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Even if starter Ryan Grant is okay, the injury he suffered in Week One is a clear reminder that it's wise to handcuff your starting RB when he's on a good team and there is a clear backup, and Brandon Jackson is definitely the clear backup and he's featured in 2010's first edition of The Waiver Wire (Published, 9/13).

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  • The Waiver Wire - Our first look at who to look at this week on the WW - Published: 9/13
  • Week One Sunday Content & Updates - Check here for all of our SUNDAY CONTENT, including last-minute analysis, a weather report, and game-time injury updates - Published: 9/12
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  • Week One Game Center - We spend over 50,00+ words in our first game previews of the year, and we've adjusted the way we group the players for our analysis to a way we like better - Published: 9/10
  • Week One IDP Previews - Kelly examines the IDPs options this week for each game - Published: 9/10
  • Week One KR Previews - Simons has your Week one kick returner top-50 rankings with some analysis - Published: 9/9
  • Week One Thursday Game Center - Our first game preview of the year, and we've adjusted the way we group the players for our analysis to a way we like better - Published: 9/8
  • Week One Thursday IDP Preview - Kelly breaks the Thursday night game down from an IDP perspective - Published: 9/8
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  • Good Vibes/Bad Vibes - Hansen's FINAL look at all the vibes he's getting now for all 32 team through three full weeks of preseason games - Updated: 9/5
  • 2010 Values & Players to Target - FINAL UPDATE of our extensive list of players we're targeting at various stages of our drafts - Updated: 9/5
  • Last-Minute Tips - Hansen's final thoughts on the last-minute vibes, tips, and more - Updated: 9/3
  • 2010 Position Battles - Now that the preseason is behind us, Caplan has another thorough update of the skill position battles for all 32 teams - Updated: 9/3
  • Mr. Relevant - With the preseason officially over, here's a last-minute look at upside players to target late in your draft - Updated: 9/3
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  • PPR Gold - An updated look at 45 players who should exceed expectations when it comes to catch total - Updated: 9/1
  • 2010's Overvalued/Players to Avoid - An updated look at the players we feel are getting drafted a little too high and those we'd rather steer clear of all together - Updated: 8/31
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  • 2010's Top Backups - We take an updated look the best players not at the top of their teams' depth charts who could still make a fantasy splash - Updated: 8/26
  • Offensive and Rush/Pass Rankings - For those who draft team QBs or even QBs we ranking all 32 teams for running and passing games and overall offense - Published: 8/3 
  • 2010 Player Profiles - Check here for extensive writeups on 300+ offensive players at the skill positions. Click to check out any player's profile written in late-July and check his profile info below for any pertinent updates on him from our preseason content.
  • Breaking Down the QB Position - Cosell's article on the QB position from 2009 includes updated category grades as of 2010 - Updated: 5/28 
  • Breaking Down the RB Position - Cosell's tips on the skills needed to excel at RB w/ grades on 65+ in variety of categories - Published: 5/28 
  • 2010 Coaching Changes - Caplan checks in with insight and analysis on all of this year's coaching changes - Published: 5/21 
  • Rookie Player Profiles - 1500+ player profiles from the rookies classes of 2006-2010. Click any link for the years:
    2010 I 2009 I 2008 I 2007 I 2006
  • Week One Projections - We look at this week's numbers, including IDPs, has upside/downside designations and more - Updated: 9/11 
  • 2010 Season Projections - Our latest look at this year's projections including IDPs and has upside/downside designations and more - Updated: 9/7 
  • Custom Cheat Sheet - Head here to create your own custom cheat sheet, including a 1-page sheet in your scoring system - Updated: 9/7 
  • 2010 PDF Cheat Sheet - Generic yardage/TD rankings in a 1-page cheat sheet form with tiers or drop-offs in value noted in PDF form - Updated: 9/7 
  • 2010 PDF Top-200 - A look at the top-200 players overall (Yardage/TD) with players to target highlighted in PDF form - Updated: 9/7
  • 2010 Draft Plan - Hansen's annual manifesto is loaded with advice on navigating your draft with position-by-position overviews, a round-by-round guide, and much, much more - Updated: 8/28
  • A Snapshot of the Average Draft - Horn breaks down the updated ADP of each position and determines any patterns that develop - Updated: 8/27
  • Permutation Drafting - Special contributor Chris Paavola shows you how to draft the best team based on your rankings in this articles which now includes a video tutorial and additional league options - Updated: 8/25
  • 2-QB League Strategies - Dolan provides you with plenty of thoughts, tips, and strategies for leagues that allow you to start 2 QBs - Published: 8/23
  • QBs in 6-pt/Passing TD Leagues - Horn explains why he disputes the notion that QBs need to be drafted very early in leagues that award 6 points per passing TD as opposed to 4 points - Published: 8/13 
  • In Too Many Leagues - We look at they ways to handle being too many leagues - Published: 8/6
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  • 2009's Lessons Learned - Hansen's annual look at all the lessons he learned from the recently-completed NFL and fantasy season - Published: 2/10 
  • Mendenhall & TD Vultures - Horn examines what could happen to Steeler RB Rashard Mendenhall's TD total - Published: 9/9
  • 2010 ADP Analysis - Korbel is back with his final update and analysis of the latest ADP data and comments on the movers and shakers plus the chart shows who's moved up/down since our last update - Updated: 9/3
  • 2010 ADP Chart - Here's our latest ADP data chart  - Updated: 9/2
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  • Proven WR Performers - Horn looks at past performance to organize WR in tiers - Published: 8/24
  • Proven RB Performers - Horn looks at past performance to organize RB in tiers - Published: 8/19
  • QBs in 6-pt/Passing TD Leagues - Horn explains why he disputes the notion that QBs need to be drafted very early in leagues that award 6 points per passing TD as opposed to 4 points - Published: 8/13 
  • Offensive Identities - Mike Horn looks at coaching philosophies to determine how it will help or hurt players' production - Published: 7/30
  • QBs Changing Teams - Mike Horn looks at how changing teams affects a QB's performance - Published: 7/27
  • Break-out Rates - Mike Horn looks at draft position and experience to determine likely break-out candidates - Published: 7/26 
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  • SOS Adjusted RB Scores for 2009 - Mike Horn examines which RBs scored more or less than expected points in 2009 based on their schedules - Published: 7/8 
  • Playing Games - Mike Horn looks at which players are most likely to play a near-full season in any given year - Published: 7/2 
  • SOS Adjusted QB Scores for 2009 - Mike Horn examines which QBs scored more or less than expected points in 2009 based on their schedules - Published: 7/1 
  • Expected TDs for WRs - Mike Horn tells you what receivers will score more (or fewer TDs) in 2010 - Published: 6/25 
  • What to Expect from Kevin Kolb - Horn takes a look at QBs who had significant time on the bench before being awarded a starting job - Published: 6/18 
  • Principles of Perennial Domination - Special Contributor Chris Paavola tells us in this stat-heavy article that there certain things we can do to make dominance more likely and it has a lot to do with getting elite RBs - Published: 5/17 
  • How Many More Games will McNabb Play - Given the big trade it's a good time to take a look at QB history and try to determine how long the former Eagle will play - Published: 4/6 
  • QBs Staying on Top - Horn takes a look this past year's top-10 QBs and tries to identify those who are likely to repeat their success
    - Published: 4/5 
  • Preseason Keeper League Stock Watch - Our various upgrades and downgrades for those in keeper leagues - Updated: 8/30
  • Keeper League Rankings - With most of the preseason action out of the way, we re-rank  400+ players for the next 2-3 years with comments and dynasty league options marked for reference - Updated: 9/2
  • 2010 Keeper League Strategies - From deciding which players to keep, to the draft, to managing your team during the season, we have the tips - Published: 6/27 
  • TE Keeper Overviews - Any TE worth mentioning for a keeper or dynasty league is covered here - Published: 3/30 
  • WR Keeper Overviews - A look at 125+ WRs for those in keeper or dynasty leagues - Published: 3/29 
  • 2010 Total Yardage Top Players - Simons updates the the top-20 offensive and top-5 defense players in terms of total yards - Updated: 9/3
  • 2010 Special Team Rankings - An update to Simons' breakdown from 1-32 including stat projections for the season - Updated: 9/2
  • 2010's Top-30 Return Men - An updated look at the top return specialists from 1-30 including statistical projections for the season - Updated: 9/2
  • 2010 Top 25 IDP Rookies - An updated look at how this year's class stacks up for '10 with rankings and player analysis - Updated: 9/2
  • IDP Status Report - Each week this  preseason feature covers all 32 teams and breaks down what's going on in their preseason games from an IDP perspective, so you know what's going on in terms of playing time, scheme adjustments, and more. - Published: 9/1
  • 2010's Top-100 IDPs - An updated look using position, scarcity, and more to break down the top-100 IDP players overall for 2010 - Updated: 9/1
  • 2010 Average Auction Values - The latest $ values we're seeing out there - Updated: 9/2
  • Auction Draft Tool - For advanced excel users, this tool can help you take our projections and convert them into $ values for your auction - Updated: 9/7
  • Auction Strategies - Korbel looks at the different teams you can put together using different auction strategies - Published: 8/4
  • Predicting Auction Values - Contributor Greg McDonald details how to use historical data from your leagues to predict auction prices this year - Published: 8/4
  •'s Ultimate Auction League - Horn spearheads a staff/MB poster Auction League with extensive analysis from each owner on strategies, outcomes, etc. - Published: 8/3
  • Best Practices in Auction Drafts - Korbel takes a look at the keys to having a successful auction draft - Published: 7/1
  •  2010 Auction Draft Plan - A distant cousin to the draft plan, Mike Horn offers up a comprehensive plan of auction for this year's auction draft broken down by overall approach and position - Published: 6/7 
  •'s Guide to Commissioning - A massive 10,000-word manifesto that gives all the basics for setting up and running a league along with a ton of ideas and tips to makes yours better and more interesting - Published: 3/16 
  • Keeper/Dynasty League Setup Guide - Everything you ever needed to know about setting up and maintaining a keeper or dynasty league with plenty of tips, ideas, and more- Published: 3/17 
  • Adding IDPs to your League - Tom Simons offers up insight on IDPs and how to implement them into your league - Published: 3/11 
  • Everything about Auctions - Our Matt Camp covers the advantages of auctions, setting them up, specifics on the draft, and more - Published: 3/9 
  • Draft Analyzer Software - FREE with your subscription is a single license to the award-winning Draft Analyzer software. Click the link for more details and to access the software - Updated, 9/7
  • 2010 Excel Master File - Customize/tweak our rankings to your scoring system and get custom cheat sheet and more Latest projections in excel - Updated, 9/7
  • 2010 Excel Draft Tool - Track and maximize your draft using VBD and more - Updated, 9/7
  • 2010 Rush Chart - Each team's schedule color-coded by ease of schedule vs. the run.
  • 2010 Pass Chart - Each team's schedule color-coded by ease of schedule vs. the run.
  • MyGuru - Personalized portal to all your player's projections, news, and more.
  • Roster Analyzer - Check out out Site Help page for tips on how to use this feature via MyGuru during the REGULAR SEASON.
  • Trade Analyzer - Use this tool during the REGULAR SEASON to calculate our total fantasy points projected in your scoring system for each side of the trade and see which is is favored. 
  • SOS Tool - Based only on the #s recorded by the teams, this tool will show you SOS info on all positions in your scoring system (s).
  • Points Allowed Tool - View how many points per game each team is giving up to each position in your system (s).
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  • Red Zone - View key RZ info such as carries, pass targets, etc.
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