Just missed it: Week Ten

Week 10 was an active week in terms of the Just Missed it plays for TDs or big plays. Here are our raw notes from our film reviews. If you have Victor Cruz, wouldn’t you like to know that he almost scored like 3 TDs as opposed to just looking at the Boxscore? I would.

  • Heath Miller just missed a potential TD grab, as the FS raked it out of his arms.
  • RG3 throws a heater off of Logan Paulsen’s hands in the end zone, obviously catchable but no touch from RG3 from just a few yards away
  • RG3 throws high to Garcon on slant for game-tying TD on GL target.
  • Santana Moss can only get one foot down in corner of end zone on potential game-tying TD
  • 1st and goal, Ben Tate tackled at 1
  • Carson Palmer to Andre Roberts, who nearly makes catch in end zone, defensive holding called
  • Palmer to Roberts for 3-yard TD, incomplete
  • Case Keenum overthrows DeAndre Hopkins from 5-yard line
  • Vincent Brown should’ve had TD on long fade from Rivers in 2nd quarter but it fell through his hands…defender was in his face but the ball was perfectly placed—had to settle for another FG
  • Peyton Manning should’ve been intercepted early in the third as the Broncos were driving, instead, the next play was short pass to Demaryius Thomas who took it to the house
  • Ben Watson couldn’t hall in TD (actually got injured on play)
  • Dez Bryant had a step on defenders on a would be TD but Romo overthrew it early in the 3rd quarter
  • Chi RB Matt Forte got a 1st and goal handoff late 2nd qt from the Chi 7 but couldn’t cash in.
  • Det RB Reggie Bush busted loose early 3rd qt, nearly scoring on a 39-yard run but was caught from behind and then horse-collar tackled at the CHI 8 which resulted in a personal foul vs. Chi putting ball at Chi 4 for a 1st and goal. Det scored two plays later, Calvin Johnson with the catch.
  • 1st and G at DET 9, Matt Forte takes a pitch in for a TD but a holding penalty brings it back midway thru 4th
  • CHI WR Alshon Jeffery had a TD that was negated after replay revealed he did not hang onto the ball all the way through the play, bobbling it as he landed out of bounds midway thru the 4th qtr. CHI had to settle for a Robbie Gould FG bringing Bears to within 14-13.
  • DET K David Akers missed his lone FG attempt, a 45-yard attempt, and the left footer hooked it with about 6 mins left in game.
  • Tannehill had Mike Wallace wide open down the sideline but threw it too far out of bounds…could’ve gone for TD with Wallace’s speed
  • After punt that went out of bounds at ½ yard line, Dolphins almost got a safety on a TB rush but ball crossed the GL by mere inches
  • GB WR Jordy Nelson had a couple of steps on defender on 3rd and 3 play with just under 9 mins left in 2nd qtr. for Packers at Phi 5 but throw by QB Scott Tolzien was thrown just a bit behind Nelson and allowed Eagles CB Brandon Boykin the opportunity to make a play on the ball and return an INT 76 yards.
  • Phi K Alex Henery misses from 39 yards out, mid-2nd qtr.
  • GB WR Jordy Nelson can really go up and make plays on the football as he did in final minute of 2nd qt, just went up and got it, nearly scored a TD too, but stepped out of bounds a the PHI 9 on what would have been a 39-yard score.
  • Nelson nearly scored a short TD on a 4th and 4 with just under 10 mins left in game but called incomplete, GB coach Mike McCarthy challenged but ruling on field stood, incomplete, but very close.
  • Russell Wilson, very late 2nd qt., 1st and 15 at Atl 16, had Jermaine Kearse down seam but overthrew him. Would’ve been Kearse’s 2nd TD of game.
  • Matt Ryan for Roddy White in the end zone on 1st and 10 at Sea 19, late 3rd qt., Falcons trailing 26-3, good coverage by SEA DB Byron Maxwell, but White had a shot at it.
  • Joe Flacco throws deep down the middle of the field for Jacoby Jones who would’ve had a 53-yard TD catch but he was interfered with, Baltimore gets ball at spot of the foul, Cin 5.
  • Bal RB Ray Rice got a goal to go carry in the first quarter but came up short from the five.
  • Bal WR Torrey Smith, on 2nd & 1 at the CIN 18, late first qtr., couldn’t hang on in right corner of end zone on pass from Flacco. Throw was a little out of reach.
  • Cin 3rd and 10 early 3rd qtr. in red zone, Dalton to TE Tyler Eifert, just out of his reach, couldn’t haul it in in the end zone.
  • Oak D/ST nearly had a TD as NYG KR Jerrel Jernigan fumbled opening kickoff while returning. Oak Andre Holmes returned it 22 yards to the NYG 5.
  • Oak RB Rashad Jennings nearly scored from 5 yards out on Raiders first offensive play, but was stopped short, Terrelle Pryor scored on 1-yard run on next play (just 53 secs. into game).
  • NYG WR Victor Cruz was thrown to in the red zone on 3rd and 4 at the Oak 17 with about 9 mins left in 2nd qtr. but pass interference in the end zone kept him from making the grab. He nearly made the over the shoulder grab with a defender grabbing at him in the left corner of the endzone.
  • Cruz again on 1st and 10 at the 12 on very next play after he drew the interference, on a crossing route, but he dropped the ball at about the 5 on what could’ve been a TD.
  • (Oak has four plays from the six and can’t convert a TD despite getting a 1st down and has to settle for a FG after a 14 play, 74-yard drive that took 8:04 off the clock.)
  • Jennings, 2nd and 3 at the NYG 6, midway thru 3rd qtr., busted loose and would’ve had a TD had it not been for an excellent ankle tackle by NYG S Antrel Rolle. He still got a first down though.
  • Next play, 1st and goal at the 1 midway thru third, Jennings again, looked like he had a hole off tackle on the left-hand side of the line, but hole quickly closes thanks to Giants D.
  • Next play, 2nd and goal at the NYG 1, Pryor throws to Denarius Moore over the middle, incomplete as he dropped the ball but also would’ve been out of the end zone had he hung on.
  • Next play, late third, NYG in red zone, Manning to Hakeem Nicks, left corner of end zone on a fade route but Nicks is interfered with, drawing flag for pass interference. Nicks still does not have a TD this season and he would have likely scored here had he not been interfered with.
  • Mid 4th qtr., Manning had Victor Cruz open on 3rd and G at the Oak 5 but made another bad throw that Cruz had no chance to get. A simple little toss and it’s a TD. NYG had to settle for a FG.
  • NYG DE Justin Tuck nearly had a pick 6, as he came on a rush and Oak QB Pryor threw the ball right at him but he couldn’t hang onto it, late 4th qtr, Oak 2nd and 10 at own 46.

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