      7        Emmanuel Sanders  WR     Game Face
13      8        Laurent Robinson      WR     BigBlueNation
13      9        Josh Freeman          QB      Team Rundle
13      10      Andrew Luck           QB      Pickpockets
13      11      Kendall Wright          WR     Team Engel
13      12      Andy Dalton            QB      Team Kessenich
My Pick: Kevin Smith was not only extremely productive when he played in a PPR league last year, but he’s probably your Week One starter. Granted he’s got major injury baggage himself, but I’m really confident that he will have nice value all year and will be a great flex starter at least the first 5-7 weeks of the season. We’re told Mikel Leshoure is going to be brought along slowly.
Good Value: Laurent Robinson is an injury waiting to happen, but he’s going to be the big-play guy here and the red-zone guy most likely, so he was worth a shot here. Keep in mind he’s a veteran, so they will be looking to him to be the guy this year. I really like Vincent Brown this year as a sleeper, so that was a good pick. Andrew Luck and Josh Freeman were worth a shot this late. Evan Royster could be a sneaky pick for at least early in the season.
Bad Value: Kellen Winslow and Mario Manningham are essentially off the grid for me. I get it with Kendall Wright, who we do like a lot, but unless Kenny Britt has issues there may not be enough targets here for him to make an impact.
Round Fourteen
14      1        Kyle Rudolph           TE      Team Kessenich
14      2        Stephen Hill              WR     Team Engel
14      3        Chad Ochocinco        WR     Pickpockets
14      4        David Nelson           WR     Team Rundle
14      5        Green Bay DST        DST    BigBlueNation
14      6        Christian Ponder       QB      Game Face
14      7        Jonathan Baldwin      WR     Team Clum
14        8          Philadelphia DST      DST     Team Hansen
14      9        Jacquizz Rodgers      RB      Team Sousa
14      10      Bernard Scott          RB      Johnny Hammersticks
14      11      Delone Carter          RB      Team Treffiletti
14      12      Chicago DST            DST    Team Ambrosius
My Pick: I’m okay with being aggressive on the SF defense this year, but generally speaking the best thing you can do with a fantasy defense is to hold off a little and not overpay for one while also being at the top of the position run when all the top options are going off the board, and I was able to do that with the Eagle defense, a unit we are very high on this year. 
Good Value: Loved the Kyle Rudolph pick here. He’s probably not going to blow up this year, but we’ll see an emergence for sure, and he absolutely could surprise because he has high-end skills and they love him. Similarly, Jonathan Baldwin was a great flyer this round and I was going to take him, most likely, had he fallen. I’m a little surprised Jacquizz Rodgers lasted this long, so that’s a value.
Bad Value: I know it’s the 14th round, but I’m not even bothering with any Dolphin receiver this year and I doubt I’ll regret that, so Chad Ochocinco was not someone I even considered. David Nelson is just a guy, and he’s a guy now with more competition for playing time, so I didn’t think much of that pick.
Round Fifteen
15      1        Nate Burleson          WR     Team Ambrosius
15      2        Ed Dickson               TE      Team Treffiletti
15      3        Jabar Gaffney          WR     Johnny Hammersticks
15      4        Jerome Simpson       WR     Team Sousa
15        5          Jake Locker             QB       Team Hansen
15      6        Houston DST           DST    Team Clum
15      7        LaMichael James       RB      Game Face
15      8        James Jones           WR     BigBlueNation
15      9        Detroit DST              DST    Team Rundle
15      10      Sebastian Janikowski K        Pickpockets
15      11      Pittsburgh                DST    DST    Team Engel
15      12      New York (N)                    DST    DST    Team Kessenich
My Pick: I’m firmly entrenched in “upside mode,” so I obviously had to get my guy Jake Locker. I don’t think there are trades in this league per high-stakes protocol, and I have Cam Newton, but I grabbed Locker anyway for upside. In a way, the fact that I have Newton makes this an even bigger no-brainer, since I won’t be counting on Locker at all. But he’ll look good on my roster at some point.  
Good Value: Don’t really see anything in this round that jumps out as a value.
Bad Value: I probably could have come up with 4-5 better picks than some of the skill players drafted in this round, but we are talking about the 15th round.
Round Sixteen
16      1        Davone Bess           WR     Team Kessenich
16      2        Jonathan Dwyer       RB      Team Engel
16      3        Rashard Mendenhall RB      Pickpockets
16      4        Golden Tate            WR     Team Rundle
16      5        David Akers            K        BigBlueNation
16      6        Baltimore                DST    DST Game Face
16      7        Lance Kendricks       TE      Team Clum
16        8          Earl Bennett             WR      Team Hansen
16      9        Marcedes Lewis        TE      Team Sousa
16      10      Buffalo DST            DST    Johnny Hammersticks
16      11      Brandon Jacobs        RB      Team Treffiletti
16      12      Mason Crosby          K        Team Ambrosius
My Pick: I like this pick for two reasons. For one, I do believe Bennett will be second on this team in catches, and I also own Brandon Marshall. I’ll believe Alshon Jeffrey making a big impact when I see it, and even if he does Bennett is a good slot receiver, so he’ll have a role no matter what. And he’s something of a handcuff for Marshall.
Good Value: Well, Rashard Mendenhall tweeted today (7/13) that his knee has “healed wonderfully,” so I have to guess that he was a value. Davone Bess is probably the only Dolphin wideout guaranteed a role, so he was a solid enough pick in this PPR.
Bad Value: It’s late, but I really don’t expect much from Jonathan Dwyer, who looked very slow to me last year other than that one long run. And note the above on Mendenhall.
Round Seventeen
17      1        Kendall Hunter          RB      Team Ambrosius
17      2        Mike Tolbert            RB      Team Treffiletti
17      3        Dennis Pitta              TE      Johnny Hammersticks
17      4        New England            DST    DST Team Sousa
17        5          Chris Givens WR      Team Hansen
17      6        Jason Snelling          RB      Team Clum
17      7        Eddie Royal              WR     Game Face
17      8        Dexter McCluster      RB      BigBlueNation
17      9        Lance Ball                RB      Team Rundle
17      10      Cedric Benson          RB      Pickpockets
17      11      Leonard Hankerson  WR     Team Engel
17      12      Dan Bailey               K        Team Kessenich
My Pick: It’s all about upside, and this late Chris Givens stands out as a solid flyer on the receiver-poor Rams. We clearly have higher expectations for Brian Quick, but he’s a little raw still, so Givens could surprise. 
Good Value: It’s a convoluted situation in the SF backfield, but Kendall Hunter did perform well last year and should have some sort of a role, plus he’s probably the most logical handcuff for Frank Gore, so that was a value for sure. I also like Dan Bailey a few rounds after the first kicker was taken (oddly enough, that was Sebastian Janikowski over David Akers).
Bad Value: It’s hard to argue with anything this late.
Round Eighteen
18      1        Mohamed Sanu        WR     Team Kessenich
18      2        Seattle DST              DST    Team Engel
18      3        Alshon Jeffery          WR     Pickpockets
18      4        Stephen Gostkowski K        Team Rundle
18      5        Lamar Miller            RB      BigBlueNation
18      6        Matt Prater              K        Game Face
18      7        Andre Caldwell         WR     Team Clum
18        8          Rob Bironas             K          Team Hansen
18      9        Alex Henery            K        Team Sousa
18      10      Matt Bryant              K        Johnny Hammersticks
18      11      Donald Driver           WR     Team Treffiletti
18      12      Steve Breaston        WR     Team Ambrosius
My Pick: I just missed out on Matt Prater, who is my breakout kicker of the year (for what it’s worth, which could be very little). But Rob Bironas is a strong option on a Titan team that should make some serious noise on offense.
Good Value: Rookies Mohamed Sanu, Alshon Jeffery, and Lamar Miller all made sense here. Steve Breaston may lose snaps to Jon Baldwin, but you can’t get much cheaper than this for a solid veteran. Seattle DT was a good value here for sure.
Bad Value: Nothing of note, although Don Driver isn’t someone I’ll be drafting. I’d much prefer to try to get a guy who might be a hot WW commodity early in the season.
Round Nineteen
19      1        Joseph Addai           RB      Team Ambrosius
19      2        Cincinnati                DST    DST Team Treffiletti
19      3        Deion Branch           WR     Johnny Hammersticks
19      4        Alex Smith               QB      Team Sousa
19        5          Montario Hardesty RB       Team Hansen
19      6        DeVier Posey           WR     Team Clum
19      7        Domenik Hixon         WR     Game Face
19      8        Rueben Randle         WR     BigBlueNation
19      9        Devin Hester           WR     Team Rundle
19      10      Ronnie Brown           RB      Pickpockets
19      11      Garrett Hartley         K        Team Engel
19      12      Rashad Jennings       RB      Team Kessenich
My Pick: I admittedly mailed it in for this pick. I took Montario Hardesty because I have Trent Richardson, but it’s not a lock he’s the handcuff; far from it.
Good Value: Alex Smith was the 18th best fantasy QB in total points last year with a terrible wide receiver corps and now he has Randy Moss, Mario Manningham, and A.J. Jenkins plus a back in LaMichael James who can be dynamic catching passes out of the backfield. That’s value.
Bad Value: I’m pretty sure Ronnie Brown is done.
Round Twenty
20      1        New York (A)                    DST    DST Team Kessenich
20      2        Bernard Pierce         RB      Team Engel
20      3        Mohamed Massaquoi WR      Pickpockets
20      4        Terrance Ganaway    RB      Team Rundle
20      5        Kevin Walter           WR     BigBlueNation
20      6        Danny Woodhead      RB      Game Face
20      7        Robbie Gould           K        Team Clum
20        8          Matt Hasselbeck      QB       Team Hansen
20      9        Tim Tebow               QB      Team Sousa
20      10      Adrian Arrington       WR     Johnny Hammersticks
20      11      Steven Hauschka      K        Team Treffiletti
20      12      Josh Morgan            WR     Team Ambrosius
My Pick: I basically took Matt Hasselbeck to make a point, that being that I think if you get both Titan QBs you’re going to get 30 total TDs this year. It might be a pain in the rear at times if there’s some flip-flopping, but I believe that.
Good Value: Terrance Ganaway could get a real chance if Shonn Greene doesn’t distinguish himself. Hey, and Timmy Tebow is, well, Timmy Tebow.
Bad Value: We’ve given him some ink in the past, but Adrian Arrington may not make the team.
Projected Starting Lineup:
QB: Cam Newton
RB: Trent Richardson
RB: Doug Martin
WR: Brandon Marshall
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: Denarius Moore
Flex: C.J. Spiller
TE: Jermaine Gresham
PK: Rob Bironas
DT: Philadelphia Eagles
QB: Jake Locker, Matt Hasselbeck
RB: DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Williams, Kevin Smith, Montario Hardesty
WR: Doug Baldwin, Earl Bennett, Chris Givens
TE: Coby Fleener 

I could have done even better than this, but I love this team. It’s bursting with upside and I don’t see a ton of risk, either.


4,755 people wish they still made Flutie Flakes.

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