The National Fantasy Football Championships (NFFC)

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Updated, 7/24/13 

Last year, we introduced our readers to the National Fantasy Football Championship, or the NFFC. We did so for two reasons.
  1. We always get a ton of e-mails from readers asking for suggestions on where they can find good leagues to play in.
  1. We’ve known the guys behind the NFFC for 15+ years and you cannot find a more reputable “high stakes” company.
While we have our own Guru Challenge salary cap game/contest, we know salary cap games aren’t for everyone, which is why we have partnered with the NFFC. Like we do with our game, the NFFC partners with industry-leader Stats, LLC, so we’re 100% confident in their ability to run a great game and to PAY THEIR WINNERS!
If you’re interested in getting in another league for higher stakes, check out the NFFC’s offerings, and they have plenty of options, such as:
NFFC Primetime – The NFFC Primetime is a 12-team Main Event and will feature a $150,000 grand prize for the first time in the event's history. Competitors are placed in 12 team leagues with a total of 540 participants (45 leagues) competing for league and overall prizes. Participants compete for $10,400 in league prizes and a GUARANTEED $150,000 grand prize. The NFFC Primetime is offered live in Las Vegas both weekends and online, and in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Online on Labor Day weekend. Get more info on the NFFC Primetime event!
NFFC Classic – The NFFC Classic is the industry's only 14-team Main Event. Competitors are placed in 14-team leagues with 322 participants (23 leagues) competing for $11,500 in league prizes and a GURANTEED $100,000 grand prize. The NFFC Classic is offered live in Las Vegas both weekends and online, and in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Online on Labor Day weekend. Get more info on the NFFC Classic event!
NFFC Cutline Championship – This is the debut season of the NFFC Cutline Championship, the NFFC's only contest with 10-team leagues. This contest also has their lowest price for a national contest ($125) with a grand prize of $50,000. That's right; $125 can win you $50,000! The NFFC Cutline Championship has a unique playoff format in Weeks 10 through 16 where teams are eliminated each week based on a "cutline" of maximum teams. Watch your team move above and below that cutline each week in real-time scoring as you try to survive for a shot at the $50,000 grand prize in Week 16. No contest provides that type of thrill each and every week.
Here's what you get when you compete in the NFFC Cutline Championship:
  • $125 Entry, $250 top league prize, $50,000 grand prize
  • 10-team leagues
  • 26 round online drafts, 70 Seconds per pick
  • Only 3 free agent pickups during the regular season
  • 9 weeks of regular season action
  • Top 2 teams from each league advance to the Championship Round; 3 teams advance to wild card round
  • Teams try to survive above the cutline in weeks 10 through 15. The top 12 teams in the Championship Round compete in week 16 for the $50,000 Grand Prize!
  • Drafts are quick, in-season free agent pickups are minimal and the overall prizes ARE BIG!! Join the Cutline Championship AND WIN $50,000!!
Get more information on the NFFC Cutline Championship.
Online Leagues – The NFFC offers a wide range of online satellite leagues with entry fees ranging from $125 to $1,000. All events are hosted online and all prize money remains within the league. 10, 12 and 14 Team Formats. Get more information on Online Leagues.
The NFFC Auction League – This is one of the most exciting live events they offer in each of their host locations. Build your roster with a $200 budget by bidding top dollar for all the players YOU want. Pay Top 3; 1st = $8,000, 12-Team and 14-Team Formats.
Get more info on The NFFC Auction League
And attention Subscribers!
Make sure you check your e-mail in early August for information on how subscribers can join Publisher John Hansen in an Online League and a Cutline Championship league. Anyone who signs up for one of these leagues before they are full and finishes the regular season higher in the standings than Hansen will win a FREE 2014 subscription!
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