2014 Projections are up, and a refresher

If you have not noticed already, we uploaded our initial batch of 2014 projections, so feel free to check them out at your leisure. In 2013, due to popular demand, we switched our default scoring system to PPR, but you can create a custom non-PPR scoring system in about 5 seconds here and simply toggle to your Non-PPR projections whenever you’d like to see non-PPR projections.

Our projections are so much more than the actual yardage/TD numbers for all the skill players, so if you’re a new subscriber or need a refresher, here’s an overview of everything you can get out of viewing our projections.

  • Custom Cheat Sheet – Whenever we update our projections, it also updates our custom cheat sheet tool, so you can right now print out a 1-page cheat sheet customized to your scoring system (assuming you set one up in MyGuru). There are a ton of options, but keep in mind we also produce in the preseason generic cheat sheets for both positional rankings and top-200 overall for both PPR and Non-PPR. The custom cheat sheet does generate a top-200 for your scoring system, but it goes 100% by projected points, making it QB-heavy at the top. That’s why we also produce the generic PDFs (first one usually comes out 7/1). We also no later than 7/1 publish several excel-based tools that include all of our projections, so excel users can access all the numbers.
  • Printable projections – They still won’t look as good as our PDFs, but we also offer the ability to generate a more printer-friendly look at each position. Simply click on the “printable” link to the right of all the positional tabs.
  • Comments – Obviously, we take a lot of time to produce and update these comments, and the goal is to give readers a one-sentence overview of all the players. In addition, the latest player comment from these projections can be seen by looking up any team’s player page. We also include the recent comments from our Keeper/Dynasty rankings. So if you’re looking for a 2014 or long-term spin on any offensive player (IDP is only 2014 comments), simply head to his player page. Here’s a link to Peyton Manning’s player page, so you can see what I mean.
  • Detailed Projection – While navigating the projections, you can click on any player’s name and see his detailed projection. For offensive players, the detailed projection will include: kick/punt return projections for the season, the projected number of 300/100-yard games in 2014, and a distance scoring breakdown for each player’s projected TD total. This also includes a distance scoring breakdown for kickers.
  • Projection filtering – In effort to make our projections even more useful, we’ve been giving readers the ability to filter our projections for a variety of categories, per position. We have different categories for the preseason and regular season. In the preseason, users can filter our projections to see only players we have flagged as being/having: good schedule, bad schedule, good Week 13-16 schedule, bad Week 13-16 schedule, undervalued, and overvalued. During the season the categories are: good matchup, bad matchup, WW pickup, viable reach play. So even right now, you can get a quick look at some players we see as undervalued in 2014, based on the listed ADP.
  • ADP – Speaking of ADP, our current number for most players is included in the projections for your convenience.
  • Upside/Downside designations – We’ve been doing this for years, and the point is to simply point out the players who we think have a clear chance to finish significantly higher or lower than we have them based on a variety of factors.
  • Arrows up/down – Starting with our first major projection update in June, you’ll be able to see which players have moved up/down from our previous update.
  • Role – This is simply what we feel a player’s role should be in a typical 12-team league. If you see #1 for a RB’s role, that means we see him as a #1 RB. If you see H/L along with this, that means high or low-end. So #2L would be a RB we feel is a viable #2, but a low-end #2 who is close to being a #3. A #3 H would be a high-end #3 who is close to being a viable #2.
  • Sorting – All our projections are sortable by category, so if you’re looking to see which RB we have as catching the most passes this year, simply click on the sort arrow to see the RB projections sorted by our projected number of receptions like this.
  • Multi-positional projections – You can always view multi-positional rankings/projections for players to see how they stack up compared to other positions. You can view online projections for each individual position plus for RB/WR, RB/WR/TE, and WR/TE.

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4 Responses

  1. Toby says:

    Thanks John, love it along with all the thought provoking data / stats articles so far this year. As if it weren’t hard enough to figure out the RB landscape in ones draft, you have RBs like Gore, Rice, Ridley and Tate anywhere from 20-30 deep this year (granted its only June). My point is what to do at this position has never been crazier from my perspective.
    signed: Dude who started fantasy football in 2000 when you had to go RB/RB

  2. hammertime says:

    John love the web site headed to Vegas this year to draft. Take the risk and swing for the ship based on your insights, gut feel, knowledge and projections. Lets bring home some cabbage and trophies this year.

  3. Chairman says:

    John love your site, been a supporter for years. Will you be publishing a draft strategy for a 2 QB league? These formats are becoming more popular each year.

  4. Cedric says:

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