Just missed it: Week Eight

Here is another look at our raw notes from our Week Nine tape study. Wouldn’t you want to know it if you guy at least almost scored a TD or made a big play last week? That’s why we do this.

  • WR Ted Ginn lets one go right between his on potential 73-yard TD bomb, perfect throw
  • Cam Newton just overthrows Greg Olsen in the end zone, can’t get both feet down
  • Heath Miller has a TD taken off the board by replay
  • Carson Palmer just a bit high on deep ball downfield to Larry Fitzgerald for a potential score
  • Reggie Bush had two goal-to-go carries late in the first qtr: 1st and G at Dal 3, got one yard; and 2nd and G at Dal 2, no gain.
  • Dez Bryant’s first target of the game: :55 seconds left in 2nd qtr, to the end zone, little alley oop but Bryant couldn’t get to it. He scored on the next play.
  • Calvin Johnson had his 87-yard play where he was caught from behind at the Dal 3 in the first quarter and wound up scoring on the drive a few plays later.
  • Johnson, in mid-4th qtr., 1st and G at the 10, slant route, makes catch at 2 stopped just shy of goal line. Joique Bell goes up the middle for TD on next play.
  • Matthew Stafford, 1st and 10 at Dal 15, throws to Kris Durham, under 5:00 left in game, but overthrew him.
  • Stafford, same drive, after overthrow to Durham, has pocket break down and he takes off for end zone but stopped at the one.
  • Calvin Johnson, on final drive, came up just short of the end zone on 1st and 10 at Dal 23, credited with a 22-yard catch.
  • Imagine the numbers Calvin Johnson finishes with if he gets both of those TDs in which he was stopped at the 1?
  • NYG had ball in red zone early in 2nd qtr. Eli Manning did hit TE Larry Donnell along back of end zone but Donnell had stepped out of bounds just before making catch taking away the TD on the 3rd and G from the 10.
  • NYG 2nd and 7 at Phi 14, Manning completes pass to Hakeem Nicks but Nicks out of bounds, in back of end zone, ruled incomplete at opening of 4th qtr.
  • SF WR Anquan Boldin on a slant route, 1st and 10 at the Jac 16 early 2nd, connects at the two for a first down but Boldin taken down.
  • SF FB Bruce Miller got a goal-to-go carry from the 2-yard line but came up short.
  • Mid-2nd qtr, 2nd and 7 at the Jac 9, Colin Kaepernick had TE Vernon Davis in the back left corner of the end zone but short-armed the pass just a tiny bit and Jac CB Alan Ball tapped it away at the last second.
  • Jac WR Cecil Shorts on 3rd and goal at SF 6, was running an out toward corner of endzone but pass deflected, thrown a little behind WR midway thru 3rd qtr.
  • Jac WR Mike Brown, on 4th and goal at SF 6, same route, but throw just too far out front. Brown was looking for a hold but didn’t get the call. Jac turns it over on downs.
  • KC K Ryan Succop missed a 52-yard FG late in 2nd qtr. Had plenty of leg, just pushed it left slightly.
  • Alex Smith had Donnie Avery behind the Cle D on 1st and 10 at KC 7 in mid 4th qtr but overthrew Avery, who would’ve at least had a 30+ yard gain maybe even a lot more.
  • Smith missed an open Anthony Fasano for a sure TD in the red zone, but he made a bad throw and was bracing for pressure when throwing it even though there was none there.
  • Mia 3rd and 5 at NE 33, Ryan Tannehill nice touch throw down right sideline to Charles Clay but just a shade out of his reach. Got his hands on it but couldn’t hold on. If not a TD would’ve been close.
  • Mia 2nd and 2 at NE 19, midway thru 3rd qtr., Tannehill to Mike Wallace at the 2 but threw it a bit behind him. Wallace could not pivot and hold on.
  • Then next play Tannehill sacked forcing a 46-yard FG that Caleb Sturgis missed. Would’ve been 36-yarder had he not been sacked. NE then comes down a scores a TD the other way. Went from a potential 24-3 lead to 17-10 and then NE recovers a fumble after a sack of Tannehill and goes in for tying TD.
  • NE TD at end of 3rd qtr. called back after Tom Brady’s best throw of the game, he hit Rob Gronkowski in back of end zone from 30-yards out with a laser over double coverage but holding nullified the play. Gronk made a great leaping catch and stayed in bounds. Gronk will be a big key to the future success of the Pats as Brady’s been throwing to no one in particular.
  • NE RB LeGarrette Blount, on 2nd and 3 at the Mia 7, midway through 4th qtr., busted through for a first down but got ankle tackled at the 3 and ruled down at the 1.
  • On the next play, Blount got a second crack at the end zone on 1st and G at the Mia 1 but was stacked up for a loss to the 3. Stevan Ridley scored on the next play from the 3 to cap a 12-play, 82-yard scoring drive that sealed the win and took nearly six mins off the clock in the 4th qtr.
  • Buf 3rd and 3 at NO 19, Thad Lewis down the seam to TE Scott Chandler who had the ball in the end zone but just couldn’t haul it in as it bounced off the DB’s helmet, then his hands.
  • Buf 1st and 10 at own 45, Lewis to WR T.J. Graham but called back, holding on TE Chandler nullified a 55-yard TD that would’ve pulled Buf within 28-17.
  • Buf Fred Jackson had a goal-to-go carry from about the 1 late third that was called no TD and after review, call stood. No matter, he got in on next play behind a good block from TE Chandler.
  • Montee Ball almost had his second TD but stopped at the Was 1, Knowshon Moreno was stopped on the very next play as well
  • Josh Morgan was wide open for Robert Griffin III but he threw it behind him, could’ve gained some momentum back if completed as he had some open space to work and Wash only down 7 at that point
  • Antonio Cromartie knocked a way a sure TD on the Bengals second offensive play
  • Mohamed Sanu could’ve had a 50 yard reception, ball rolled just off his fingertips as he was wide open
  • Giovani Bernard looked like he had a TD, but it was first called a touchback, and then overturned…ball placed at the 1
  • Brandon Tate had one tackler to beat for a KR TD but was stopped at about the NYJ 30
  • AJ Green had Cromartie completely burned down the sidelines but couldn’t hall it in, rough day for Cromartie
  • Greg Jennings almost had catch at 5 on nicely thrown ball from Ponder but couldn’t hall it in, though PI call helped them
  • Eddie Lacy had a run and a screen pass from the 1 yard line but couldn’t get in
  • Aaron Rodgers could have had a rushing TD on a second burst but play was blown dead at ½ yard line
  • Janoris Jenkins should’ve intercepted Russell Wilson ball to Golden Tate, but Tate stepped right in front and took it to the house
  • Russell Wilson almost sacked for a safety but barely got back to the 1 yard line
  • Chris Givens probably could’ve scored from the 2 but he couldn’t control the ball

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