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As I hope most subscribers fully comprehend, I am on a never-ending mission to improve as a service. There is no end to this pursuit; it’s a constantly evolving endeavor that for me will only conclude when I’m no longer with the site, which, thanks in large part to the surprise arrival of twins in 2006 for my wife and me, won’t be happening any time soon.

We’re going to put Greg Cosell’s elite knowledge of matchups to more use than ever in 2014.

As we enter our 20th season of publishing, I’m proud of the fact that our subscription price has not gone up in 19 years – and the fact that the service and all it entails is light years away from where it was in the 90s, when my analysis at times was limited to statements like “He’ll be okay.” I happened to notice that line of riveting analysis in a hard-copy newsletter I produced in 1996, and it prompted me to literally LOL.

Full disclosure: I went back and looked at the boxscore from that week and he actually was more than “okay,” rushing for 101/1 and adding 3/71 in the passing game.

The point is that we’ve come a long way, and the level of sophistication with our content compared to those early years is laughable.

But the plain truth is we’re still not there yet.

We may never achieve perfection, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. Although the service basically costs less than $1 a week, I fully understand the competiveness of this business, and how we cannot rest on our laurels. We’re competing against free, and I get that.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce a 2014 addition to our content that should make shelling out those 90-100 pennies every week for access a lot more tolerable.

As many know Greg Cosell has been a contributor/consultant for us for about 10 years. And as you also likely know, he’s one of the most respected NFL analysts in the country. In my opinion, when it comes to analyzing matchups and personnel, he is the best. No one watches more film than he does – and for a longer period of time – and thanks to his gigs at NFL Films and as the Senior Producer for the Matchup Show on ESPN, he also has access to things the average guy has no chance of accessing.

So it’s been great to have him on our side, and he’s really helped us with our player scouting and more. Ten years ago, when Greg started with us, it probably wasn’t realistic to assume we could get Greg to do too, too much more than what he was doing for us. Back then, the main element to our relationship was hopping on a bunch of conference calls with him (not podcasts) to go over personnel, matchups, etc. It’s been great, but it’s about to get a lot better.

I’ve had this idea for a while, and this year we’ve finally locked Mr. Cosell into doing it for us: a weekly matchup column.

Greg usually rolls into the NFL Films offices around 6-7AM each Monday morning, and he dives right into the coach’s tape, which have already been delivered to Films from the day before. He’s absorbed in film for 3-4 days, and that won’t change in 2014. One thing that will change, though, is that he’ll be paying special attention to specific matchups for the upcoming week that can greatly affect the fantasy world – and this year he’s going to share them with us.

The tentative title of the column is “Mastering the Matchups,” and I envision each week that Greg will be able to isolate 10-12 specific ones that we can all use for our greater good. So if T.Y. Hilton’s Colts are going up against a defense that predominately uses man coverage, which he can eat alive (as he did against the Chiefs in the playoffs), we’ll know that. If Victor Cruz is poised to see a lot of time against a nickel corner who is going to have a heck of a time matching up to Cruz’ speed and overall game, it’ll be included. If a particular OL has major protection issues on the right side and happens to be matched up in their next game against a defense that can destroy that weakness, you’ll know which fantasy D to start that week. And so on and so forth.

As I discussed with Greg, it matters little what actually happens in the games with these isolated matchups. We don’t have access to the results, and we hit a snag in the construction of our time machine. We don’t have access to Biff’s Sports Almanac. The great thing about Greg’s work is everything he does is based on tape study and his 30+ years of experience analyzing film. There’s no guessing or speculation; it’s all fact-based. If something doesn’t work out, it’s really just a case of it “being football.”

This column is not only going to help you find some great weekly plays for your fantasy teams, but it should also really come in handy for those playing DFS. Combined with our addition of Daily Fantasy Sports Guru Kevin Adams, who beat out over 8,000 salary cap players to win the 2013 SiriusXM Salary Cap challenge, I think we’re going to win some DFS players some serious paper in 2014. It’ll obviously help us with our weekly analysis (and stay tuned for yet another exciting announcement coming soon in this regard).

As I’ve stated many times, my ultimate goal each year to ensure our service is worth the small investment subscribers make, and this column alone may lock that in for 2014.

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  1. Jimmerz says:

    Awesome addition. When I started reading the post I thought you were gonna announce that you’d hired Greg full time but this is good too.

  2. John Hansen says:

    Yes, I can be a little overly-dramatic at times

  3. Eric says:

    I love Greg’s no-nonsense approach.

  4. shawn windsor says:

    excellent news always the best info from the guru now mr cosell too cant get any better!!!

  5. Jeff Chavis says:

    New to the site…when/where will I be able to get advice or feedback on questions about my keeper strategy going into my draft? Love all the info I’m getting so far, excited to be a new subscriber this season.

  6. John Hansen says:

    Best bet is chats, which start up soon. Unfortunately we don’t advertise personal advice because we’d be buried by it, but we try the best we can.

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  8. Jon Lumijarvi says:

    HAHA, his (Greg’s) stuff usually confuses me but this sounds like something VERY valuable for those difficult lineup decisions we run into at times, looking forward to it. And guys, the message boards…….I was ‘barred’ last year…………..then went 15-0 in my league, shattering 9-12 offensive records in our 22 year old league. I see where those boards were more confusing than anything-but Greg’s new column sounds great! Good luck to all

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