Just missed it: Week 14

I have been a little behind lately spending more time on more important things, and I missed two weeks ago also due to the holiday, but here are raw notes showing all if not most of Week 14’s “Just missed it” plays.

If you’re looking for perfect grammar and punctuation, don’t read this.

  • WR Mike Brown drops a TD pass on opening drive of game.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew loses balance on potential TD pass in red zone, goes down at 1-yard line. Lewis finishes drive off on next play.
  • Cecil Shorts nearly catches a TD pass but is rewarded on the next play anyway.
  • Chad Henne missed Shorts on a deep ball for a potential long score.
  • Troy Polamalu dropped a potential pick-six on the opening drive. He did score later in the game.
  • Antonio Brown barely stepped out of bounds on the final play of the game to take away the potential game-winning TD. And it would have counted.
  • Chief defensive TD taken off the board by replay on Robert Griffin III fumble call.
  • Deep ball to Tiquan Underwood for potential touchdown just tipped away by a Buccaneer defender.
  • Vincent Jackson had a touchdown taken off the board by replay, ruled that his foot stepped out of bounds on catch.
  • C.J. Spiller has a long 83-yard TD run wiped off the board by a holding call.
  • Carson Palmer to Jim Dray TD, fumble at the goal line
  • Tavon Austin nearly takes end around to the house, but tackled inside 5, great run
  • Philip Rivers looks to Vincent Brown downfield in end zone, but DPI stops a would-be TD
  • Bernard Pierce nearly had an early TD on a goal to go carry but was ruled down just shy of the endzone. Ravens scored on a Flacco to TE Ed Dickson pass.
  • Torrey Smith was behind the MIN D but Flacco’s throw was a tad underthrown and Smith and a MIN DB got tangled up. A good throw and it’s a 48-yard TD early in the 2nd, Flacco to Smith.
  • Jacoby Jones lost the handle on a big throw midway thru the 4th qtr. and it turned into a MIN interception. Would’ve been at least a 30-yard gain and was close to a TD.
  • BAL WR Jacoby Jones got hit on pass interference on a deep throw with about 5:00 left in the game, a 33-yard penalty that was nearly a 33-yard gain.
  • Ray Rice had two goal-to-go carries but came up short on possession near 2:00 warning.
  • Andy Dalton to Mohammad Sanu but overthrew him out of bounds in end zone in goal-to-go.
  • Marvin Jones, late 2nd qt, stopped at the one on a quick slant in goal-to-go situation.
  • AJ Green came up a yard short from a TD late 3rd qtr. Bengals scored on next play, Dalton to Gresham.
  • Matt Ryan deep ball for Darius Johnson but over shot him in the end zone on a 3rd down play on the game’s opening drive.
  • GB RB Eddie Lacy just missed taking a screen pass in on a goal-to-go situation. No matter, next play, at end of first quarter, he slammed in on a run from a yard out.
  • ATL QB Ryan for WR Roddy White on 1st and 10 at GB 32, White had a step on D but ball slightly overthrown in EZ about mid 4th qtr.
  • Tom Brady had Julian Edelman on 1st and 10 at own 35 on what would’ve been at least a 30-yard gain but Edelman couldn’t quite haul in the throw off his fingertips.
  • Greg Little goes deep down right sideline, Campbell puts it up Little makes catch in jump ball with NE DB but comes down with the pass out of bounds, negating a 40-plus yard gain.
  • Brady to the end zone for WR Josh Boyce with 35 secs left, Boyce was ahead of pack but ball just out of his reach. Pass interference was called in the end zone and ball put at the one, giving Pats chance to win the game as they did on the next play, Brady to Amendola.
  • Geno Smith throws to front corner of end zone for Kellen Winslow but led him too much on first drive of game.
  • Matt McGloin throws for Rod Streater in end zone in 4th, over shoots him. Next play Streater targeted again on 4th down, get first down but is a yard short of end zone.
  • Nick Foles to Cooper on 2nd and 12 at the DET 14, could quite grab it, late in 2nd qtr for potential TD.
  • And again Foles to Cooper on 4th down on that drive, Cooper can’t hang on. Ball back to DET to end 2nd qtr.
  • Foles had DeSean Jackson out in front of the defense but over threw him 2nd play of  4th qtr.
  • On third play of 4th qtr. Foles again deep shot of Jackson, just out of his reach.
  • 2nd and G mid-4th qtr and 3rd and goal and LeSean McCoy can’t quite punch it in, but Foles sneaks it in on 4th and G play.
  • Eagles on 4th at 12 at DET 37, faked the run to Polk, DET’s entire defense fell for fake, TE Brent Celek breaks free off the right side wide open, gets the first down and advances ball inside 10 but instead of scoring, slides down to keep clock running. Could’ve easily scored as there was no one within 10 yards of him, so if you had Foles or Celek, you should send your angry letters to Lincoln Financial Field. Reminiscent of a play made by Brian Westbrook a few years ago.
  • Colin Kaepernick almost ran for a TD but was tripped up right before the 1st down marker inside the 5, had to settle for FG instead
  • Bad drop by Brandon LaFell that would’ve had a first down and moved chains on a drive before end of the half, instead the Panthers punt and the Saints score yet again right before halftime
  • Orlando Scandrick almost had INT in EZ that would’ve stopped at least some of the Bears momentum but couldn’t hold on to it, Bears get FG
  • Bruce Carter almost had INT on risky throw by McCown but couldn’t hang on
  • Sterling Moore did may INT but holding penalty by Brandon Carr negated it


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