8/24 projection update

Update:  There is no MNF game this week, so we’ll be doing a full projections/PDF/excel file update later this afternoon. You can generate a printable custom cheat sheet today that is as of Sunday evening.

Note: If you use the 1-page printable feature it does print out a pretty solid cheat sheet, updated today, it just spills into a second page.

To access the projections, just click “Projections” on the main navigation bar near the top of the page, or head here. You can access the custom cheat sheet here.

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  1. John Gevrekakis says:

    When I generate the custom cheat sheet, the Big Font doesn’t change the small font, so something isn’t working here. The font remains one size, small. I’m using Firefox as a browser, so not sure if this is why.

  2. Tyler says:

    I have a draft tonight and plan to use the PDFs, mainly because of the ADP nature of the top 200, and the clarity of them. Is there any way to give a quick high level summary of any upgrades, downgrades? A change log of sorts. Thanks, love the site.

  3. John Hansen says:

    The big font doesn’t change the small font? I don’t know what that means. It has to be a small font to fit on the page to be printable. Any bigger, and it won’t work.

    There were 3-4 key articles updated yesterday, the problem is we can’t update everything at the same time.

  4. Kirk says:

    I missed this option if it was there last year. Awesome!

  5. Cassie says:

    I attempted the custom cheat sheet but the top 200, 150 etc would only display QB’s

  6. John Hansen says:

    (keep in mind the top overall list is generated by points, so QBs will come out higher on the list because they score the most points).

  7. Eric says:

    What rankings would be best for two qb league?

  8. joe says:

    Make my own cheat sheet. I paid a lot of money, to only make my own cheat sheet. No Bueno!

  9. Bobster says:

    Joe said he paid a lot of money? Joe are you sure your talking about the same site? 29 bucks is hardly a lot of money for an entire year of information. Kudos to John Hansen on keeping the site affordable for all.

  10. JOOCE says:

    Hi John & co. Thanks for all the great stuff on the site. Sorry though, I don’t fully understand these posts. I draft tonight. Is the Projections tab the most updated projections, or is it the PDFs and excel sheets? I’m not clear on what is updated first, having looked at the PDFs and the Projections page, they look the same to me (maybe I am looking after you’ve updated everything?). And are any further updates expected today before MNF? Thanks again!

  11. John Hansen says:

    We’re updating the PDFs and everything today, forgot there was no MNF game.

    Joe it sounds like you want 4 updated PDFs, Excel files, full projections, and more updated by the hour, which isn’t possible.

  12. John Hansen says:

    Jooce, they’re all marked by date, so check the dates. The point of the post is there’s no way we can update everything, mainly the PDFs and the excel files on a daily basis, but we have been updating projections, which also updates the custom cheat sheet, for those who want the very latest.

  13. Bob says:

    Drafting tonight at 7 pm, when will things be ready. Can I get you guys coffee or order in lunch for you?

  14. Collin says:

    Hey guys..just thought I’d drop a quick line or two to thank all of you for the site. Great product and tons of info. Sounds like your getting blasted a lot on line. Love the Intelligent Draft App, and articles. Keep up the good work, you can’t please everyone.

  15. Kyle F says:

    Are you behind on the draft excel tool? It looked like you said the afternoon of the 24th it would be updated. Or is that when you started to update it? Have any computer geeks working for you? Need one? It seems to me that everything should be automatically updated when you update the projections once. All files and programs should be connected to that one master update file.

  16. Joe says:

    Hey Guys
    Thanks for all the help site seems better every year!

  17. RH says:

    Drafting in 30 minutes. Any chance the Excel pro draft tool and/or app will be updated very shortly?

  18. DR says:

    Any chance you could update the 200-PPR Cheat Sheet before 8:00pm ET (5:00 pm PDT) tonight? My draft starts at 8:30pm ET. I would greatly appreciate it.

  19. DR says:

    Thank you!!

  20. Jason says:

    Would it be possible to provide an aggregate list of the keeper/dynasty rankings? It would be nice to know how you rank the players across the positions.

  21. not sure why nick foles has dropped to #32 and andrew luck to #26 in my custom scoring projections when they both were in the top ten. am i doing something wrong?


  22. Mitch Radosky says:

    Hi john, can you post the 12 team ppr draft or your picks in the draft where you picked Leshon McCoy number one overall. I am in exactly in the same position in a draft this Monday. thanks, mitch

  23. Mitch Radosky says:

    This draft was last night.

  24. Skydog says:

    12-Team PPR FSWA Experts Draft Review

    I do like your upside pick with Ladarius Green (Round 12 #144 Overall) however he shares the same Week 10 Bye as your Starting TE Kyle Rudolph!

    Curious to know if you used your Bye Week Worksheet and made this pick based on Green’s perceived value – knowing the Bye Week situation – or just missed it?

    I believe you mentioned that Carson Palmer went undrafted? Maybe you should drop Green and grab Palmer as your Bye Week QB play and as reliable backup insurance for Cutler? This team looks like a strong contender if Cutler stays healthy!

  25. Dan says:

    Great job as usual.

    Not sure what the dissenters are looking for unless they are in Wargames and have access to NORAD super computer this site has best up to date info available with analysis and almost too much information to digest at times.

    Drafted in 3 leagues already and consensus is gurrific rosters on all thanks to draft software and prep from reading articles here! Love the variety of information. As always, the BEST site on the web for fantasy football information. Better layout each year and always bringing something new to the table.

    For those drafting, definitely use the excel draft programs. Pure money to help organize your picks (draft) or bids(auction) as draft wears on. Always nice to be the guy in the room the others ask if someone is available or how much they went for, etc. Great job guys!

    The article by Horn on auction is key to successful draft since just about no other site provides anything more than estimated auction values as far as strategy for approaching auction league.

    Looking to repeat as champ after last year thanks purely to this site and the guys at Fantasyguru.

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