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Updated, 10/31/13 

If you’re a new subscriber or aren’t clear on all the site’s features and benefits, here’s a quick overview of our offerings without getting specific as to the actual content we’ll produce this year.
Note: For an overview of what we’ll be producing during the preseason and regular season, head to our “What you get” page. 

We also have our in-season publishing schedule listed at the bottom of this page. 
For a great breakdown of all our content that we produce and when we produce it each week, check here.
10/31/13 issue:
There has been an issue this week, but it's with only customers. These customers are reporting that our Monday e-mail is being delivered to them over and over again.
We have been looking into this issue for a few days. We use the best bulk mailing software in the marketplace because sending bulk e-mails can be very tricky and we work with the best company in the country to avoid being flagged as spam and other issues.
Unfortunately, our research shows there is not a problem on our end. We can only send the e-mails and it's up the ISP to receive and send to its users. We are NOT sending these e-mails out in multiples, so all indications are that the issue is with, as this issue is only happening with users. One thing we noticed is this seems to be going only to people who view the text version of the e-mails. We know this because customers are telling us they can't view the unsubscribe link, which is odd. It's supposed to show HTML by default and we would assume that most ISPs are delivering in HTML form.
We are still looking into the issue with our mailing software company, but you might want to contact and ask them why this is happening. The company we are using to send our e-mails is Lyris Technologies, which they should be familiar with because it’s one of the largest bulk e-mail company in the world.
The issue could go away at any time, so you can do nothing for now. If the problem persists, the last resort can be to block our e-mails (coming from and to switch to another e-mail address. You can change your e-mail/username by clicking the "my account" link on the top of each of our pages and you can then let us know if you do not get future e-mails at your new address.
Most Popular FAQs
Switching over to a new week
Q: When can I view projections for the upcoming week?
A: We usually post our projections for the coming week around 12 pm ET on Wednesdays. We understand everyone wants projections early, but there are so many weekly injury questions each that it’s impossible to formulate legitimate projections without having more information. We’re also spending most of Tuesday producing our Season Projections, which are projected weekly averages for the rest of the season. We feel these are very valuable for evaluating trades, making waiver wire claims, etc.
Site Default scoring 
Q: What is the site’s default scoring system?
A: We have changed our site default scoring system to PPR in 2013. Check here for more information and to set up a non-PPR scoring system (our previous site default scoring system) in 5 seconds.

Technical issues:
Q: How do I import settings for my other leagues in MyGuru
A: The system currently allows only roster imports via league ID for It does not work for any other provider, nor have we advertised that is does.
QWhy does your site make me login all the time?
A: We are not. It is your browser and settings that make you do this. Most people literally go YEARS without having to login because they are accepting cookies and have their browsers set to access password protected sites and to save passwords. You can logout of the site (top navigation bar) and then clear out your internet cache and browsing history, and when you re-login click the “remember me” box. If you are accepting cookies, you should be set. If you have further issues, Google the issue. For example, you can Google “Internet explorer won’t let me stay logged in” and you should quickly find the solution to your problem for your browser.
Q: Why won’t my login for the site won’t work for the Message Boards?
A: You have to create a separate login for the MBs. You also have to use your site e-mail so we can confirm you are a current subscriber. It may take up to 48 hours to get approved for access, as we have to check all requests manually to prevent spammers from attacking our MBs. If you do not use the same e-mail you use for the site, you will be rejected.
Q: Whenever I click a link, why does it take me back to the homepage?
A: As far as we can tell, Internet Explorer has been the culprit almost 100% of the time. This is why we HIGHLY recommend using the Google Chromebrowser or at least the Firefox Browser, as both are WAY better than IE. If you must use IE, try this: Go to tool/internet options/advanced and reset to default and it should fix this problem caused by the browser. We’ve found 1-2 instances where the issue occurred in Firefox, and resetting that browser to default settings took care of the problem.
Content/Site Navigation:
Q: Where are your cheat sheets?
A: In the Rankings & Projections Tab in the first content area.
QWhy can’t I find an article?
A: Most types of articles have their own content tab, so you have to look at them. For example, if you’re looking for rankings or projections check the “Rankings & Projections” content tab. Also, we post every article for the week in the very large “Recent Featured Articles” section. This will always list articles by date, with the newest articles followed by older articles. If you’re looking for something specific, look here.
Q: Where are your depth charts? 
A: You can access our updated Depth Charts on all pages on the top navigation bar (Home, MyGuru, Leaders, etc.), near the end of the bar on the right. You can also find a link to our depth charts and the last date updated on the left side of the Subscriber Homepage, clearly marked with a graphic just under the current Featured Article.
Q: How do I set up a custom scoring system for custom projections, news, etc.?
A: See below for all the information you need on MyGuru custom projections, etc. 
Q: How do I set up MyGuru in terms of flex starters and required starters?
A: When entering the number of starters at each position in MyGuru, list the minimum number of starters you are required (typically at RB/WR and sometimes TE) and if you include any position as a flex, check off “Include” as flex. During the season the Roster Analyzer will list the suggested starters using the minimum number you choose. It will then rank all the players at the positions you listed as included in the flex to show you how they stack up for projected points for the week.
Other general FAQs:
Q: Can I take advantage of the deposit match promotion you have with
A: Sorry, but the offer is for NEW FanDuel customers who come from our site. You can, however, participate in the other separate contests they will be producing for us. For more information, click here.
Q: How do I access my Guru Challenge team?
A: There is a large button on the upper right side of the subscriber homepage that can get you there, and you can bookmark this page for future access. The game is set and ready to go for Week One.
Q: What browser do you recommend for
A: The first answer is “Anything but Internet Explorer.” The site is fine on Firefox, but we’ve seen that browser slip the last few years. So in 2013, we’re now recommending Google Chrome as the best browser for our site.
Q: I’m new to the site, how can I ask you guys a fantasy question?
A: While we do the best we can, we don’t advertise personal advice because we would be overwhelmed with questions if we did and we believe in offering one comprehensive package for one price, so we do not want to “upsell” anyone for personal advice. However, you can certainly try to contact us via the “Contact Us” page, and we will be hosting regular chats starting 8/1/13. You can also reach out to us on Twitter. We can’t guarantee questions will be answered, but we try our best.
Q: If I’m not sure if I subscribed for the coming season, how do I check?
A: If you cannot access subscriber content right now (June going forward) then that means we do not have you in for 2013. If you still have questions, use the contact us form. If you can access the “My account” page that means you’re in for 2013. You can check when your subscription ends here as well as change your login/e-mail.
Q: What do you produce during the season and when do you produce it?
A: If you’re interested in what we’ll be producing this year or our content schedule, check here.
Q: What do the following abbreviations/icons mean in your projections?
A: Here’s what the abbreviations mean:
Up = Player has upside to finish significantly higher than projected.
Down = Player has downside to finish significantly lower than projected.
Hypodermic Needle = Player is injured or on injury report.
Up Arrow = Player has moved up since our last projection update.
Down Arrow = Player has moved down since our last projection update.
D (gold colored) = Dynasty League prospect.
#1, #2H, WW = Fantasy role. Player is a #1 at his position (H/L for high-end or low-end), or is a Waiver Wire guy for the season.
Q: Do you have printable pages?
Most articles and database pages do have printable options. For articles, click on the printer icon on the upper right. For projections, click the “printable” link.  
Preseason Publishing Schedule/Content Delivery
Once the preseason kicks off, we produce content daily and updated many features weekly/bi-weekly, but we do not e-mail the content because it’s too much to e-mail. We do, however, send regular e-mail notices about what we’re producing.
For information on what we produce in the preseason, head here.
In-Season Publishing Schedule/Content Delivery
Once the season kicks off, we do e-mail content on a daily basis.
For information on what we produce in during the regular season, head here.
Preferred Web Browser
Our site is best viewed using the Google Chrome or Firefox Browser. These browsers are superior to Internet Explorer (it doesn’t crash nearly as much) and can be downloaded for free. We recommend using it for all sites, especially ours. There may be some times in which something does not look right or has problems in Internet Explorer, yet it’s perfectly fine with Chrome or Firefox. 
Content Delivery/E-Mail
During the season, we e-mail a large portion of our content (we can't e-mail the web-based items that are not text articles). We generally post content online and then e-mail it shortly thereafter when all the items for a particular day are completed. That’s usually around 1-2 PM ET, and we typically update injury info online all day after sending out our daily e-mails.  
Due to various spam/junk mail issues, we cannot guarantee you will get our e-mails, but the service we use generally does a great job in terms of not being blocked as spam (Gmail, for instance, has a strong spam filter but our e-mails are generally unaffected). However, all ISPs are different. If you are not receiving e-mails, first check any spam or junk mail folders and make sure you allow mail to come to you from our servers ( and our mailing company's servers (elabs/Lyris). You may have to contact your ISP to make sure they accept mail from and elabs/Lyris 

If you're still having problems receiving our e-mails, we recommend using a free e-mail account somewhere. Currently, we have no issues sending mail to AOL, MSN/Hotmail, and Gmail. There have been some issues with Yahoo, however.
Tip: Gmail has a service that can forward all your e-mails to another e-mail account, which is a viable solution for those with e-mail blocking issues. And since we cannot offer you a second e-mail account to receive our e-mails, you can set up a Gmail account as your e-mail, and have mail forwarded elsewhere. For instructions on how to do this, head here.
Accessing the Subscriber Homepage
As long as your browser is accepting cookies, there’s no reason for you to have to log in each time you access the Subscriber Homepage. Simply bookmark the page and access it directly without logging in. If you are not being kept logged in, on the login page, there is a box to check off to stay logged in. There is no reason to continually go to our main homepage ( to login when you can simply bookmark and go directly to our Subscriber Homepage
To ensure you do not have to log in each time you access, check out the following:
  • In Firefox: Go to Tools, Options, Security, and check the box for “Remember passwords for sites.”
  • In Internet Explorer: Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security, Custom Level, and check off the second option in “Login,” which is the final option. Some using IE have had an issue in which they are sent back to our homepage when they click on an article. Those with this issue have been able to fix it by going to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, and then clicking on “Reset Internet Explorer Settings.”
Otherwise, if you are using the correct login and cannot log in or stay logged in, YOU need to check your browser settings because it is not a problem on OUR end. We’re happy to help if we can, but we’re not able to assist everyone with basic web browsing tech support.
Can't access our site at work?
If your workplace blocks our site because the word "fantasy" is in the URL, you can simply access our site using our IP address here: 
If that works, simply save that address and access the site at work using that link.
We’ve also added a second domain that you can try, it’s:
This ULR obviously does not have “fantasy” in it, so this should be a solution to many. If this doesn’t work, your company is doing a great job blocking your content, and there’s nothing else we can do.
NOTE: If you access, some links may not work, but we’re working on correcting all the links. Most of them should be fine, though. When in doubt, if you have the link that is not working, it’s because “fantasyguru” is in the URL. Simply replace the “fantasyguru” with “gurusubscriber” in the URL. If your internet is blocking the site because of the word “fantasy,” you should be set.

Changing/Viewing your Information
Once logged in, you can change your e-mail address on record, which is also your username, by hitting the “My Account” link on the upper right. Once you change your e-mail, your username will change to your new e-mail and you will receive our e-mails at your new e-mail address. You can also change your password. No matter where you are logging in from, your login (username & password) remains the same. Remember: Your entire e-mail address is your username. Also in "My Account," you can view when your subscription is scheduled to expire. If you do not know your password (your username will always be your complete e-mail address on record), there is a Password Retrieval tool that will e-mail your password to your registered e-mail address.   
Checking Subscription Status/Adding on Years
You can always check to see when your subscription expires by clicking “My Account.” If, for example, you were already in for 2012 and accidentally ordered, you’ll see that your subscription will be pushed up a season. So you can actually order at any time, and we will simply add a year to your account (or two if you order for two years). Our default date for a subscription to technically end for a particular season is the first Sunday in February (Super Bowl Sunday).
Remember that we do “Season” subscriptions, and not 12-month subscriptions. This is why we encourage people to order each year at the end of the season. We offer a special rate that is offered only to subscribers. We also do a free playoff contest for those who renew for the upcoming season right after a season ends, and you will be subscribed for 12 months.
Logging out
You can stay logged in by clicking the "remember me" button, so you will automatically bring up our Subscriber Homepage without having to enter your credentials. If you'd like, you can log out by clicking the "logout" link on the upper right side of the homepage.  
Our official Twitter page is here. We’ll be posting various thoughts here throughout the season, as well as updates on when key articles are posted. We even post in-game updates from here, for immediate analysis. When we do, we’ll simply link to our Twitter page and you will not need a Twitter account to view the content. You can also view our most recent Twitter updates on the subscriber homepage.
Accessing the Message Boards and Blogs
Our Message Boards and the main FantasyGuru Blog do require a separate login, so you cannot use your usual login for the site. We’re hoping to eventually merge all logins, but for now, if you would like to access our MBs or reply to a blog post, you have to create a separate login. But the MBs and the Blog have password retrieval tools in case you forget your password.

NoteBecause we have to ensure our MBs aren’t bombarded by spammers, we have to manually check all registrations, so it could take 1-2 days for you to be approved. You have to use your exact same e-mail as you use to subscribe so we can make sure you are a current subscriber. If you register and do not get approved in 2 days, please e-mail us using the “contact us” form.
Chat Room
In 2012, we moved to Cove It Live, so simply check the site’s chat section (under feature stories in second column) for a schedule of chats and archives. We will do at least one chat a week from August on. Simply look for the chat area slightly below the Featured Articles on the top of our Subscriber page.
Podcasts and RSS
We produce regular Podcasts, and while we cover most of the information and analysis in print, we can’t guarantee that all info and analysis contained in the Podcasts will be in print. Users are welcome to subscribe to an RSS feed and also to the Podcast via iTunes on the site (right column). Those familiar with RSS can subscribe to an RSS feed to easily see when the Fantasy Guru Blog (written by Publisher John Hansen) has been updated.  
In the preseason, we’ll do two podcasts minimum a week, and during the season, we have the following podcast schedule: 
Sunday Night – We discuss the week that was.
Tuesday Afternoon 4-5pm ET – In the Loop with Matt Camp and Joe Dolan.
Thursday Morning – Matchup Podcast.
All podcasts are available on the right side of the homepage. You can also bookmark our podcast homepage to access.
Utilizing our Database for News & Injury Updates
A lot of our content is worked into our database system, so if you have created and built fantasy teams, you can receive custom information via “MyGuru.” However, even if you do not create a team, you can head to our Player News page and view, sort, and search for an update on any player. The database is populated with the following categories of content: Player News, Injury Updates, Stock Watch, and Exhibition Game Reviews.
So, for example, if you’re looking for anything on Brandon Marshall, simply head to our Player News page and search “Marshall.” You will see any updates from the above categories from the last 1, 3, 7, or 14 days. You can also filter the updates by any of the categories, or view them all at one. To access the player news page, head here.
Utilizing our Database, MyGuru, Custom Scoring, etc.
If you truly want to take advantage of our site and its main features, you need to head to MyGuru. To get the most out of this tool, create a fantasy team name, tell us your scoring system and how many players you can start at each position, as well as your actual players, and you’ll be able to see tons of custom information on your various teams (s). Note: We cap the number of teams you can input to 15.  
Once that’s done, when you go to MyGuru, you’ll see player news for your players, custom projections just for your guys, and stats for your guys. Once you’ve entered all of this, you can also click on the Roster Analyzer and view our suggested starting lineup for the week (starting in-season, late Wednesday night). We can do this because we have your players, lineup requirements, and scoring system in our system.  
But that’s only the beginning. Since your players are entered into our DB, you’re now able to navigate our DB and view custom information. When you click on Projections, for example, and toggle to your league, you’ll see that your players are highlighted. All our other tools, such as “Points Allowed,” “Matchup History,” “SOS,” and “IDP Stud” are now all customized to your scoring system.
You can also view all the stat leaders and, within that, see pass targets (Tgt), Red Zone Targets (RZT), and even targets inside the 10 (GLT). Not only that, but you can view/filter all of our DB stuff by location (Home or Away) and in Wins or Losses. You’ve always been able to filter all this information by a specific range of weeks, as well.   
Once you’re done setting up a team(s), you’ll be able to utilize this powerful tool’s other features, such as:

News: Once you have entered players onto your team(s), you’ll see customized news and injury information for all the players on your roster. 

Stats: Check here for all the stats on your players, including fantasy points scored per your scoring system. You can also sort by date range and year, if you’re interested. 

Projections: Here’s where you’ll view customized projections for your players, including projected fantasy points for your scoring system for the preseason and during the season for each current week.
Highlighted Players Added Bonus: For your convenience, when you create a fantasy team, you will notice that when you navigate the site while toggled to that team, your players will be highlighted in ORANGE. This is true for projections, points allowed, SOS, History, etc. As you toggle from one saved team to the other, the highlighted players will change.
The “Guru Glance”
Also incorporated into the revised MyGuru tool is our “Guru Glance” feature introduced this year. Once this is complete, click on the “Guru Glance” link while looking at one of your teams and see all your players along with a wealth of information. Here’s a break down of all the information you can now see:
  1. Schedule – Comes in handy when you’re looking at a player. As the season progresses, you’ll see only his remaining games.
  2. Weather – This little widget from will show the current forecast in the city of his next game, which is something that will come in handy on game days when you’re looking at your players.
  3. Points Allowed – A nice little bar graph that will show your player’s next four opponents and the points allowed by his next four opponents in YOUR scoring system using those opponents’ last four games. Good for giving you some perspective on a player’s upcoming schedule. This will also show the player’s next opponent.
  4. History – Wondering how your guy has done against this week’s opponent? It will quickly show you how many points your guy has scored in YOUR scoring system against this week’s opponent the last three years, with the dates of those previous matchups.
  5. Remaining SOS – In addition to points allowed, we’ll show you in a chart how you player’s SOS ranks against the league average for all the positions in YOUR scoring systems. This is good for when you’re looking at trades, preparing the playoffs, etc.
  6. Player News – We don’t have a lot of room for this, but once we’re rolling with player news and information, you’ll see the latest news or injury bite about your player, with a link to his news page with all news.
Customized Cheat Sheet: If you create a custom scoring system or a team using MyGuru, simply head to our customized cheat sheet page and toggle to the team you want the cheat sheet for and you can print it out in a variety of ways.
MyGuru Maintenance:
Once you set up teams, you will see them at the bottom of the MyGuru homepage. To make any changes to your players, scoring system, etc. simply click on the appropriate tab for those functions.
Entering values in the Customized Scoring System in MyGuru
Most common scoring rules are set up so that “x” of something equals one point. For example, many leagues use 20 yards passing equals one point. That translates to 0.050 Points per Passing Yard, which you would type into the box labeled that in the Passing Section.
Here are the common yardage translations:
5 yards = 1 point means 0.200 points per yard
8 yards = 1 point means 0.125 points per yard
10 yards = 1 point means 0.100 points per yard
20 yards = 1 point means 0.050 points per yard
25 yards = 1 point means 0.040 points per yard
50 yards = 1 point means 0.020 points per yard
100 yards = 1 point means 0.010 points per yard
If you get points per some number of repetitions (receptions, completions, rushing attempts, tackles, assists, etc.), you might be able to use the yardage translations above. Just replacing yards with completions or whatever, for example: if 5 completions = 1 point, you can substitute “completions” for “yards above,” meaning that you get 0.200 points per completion.
Here are the other common “repetition” translations, starting with the obvious:
1 repetition (reception, completion, attempt, tackle, assist) = 1 points means 1.000 point per repetition
1 repetition = one half point means 0.500 points per repetition
2 repetitions = 1 point also means 0.500 points per repetition
3 repetitions = 1 point means 0.333 points per repetition
4 repetitions = 1 point means 0.250 point per repetition
5, 8, 10, etc. repetitions = 1 point: see yardage translations above
In-Season MyGuru Tool:
Roster Analyzer: Too busy to research your starting lineup? No problem. Since we already have your players, the numbers of starters at each position, and your scoring system, simply come to this section each week during the season and see our suggested lineup for your team(s), complete with projected fantasy points, recent news, and we’ll even rank all your players for the week, regardless of position. IMPORTANT NOTE ON THE FLEX POSITION: If you have a flex, simply check off “include in flex” each position that you allow to use as your flex (RB, WR, TE, etc.) and the RA will then group the remaining non-starters from the positions you included as a flex and it will rank them, thus showing you whom we recommend as your flex starter.
Other Site Tools
We have added a lot of new features the last few years, so a quick primer on how to utilize our site is needed for all to take full advantage of what we have to offer.
Here’s an overview and explanation of all our offerings.

Note: These are only items currently on the site; we will be adding others for the 2013 season.
  • Interactive Depth Charts – Toggle by team, offensive or IDP, or view printable versions all from one page. You can even sort by rookies, players currently injured, etc.
  • Player News – In the preseason starting 8/1, head here (second column) for daily news items. These are sortable by day, and searchable by player. These news updates also appear in your personalized “MyGuru” for your players.
  • Injury Update Search - Same as the news reports, updated daily and sortable by day and searchable by player.
  • Projections/Custom Projections – When you click on the “Projections” link on the top navigation bar, you’ll be taken to a page that displays our Site Default scoring system QB projections. From there, you can quickly link to all other positions, including IDPs. These are our generic site rankings as well as our current and most up-to-date offensive and defensive projections. You will see the date they were last updated on each position page. Our site default is a basic Yardage/TD system that does not award points for receptions. Defensively, it awards points for sacks, tackles, assists, INTs, passes defended, and TDs. Of course, if you have created a team in MyGuru, you can toggle to those scoring systems in our projections and view custom projections for your scoring systems/team. IMPORTANT REMINDER ON CUSTOM PROJECTIONS: Our custom projections are very flexible, but we cannot account for every scoring nuance under the sun. This is mainly because we project everything that is used in our custom projections. For example, in the preseason we project the number of times a QB will pass for over 300 yards and you can enter a value if your league gives bonus points for 300 yards passing. But for us to truly customize a passing bonus such as 200-225 yards, 225-250 yards, 250-275 yards, etc., we’d have to project exactly how many times a QB would pass for each one of those ranges, and that's not exactly realistic. Considering the high flexibility of our custom projections, you should be able to tweak the custom scoring values to arrive at rankings that, while maybe not 100% tailored to your league, are very, very close.
  • Player Projections Filtering – New for 2013: users will be able to filter our projections to view players who fit a variety of categories. For example, if you want to view only players who have a good schedule or a good fantasy playoff schedule, you can. During the season, if you’re looking for a good WW or Reach Play, you can sort positional projections to show only those. It’s another way to maximize the usefulness of the site with very little effort on your part.
  • Customized Cheat Sheet – This tool allows you to generate a customized cheat sheet for your scoring system(s), both offensive and IDPs. If you have created a team(s) in MyGuru, you’ll see they are showing on this page, so to create a custom cheat sheet for any of your teams/systems, simply toggle to that team using the pull-down menu. Otherwise, in terms of display, you have many options, such as printing only a one-page sheet (font is very small), displaying our comments on the players, and including the top 75 or 150 overall, along with the positional rankings (keep in mind the top overall list is generated by points, so QBs will come out higher on the list because they score the most points). We also produce our own generic top-200 in the summer that can be used as a guide when drafting). Another feature is the drop-off feature. You can enter a value (we recommend using 5) and when there are 5 or more points separating one player from the next, a “Drop-off” is indicated on the sheet to illustrate tiers in the rankings.
  • Player Comparison Tool – This tool is explained in-depth on this page. It allows you to compare multiple players in a multitude of categories and in graphical form.  
  • Trade Analyzer – Use this (IN SEASON) tool to analyze a trade, based on your scoring system. Simply enter both sides of a trade, and we’ll crunch the numbers based on our future projections for the rest of the season and indicate which side of the trade is favored. Not only that, but we’ll show whether the trade is Heavily Favored, Moderately Favored, or Slightly Favored. NOTE: The values for this tool are based on our projected fantasy point totals for all players involved for the season and for the projected weekly average point totals during the season (starting after Week One). It goes only by projected fantasy points for all players involved, and there are many other factors to consider when trading, such as your depth, other available players, etc. If you have players already in "MyGuru," all you have to do is click the radio button for team A (let's call that you) and select the players from the pull-down menu and click the green + icon to add them. Otherwise, to add players to each side of a trade, simply click "Team 1" and "search and find the players to add. Then click "Team 2" and "search" and find the players to add. Then analyze the trade.
Other Guru Database Tools
We upgraded these areas and added home/away criteria for most of our stat tools. Now, for example, if you’re looking at the points allowed tool you can see points allowed by position, in your scoring system(s) and for each team home and away. We also added Home/Away criteria for our valuable SOS tool. So now, when you use this tool, you can set it up so it is pulling data from each team’s points given up by position and by location.
  • NFL Leaders: View the current fantasy points leaders at all positions for your scoring system(s) for the season, on the road or home, for a specified period of time, and much more. You can sort, for example, the WRs by pass targets, the RBs by goal-line carries, or any other category, so this is very flexible. You can view all the leaders from last year now, and once the season starts, for the current season.
  • NFL Players: Search our player database and easily view stats such as pass targets, red zone activity, current news, community ratings for the season (in preseason) and for each week (during the season) and more.
  • Points Allowed Tool: Use this to see the fantasy points each team has given up to each position (including IDPs), based on your scoring system(s) for the season, on the road or home, for a specified period of time, and more. You can view all the numbers from last year in the preseason, but this tool really isn’t utilized until the season starts, since it uses current numbers. For example, in Week Three, you’ll be able to see the teams ranked by points given up to QBs, RBs, etc. through two weeks of the season.
  • Pass Target Data: Check here to see the current pass target leaders for the season, for a specific timeframe, and more. To view the target leaders for last year or for the season once it starts, click “Leaders” and then sort RBs, WRs, and TEs by TGT. You can also sort by RZT (red zone targets) and GLT (goal-line targets). 
  • Red Zone Activity: Check here to see the current red zone numbers for the season, for a specific timeframe, and more. Click on “Leaders” and sort by things like RZPa (red-zone pass attempts), GLPa (goal-line pass attempts), RZRu (red-zone rush attempts), GLRu (goal-line rush attempts) and more.
  • IDP Stud Report: Use this to see which IDP are truly getting it done (see help/key for more info).
  • SOS Tool: This tool will utilize the current stats each team has given up for the season and can then rank the teams in order of Strength of Schedule based on points given up to all positions in your customized scoring system(s). In the preseason, this tool is populated with 2012’s data, but once the 2013 data is known after the start of the season, it uses 2013’s data. You can easily see, for example, how your players are looking schedule-wise in YOUR various scoring system for the rest of the season, a range of weeks, and more.
  • Player Matchup History Tool - During the season, you can use this tool to see which players have had the most success against their opponents for the coming week (or any future week) in your scoring system or our default scoring system (yardage/TDs). The tool works for all positions, including IDPs. The way it works typically during the season is it ranks all the players by their career fantasy PPG against their upcoming opponent (for any of the 17 weeks of the NFL season), so if you’re looking for a WW player, you can quickly see who might be a good option. In addition, you can quickly view any player's career numbers against any opponent (last 6 years) and view all game logs from all previous matchups.
  • Player Comparison Tool – This is a great tool to compare players for a variety of statistics.
Regular Season Content Schedule
Once we get past Week One, we’ll start with our regular weekly content schedule, which is:
Sunday Night:
Weekly Wrap-Up Podcast: We start the week off with an exclusive Podcast that reviews the events of the week, injuries, Waiver Wire material, and more. It's a great wrap-up and early preview of the coming week.
The Waiver Wire: This column will fill you in on a range of players who are worth picking up and who should be available in your league. We rank all the WW players by position and break them down into players who could be available in smaller, medium, and larger leagues, and even some guys to pick up for later in the season or long shots to take a flyer on. Of course, we have extensive analysis on each player, which includes critical data like pass targets, goal-line touches, and player snap counts. The average report will include 10,000 words with no fluff!
The Stock Watch: An extensive weekly feature detailing which players’ (offensive and defensive) stock is rising or falling, with reasons why. Usually covers 35-40 players, so it's not just the obvious ones. It’s a great way to wrap up the week that was in fantasy football. You’ve likely seen the stock market analogy before – but we were the first to do it. Available online and also e-mailed.
Inside the Boxscore: No time to watch all the games? No problem! Each week, we look at every play from every game and offer up interesting and hard-to-find stats and game analysis from strictly a fantasy perspective. During the season, we track the number of passes thrown to each receiver, goal-line carries and looks, deep passes players have had thrown to them, and more. We spot the trends before they are trends. Again, we were the first to do such analysis starting in the late ‘90s.Available online and also e-mailed.
The Waiver Wire: We update our look at all the viable options on the WW with all the news that comes out on a Monday. Available online and also e-mailed
The Waiver Wire: We update our extensive WW column as information regarding injuries and expected playing time for the upcoming week becomes available.
IDP Waiver Wire: The week’s risers and fallers from an IDP perspective, plus WW options for IDP leagues.
Monday Night Wrap-up: We produce a Stock Watch and go Inside the Boxscore for the Monday Night game. Available online and also e-mailed.
Players to Trade and Trade for: One of our most valuable features because of its accuracy, we take a look at all players and list those you should seriously consider trading or trading for, based mostly on their current perceived values versus their future potential. Available online and also e-mailed.
NEW FOR 2013! Keeper & Dynasty Watch – This weekly column will simply cover any young player who might be emerging or even might have started something close to an emergence the previous week. This article will probably be more slanted toward emerging players for dynasty leagues, since viable players in a keeper league that retains 3-5 players will be covered extensively throughout the site. The primary goal of this article is to give readers the heads-up on emerging young players who could be very relevant the following year. A good example from 2012 is the positive endorsement we gave to Miami RB Lamar Miller at several points last year. Miller, as of the spring 2013, was expected to start for the Dolphins this year.  
Customized Season Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the rest of the season. Includes expert analysis for each player. Customizable projections now includes Up and Down indicators to help you identify who’s on the move up and who’s on the move down from the previous week. We include our projected weekly averages for yards and TDs for each player.
Customized Weekly Statistical Projections: We release weekly projections on Wednesday morning, but for those looking for immediate insight on the coming week, we crunch the numbers and give you full projections for each position in YOUR scoring system. These projections are based 100% on the numbers each team is giving up to each position in YOUR scoring system, so you can clearly see which players have the best and worse matchup by the numbers. 
“In the Loop” Podcast: Senior writers Matt Camp and Joe Dolan host an hour-long call-in podcast, reviewing the previous week’s action and giving you early advice for your next matchup. Camp and Dolan continue “In the Loop” every week throughout the season, playoffs, and off-season, so no stone is left unturned.
Updated Depth Charts: Offensive and IDPs included with comments on position battles, temporary roles, injuries, etc.
Expert Chat: Chat with one of our experts with access to transcript afterward.
Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom-built and sortable, expert offensive projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Projections include expert analysis for each player. Generic yardage + TD rankings also available.  
Hansen on Strategy: Publisher John Hansen’s popular weekly column looks at fantasy football strategies from a wide variety of angles. These will be on topics such as: team maintenance with regard to player schedules; commissioning; understanding the trends; keeping up with the league's top backup players who are only an injury away from starting; and much, much more. This column always includes tons of information and entertainment value. Available online and also e-mailed.
Production Tracker Report: One of our most popular features, we go team-by-team and report on the actual production each team is giving up to each of the skill positions in their recent games (we typically go back 3-4 games). This detailed report really gives a comprehensive overview of what each defense is giving up production-wise to each position. It not only goes over all the numbers; it also goes inside the numbers and explains them. For example, if a team isn’t giving up a lot of production but hasn’t played a good offense in weeks, that will be pointed out. Or if the numbers are skewed because of 1-2 games, it will cover that. It’s an excellent tool to use to make weekly lineup decisions, trades, and more. Available online and also e-mailed.
Snap Report – This report was new in 2012 and greatly enhanced our coverage. In addition to listing all the actual snap numbers of all players for all 32 teams for the last three weeks, we offer up insight on any noticeable trend in terms of a player who saw/is seeing more/fewer snaps for his team. This is a great way to gain an advantage over your competition, since tracking snap counts goes a long way toward discovering emerging players before they have truly emerged for the masses.
History Report – We offer up a brief overview the recent history (we don’t go back more than one year) between this week’s opponents and list statistical and fantasy point numbers to let you know who has history for or against him.
Red-Zone Report – Just to make sure we leave no stone unturned, we crank out a quick overview of the previous week in terms of red-zone activity. Pass attempts, targets, rushing, etc. are covered on plays inside the 20 (red zone) and 10 (goal line).  
Place-Kicker Report: Our own Mike Horn’s impressive statistical formula for predicting kicker production each week hasn’t been equaled in the industry and is very accurate. So if you need a kicker for this week, or if you play the matchups each week, check here.
Wednesday Practice Report: Wednesday is typically the first day teams practice, and we'll have a comprehensive roundup with the status of all the key injured players that night, as opposed to the next day. We get a lot of our information from the teams themselves and from coaches’ press conferences. It’s a comprehensive look at this week’s injuries with all positions covered. Due to our 2008 merger, no other fantasy site can touch us in terms of our accuracy reporting and projecting the status of injured players. Note: These reliable practice reports are quickly e-mailed to our mailing list for easy access and review on a mobile device with e-mail access. Available online and also e-mailed.
Matchup's John Hansen and Adam Caplan are joined by Greg Cosell, the Senior Producer of the Matchup Show on ESPN. By this point in the week, Greg's broken down hours and hours of coaches’ tapes from the week before, and he shares his insights with subscribers.
Thursday Game Center – A detailed breakdown of the Thursday night game will cover all the relevant stats, matchup information, and much more as we preview the game and its players.
(Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive projections, strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Includes expert analysis for each player and updated through Wednesday practices. Generic yardage + TD rankings also available.
NEW FOR 2013! OL Report: Veteran NFL analyst and OL expert Lance Zierlein will cover the performances of the OLs so you better understand how they will affect player performance going forward. 

NEW FOR 2013! Weekly Spotlight: For those who play in weekly or daily games, including salary cap games, we’re adding in 2013 a new column just for you. This column will narrow its focus down to only those players who look like great values in salary cap leagues and the like for the upcoming week. The focus will likely be on players thrust into prominent roles for the week, but will focus on any appealing bargains in our own Guru Challenge salary cap game and other national weekly games.   
Office Pool Picks: With picks, predicted scores, and suicide suggestions from our staff, as well as consensus staff picks for all of the above. On the strength of several strong weeks with records like 14-2 and 13-3, many of our readers won money just off of these picks.
Thursday Night Practice Report: We'll again have a roundup with the status of all the key injured players as of the Thursday practices, with most of our information coming from the teams. Note: These reliable practice reports are quickly e-mailed to our mailing list for easy access and review on a mobile device with e-mail access. Available online and also e-mailed.
IDP Rankings & Projections: Full projections and comments for 200+ IDPs.

Expert Chat: Chat with one of our experts with access to transcript afterward.
Friday Report:
NEW FOR 2013! Trending Topics: Due to our interactions on Twitter and on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, we’re in touch with the pulse of fantasy players in terms of the questions they have or the lineup changes they are considering each week. So new for 2013, we’ll be covering them along with our analysis and spin each Friday. For example, say a starting RB is out for a given week and you’ve picked up his backup. But do you start him that week? Very current topics will be covered each week.
(Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive and defensive projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Includes expert analysis for each player and updated through Thursday practices. Our generic yardage + TD rankings are also available.  
Game Center: We wrap up the week with an in-depth look at each upcoming NFL game. For each game, we take a detailed look at all the key players’ matchups and how they 
are looking for the week. These previews include extensive analysis on the matchups, cover all the stats, injuries, weather, lineup updates, predicted scores, and more. It’s not just a “Start/Bench” feature; it’s much, much more.
Player Matchups: We take all the player analyses from our Game Center and break them down by position and also by category. Here’s where you’ll get a good feel for the weekly matchups and see which players at all position are looking better or worse, based on the matchup. These extensive overviews cover all angles, such as the defensive matchups, injuries, weather, and more.
Reaches of the Week: If you’re looking for a sleeper or upside play for the week at QB, RB, WR, TE, or DT, check here for full analysis on the lower-end players we like this week. Oftentimes, these are backups who are thrust into prominent roles for the week due to injuries.
IDP Game Previews: A game-by-game look, with analysis on all players of note, IDP style. We go over the no-brainer starts, the matchup plays, guys to bench for the week, and more.
Customized Weekly IDP Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Includes expert analysis for each player and updated through Thursday practices.
Kick Returner/Special Team Report: We even rank, project, and analyze the top-50 kick returners for each week.
Expert Chat: Chat with a senior staff member on Friday afternoon.
Friday Night Injury Roundup: We'll again have a full roundup of the final practices of the week with the status of all the key injured players as of the crucial Friday practices. Note: These reliable practice reports are quickly e-mailed to our mailing list for easy access and review on a mobile device with e-mail access. Available online and also e-mailed.
(Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive and defensive projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Includes expert analysis for each player and updated through Friday practices. Generic yardage + TD rankings also available.
Waiver Wire: A final late-week update of our current WW report will include key late information on possible WW pickups due to injury situations and more. Because so many leagues are different in size, our WW recommendations are very deep and go from any obvious pickups to the deepest of the deepest viable options – and in this report, it’s all updated through the final Friday practices.  
NEW FOR 2013! Weekly Spotlight: Since information can change quickly during the week, we’ll update this column for those who play in weekly or daily games, including salary cap games, and cover players who look like great values in salary cap leagues and the like for the upcoming week.
Sunday Morning/Afternoon:
Quick Sunday Update: We'll have a quick update available on the Web (and also e-mailed) by 11 a.m. ET. The length of this report is dependent upon the number of key injuries still up-in-the-air as of Sunday. Available online and also e-mailed.
Hansen’s Hints: With all the information other than the actual inactives in for the week, Publisher John Hansen goes game-by-game and offers up an extensive last-minute look at the matchups and players of note and lists players looking better than usual and reaches for each team/game.
Game-Time Injury Updates: We continue to update the injury situations online until the start of the 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. games, posting important inactives and lineup 
changes as reported by the teams. We even e-mail breaking news updates when major news breaks, and we can hit our entire mailing list in less than 5 minutes. Our Sunday update pages refreshes automatically, so simple sit back and watch the updates come in on all key inactives, lineup notes, and rumors on gameday.    
Weather Updates: If there's a weather-related problem – like rain, snow, sleet, mud, wind – in a particular city, we'll let you know about it here.
Game-Day Twitter Updates: We’re around all day on gameday to post quick thoughts, observations, and tidbits via our Twitter feed, which automatically appears on the Subscriber Homepage.

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