Week 10 story lines

Here are the top stories that I will be following in Week 10.

Tennessee (2-6) at Baltimore (5-4)

How does the RB situation behind Justin Forsett shake out? There’s some value in the #2 spot, but it’s a revolving door with Bernard Pierce and Lorenzo Taliaferro.
Does Owen Daniels continue to be a large factor? He should because he’s a huge part of this passing game.
Does Joe Flacco, who tends to play better at home, take advantage of a strong matchup with WRs Torrey and Steve Smith?

Can the Titan pass protect for Zach Mettenberger? If they can there are holes in the Raven secondary and they have the weapons to take advantage.
How do they divvy up the carries in the backfield? Not that it’s incredibly important for fantasy, but there’s talk of running Shonn Greene more this week in base personnel because Bishop Sankey isn’t cutting it.

Kansas City (5-3) at Buffalo (5-3)

Does Donnie Avery back make any difference? They may take a couple of shots deeper down the field to him, but the answer’s probably no.
Do they look to get Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles more involved in the passing game against a shakier LB group in coverage?

Is Sammy Watkins playing and at […]

Week 9 story lines

Here are the top stories I will be following in Week Nine of the NFL.

Jacksonville (1-7) at Cincinnati (4-2)

Can Denard Robinson continue to produce behind a bad OL? He’s been basically getting to the perimeter and popping off some longer runs, but he’s also run pretty well inside. He moves very well.
Can Allen Robinson continue to produce? He just missed a second TD last week.
Does Blake Bortles play better and protect the ball? He’s struggling right now.

Does AJ Green play and is he limited at all by the injury?
Does Gio Bernard play and if not how does Jeremy Hill react with finally some volume.
How does Mohamed Sanu produce with Green on the field? Green there will result in less attention, but Sanu’s production has also been a function of volume and Andy Dalton likes to feed Green the ball.

Tampa Bay (1-6) at Cleveland (4-3)

Do the Bucs give up on Doug Martin (who may not play anyway) and feed Bobby Rainey the ball? Charles Sims could be a major factor in this backfield but he might need another week of practice before he’s ready.
Does Mike Evans continue to heat up and grab hold of a larger role in this passing game? […]

Week 8 story lines

Here are the story lines I’ll be following this week in the NFL for fantasy

San Diego (5-2) at Denver (5-1)

Can Branden Oliver run on a very tough run defense?
Can Bronco killer Keenan Allen do anything special against likely top corner Aqib Talib?

Can Ronnie Hillman keep it up and further distance himself from Montee Ball?

Detroit (5-2) at Atlanta (2-5)

Can the crumbling Falcon OL hold up against a nasty front seven or will the pressure from the matchup cause their offense to unravel?
Does Julio Jones step up and take on more of the weight of the offense as he’s been talking about this week?

How do the Lions play on offense if not Calvin and with all their TEs banged up?
Does Reggie Bush play and if so do they lean heavily on him and Joquie Bell (as they should)?

Seattle (3-3) at Carolina (3-3-1)

Does Seattle finally get Marshawn Lynch going against what has been a very disappointing Panther defense that is struggling up front and on the back end?
Should we be concerned with the loss of Seattle’s FB with backup RB Robert Turbin taking over those duties?
Can Doug Baldwin continue to emerge as the go-to guy in an offense that typically doesn’t have one […]

Week 7 story lines

Here are all the story lines I’m following for fantasy in Week Seven.

 N.Y. Jets (1-5) at New England (4-2) 

Who will carry the load at RB for the Patriots? You’d have to think this week it will be Brandon Bolden, since James White is inactive and Jonas Gray was just signed off the practice squad today and is active.
Can Bandon LaFell keep it up and emerge as a reliable force or will someone like Brian Tyms muddy the waters?
Will Tim Wright remain a factor playing essentially the Aaron Hernandez role?
Will Rex Ryan handle a shaky Patriot offense or are they truly back with Rob Gronkowski beasting again?

With Darrelle Revis likely on Eric Decker, can someone else like Jace Amaro or Jeremy Kerley step up?
Can the Jets pound the rock with Chris Ivory and keep in the game?
If Chris Johnson retired, would anyone notice?

Atlanta (2-4) at Baltimore (4-2)

Can the struggling Falcon offense survive on the road against a surging Raven defense?
Can Roddy White actually start producing?
Can Antone Smith actually bust off a big play yet again against a very good defense and run defense?

Does Bernard Pierce continue to climb back up the depth chart? There’s room for two productive backs most weeks […]

Week 6 story lines

Here are the top stories I’ll be following this week in the NFL…

Indianapolis (3-2) at Houston (3-2)

Can the Colts maintain their high level of play with 2 starters on the OL out tonight?
Can Trent Richardson bounce back from a poor game last week against a tough Raven defense?
Can Dwayne Allen score yet again and remain a huge factor? He’s being moved all over the place and can do anything they ask, so this production should continue. Coby Fleener remains a one-trick pony.

Can the Texans actually get the ball to the TE this week? The way to beat Indy is to throw to the TE, and this is supposed to be a TE-friendly offense. If desperate, Garrett Graham might not be a horrible play?
Can Arian Foster keep it up and play well on a short week after last week’s large workload? We may see a little more of Alfred Blue this week with Foster coming off a heavy load on Sunday.
Does Andre Johnson play and do the strong Colt corners contain him if he does?
Can DeAndre Hopkins produce with a tougher matchup?

Pittsburgh (3-2) at Cleveland (2-2)

Can The Browns stop Le’Veon Bell, who went off against them earlier this year?
Can we get […]

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