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Updated, 6/8/12 

Two years ago, we introduced The Guru Challenge, a weekly salary cap game that also entails players fighting it out for season-long prizes in Individual leagues assigned to them.  
However, while very fun, we know salary cap games aren’t for everyone, which is why we have partnered with the NFFC, the best high-stakes fantasy sports company on the planet. We’ve known the guys behind this company for 15+ years, and in fact they were our partners with magazine, so they are rock solid. Like we do with our game, the NFFC partners with industry-leader Stats, LLC, so we’re 100% confident in their ability to run a great game and to PAY THEIR WINNERS!
If you’re interested in getting in another league for higher stakes, check out the NFFC’s offerings, and they have plenty of options.
Bonus for Subscribers! subscribers who join the NFFC Online Championship with a $100,000 grand prize will be placed in a side contest among all Subscribers in the NFFC Online Championship that will include a free entry into next year's NFFC Primetime ($1,500 value) where that owner will be competing for a $6,000 league prize and a $150,000 grand prize. In addition, we’ll give out a FREE SUBSCRPTION TO FANTASYGURU.COM FOR LIFE! 

Check it out and sign up for any of their leagues. But remember, to get in this side contest, you have to sign up for the NFFC Online Championship (with a $100,000 grand prize)


Bad draft picks are down 3,507%. Must be the Guru!

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