2012 Regular Season Content Overview/Timing

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Updated, 10/13/12 

We have added a few new items this year, and as of Week Two we’re still tinkering a bit with the timing of everything, but here’s a quick overview of what we’ll be producing in a typical week during the season:

Sunday Night:
  • Weekly Wrap-Up Podcast – Usually recorded at 9:30pm ET and available by 10:30 so you can look for the link, check our player on the right column of the page. You can also subscribe via iTunes.
  • Post-Game Injury Roundup – This is merely a quick look at the key injuries from the week.
  • The Waiver Wire – First effort for the week for those who have to know, but it’s updated 3-4 times even on Monday (and throughout the week).
  • Inside the Boxscore – This is usually posted early in the morning, by 10am ET and includes all target info, catch rates, yards per target, and more.
  • Monday Injury Roundup – We track the injury news all day.
  • The Stock Watch – This is usually posted late in the afternoon, since we need to see what injury updates break during the day.
  • The Waiver Wire – Updated and more detailed look at this week’s WW.
  • IDP Stock Watch/Waiver Wire – Usually posted earlier in the day.
  • MNF Inactives/Lineup Notes – Always posted well before kickoff, and usually posted to our Monday Injury Roundup Page.
  • Database Update – Each Tuesday morning, our DB is updated to show current points allowed (including your scoring system), Pass targets, SOS, Player Comparison Tool, and much more.
  • Monday Night Wrap-up – A Stock Watch and Inside the Boxscore for the MNF game.
  • Tuesday Morning Injury Roundup – Updates from around the league
  • Tuesday News & Notes – We don’t do daily news updates in-season, as our coverage is ongoing and covered in a variety of areas, but we do an early and late-week look around the league
  • The Waiver Wire – An updated version
  • Players to Trade and Trade for – This popular column tries to project and increase and decrease in player values and offers suggestions for trades both ways
  • Customized Weekly Statistical Projections (For upcoming week) – These are 100% automated and go only by the numbers so you can get an early look at how the players stack up by the numbers
  • Customized Season Player Rankings & Projections (For season) – Each week, we re-rank and project all offensive players of note for the rest of the season. These are done by projections weekly averages for the rest of the year, not total numbers.
  • Updated Depth Charts – Offensive and defensive
  • Wednesday Morning Injury Roundup – Another update, although this is always light because team’s typically don’t practice on Tuesday.
  • Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections – We will typically get raw projections for the upcoming week up each Wednesday by Noon. Many like them sooner, but we are busy on Tuesday evaluating things for the rest of the season with season projections, WW report, etc., so readers have plenty of info for WW pickups.
  • Hansen on Strategy – John Hansen’s weekly column covers a variety of topics.
  • Production Tracker Report – This detailed report will give you all the numbers in terms of what the defenses are giving up to each position, but also goes inside the numbers and offers insight on how they came about.
  • Snap ReportNew for 2012! We break down all the snap counts and give you the skinny on anything interesting fantasy players should know about. Also includes ALL snap counts for ALL players and teams.
  • History ReportNew for 2012! This is an overview of the very recent history in terms of player production for this week’s matchups.
  • Red Zone Report – We give you a quick look at the red zone action for players from the week before.
  • Place Kicker Report – Mike Horn’s kicker algorithm is a big hit with our users and might be the only statistical way to project PK success.
  • In The Loop Podcast – Senior Writers Matt Camp and Joe Dolan’s weekly podcast allows users to call in with their questions at 347-857-2848 every Wednesday at 1pm ET.
  • Wednesday Practice Report – Practice reports from all teams and their first practice of the week. These usually start around 5-6 PM ET and are updated throughout the evening until all the west coast teams are accounted for.  
  • Matchup Podcast – We break down the upcoming matchups with Greg Cosell of NFL Films.
  • (Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections
  • Staff/Office Pool Picks – Staff picks for each game, predicted scores, and suicide pool suggestions is usually posted by 10-11am ET.
  • Thursday Night Football Game Center – We’ll get this up each Thursday morning, usually by 11 am ET.
  • Thursday Night Football IDP Previews – Quick look at the IDP plays for the Thursday night game.
  • Thursday Night Practice Report – Practice reports from all teams and their first practice of the week. These usually start around 5-6 PM ET and are updated throughout the evening until all the west coast teams are accounted for.
  • IDP Rankings & Projections – We add IDP projections each Thursday morning, by 9am.
  • Defensive Team Report – To give more help for those looking to play the matchups with DTs, we chart points allowed for the season and last four games, plus history with production and points/yards allowed versus this week’s opponents.
Friday Report:
  • Friday News & Notes – Our late-week look around the league covers any news and notes of interest.
  • Game Center/Player Matchups/Reaches of the Week – Our massive game previews offer up a ton of statistical research, matchup overviews, player previews, lineup notes, and predicted scores.
  • IDP Game Previews – A quick look at the IDP players for the upcoming week.
  • Kick Returner/Special Team Report – We rank and project the top-50 return men for the upcoming week.
  • Expert Chat – Each Friday afternoon (unless we’re overloaded, so check the chat area under featured articles for schedules).
  • Friday Night Practice Report – These usually start around 5-6 PM ET and are updated throughout the evening until all the west coast teams are accounted for.
  • (Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections – Includes IDPs. We usually update on Friday morning, and then we update again around 6pm ET once we get Friday practice information.
  • (Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections – Although we update late Friday, we continue to tweak the numbers.
  • Waiver Wire – We offer a final look for the week.
  • MNF Practice Report – Each Saturday afternoon, we’ll give you the practice reports for the two MNF teams.
Sunday Morning/Afternoon:
  • Quick Sunday Update – This report will give you all the key Sunday situations we’re following on game day. This will be up on the site by 10:30am ET.
  • Hansen’s Hints – Hansen’s quick and final thoughts for each matchup with players he likes more than usual, and reaches. This will be up on the site by 10:30am ET.
  • Weather Report – Forecasts and overviews for all games as of Sunday morning.
  • Game-Time Injury Updates – We follow all the inactives and lineup notes for the 1pm, 4pm, and 8pm games.
  • Game-Day Twitter Updates – Follow us @Fantasy_Guru for some immediate reactions to the games
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