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Guru Reports
The Manager Report - A new weekly column breaks down the ballpark factors, schedule advantages and double starts for Week One - Updated: 3/29
Friday Tip Sheet - The end of spring training doesn't mean everything is settled; there's a lot still up in the air as the games start to count  - Updated: 3/28
Monday Tip Sheet - Some notable names on the riser/faller list, prospects and trade talk - Updated: 3/24
The Mitchell Effect - Jim Coventry analyzes how the Mitchell Report will impact fantasy baseball - Updated: 3/3
Rating the Ballparks - Updated: 2/27
MLB Hitter Movement - Updated: 2/7
MLB Pitcher Movement - Updated: 2/15
Strategy Stuff
10-Team Mock Draft - Jim Berardi reviews a massive 10-team, 25-round 5X5 draft conducted on 3/19 with staff members and MB members - Posted: 3/21
Pianowski's 2008 Draft Plan - A tried and tested playbook for guaranteed, rock-solid success (or at least a confident swagger) at the draft table this spring - Posted: 3/18
ADP Movement - Coventry tracks the players whose Average Draft Positions have trended up or down in recent weeks - Posted: 3/10
ADP Report - A gameplan for the draft relying heavily on Average Draft Position - Posted: 3/3
ADP in Action - Putting the Average Draft Position report into action - Posted: 3/3
Keeper Draft Plan - A plan based on single-season preseason ADPs with adjustments made for keeper leagues - Posted: 3/4
Keeper Draft Samples - Putting the Keeper Plan into action - Posted: 3/4
Surveying the Landscape - Every good building project needs a site survey, so here are some draft concepts to consider - Updated: 2/28
Draft Tips - Coventry shares some general draft lessons that can help you prepare a winning blueprint - Posted: 2/27
Gearing Up - Some points to consider as you read the spring training tea leaves and prepare for your upcoming draft - Updated: 2/18
Mock Expert Draft - Posted: 1/28
Player Rankings & Projections
Our latest pitcher and hitter projections - Updated: 3/28
Pitcher Excel File I All Pitchers I Starting Pitchers I Relief Pitchers I Hitter Excel File I All Hitters I C I 1B I 2B I SS I 3B I OF I DH
AL/NL Cheat Sheets - Excel file for AL-only leagues and NL-only leagues - Updated: 3/28
2008 Cheat sheet - A 500+ player list with position, upside, downside, and Average Draft Position - Updated: 3/24
 Cheatsheet Excel File
2008 Keeper Rankings - Position-by-position rankings geared to 2008 and beyond - Updated: 3/4
Player/Team/Game Analysis
The Closer Watch - An old favorite assumes a new role in Chicago, and a few other situations get some clarity as we approach Opening Day II - Updated: 3/27
2008's Values and Players to Target - An updated and extensive (120+-player) list of players to target at each position for value in the draft.- Updated: 3/26
  AL Team Reports - Quick-hit team-by-team overviews with updated injury situations and position battles  - Updated: 3/26
NL Team Reports - Team-by-team overviews for the National League - Updated: 3/26
Team Offense Rankings - Ranking the teams 1-30 for offensive production - Updated: 2/25
Opening Thoughts - An outline of things you need to do in the next few weeks as you prepare for your drafts and auctions - Updated: 2/13
Baseball League Formats - A primer on the various choices of leagues to run or join - Updated: 2/15
Top Headlines

Fantasy News/Injury Reports
MLB Injury Roundup - Check here for the latest updates on all of the relevant injuries - Updated: 3/28
2008 Draft Tool - For hardcore excel users, track and effectively manage your draft with the baseball version of the Draft Tool - Updated: 3/28
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