Just missed it: Week Five

I was under the weather late last week, so I did not get a chance to post week’s five’s “Just missed it.” So here it is, and remember these are raw notes, so I’m not exactly editing and cleaning these notes up to post on the blog.

  • Josh Gordon drops a perfect pass going up the seam for potential catch-and-run 90-yard TD.
  • Stevie Johnson gets open just enough on Haden and almost hauls in a TD pass but Haden is called for interference.
  • Gordon gets pulled down to the ground on goal-line pass, and has one sail just above his fingertips later in the game at the goal-line.
  • Chandler nearly makes juggling, one-hand catch with defender literally holding his entire arm down
  • Alshon Jeffery catches long pass late in game, but is taken down near 2-yard line. Marshall finishes it off.
  • Cincy QB Andy Dalton made a terrible red zone mistake, throwing across his body on the last play of the first quarter, giving up an INT at the Pats’ 8 yard line. He was targeting TE Tyler Eifert who was covered.
  • 12:00 left in game, Dalton to Green on a short throw on 3rd and 3 at Pats 23, single-covered by Aqib Talib, a shake move got him past Talib and another defender after the catch but Talib recovered to tackle Green from behind at the 5.
  • BJGE got two red zone carries around the 11 min mark left in the game but did not cash in until the 4th down play on that drive where he got in from a yard out, exploiting the middle of the NE D-line in the absence of DT Vince Wilfork who is out for the season.
  • Aaron Dobson had a 53-yard catch and run on 2nd and 4 from NE 30 on crossing route, but then lost the handle of the football inside the 15, otherwise he might have been in for the score.
  • On first and 10 at the 17, Brady threw to a wide open Amendola at the 2-yard line but the throw was behind Amendola who had to make a crazy jump to catch it and came up short of the goal line. He rolled toward the goal line but the ball had not crossed when he was touched by the d-back, who made a heads up play to touch Amendola when he was down.
  • On 1st and goal at the 1, Blount lost a yard; on 2nd and goal at the 2 Brady threw to tackle eligible but he was covered and on 3rd and goal, Edelman had the ball but dropped it and Pats had to settle for FG.
  • Pats around 3:20 left in game, Brady deep ball to Dobson on 1st and 10 at Cin 44, but great play by d-back slapped ball away. Ball was just slightly underthrown.
  • In the first quarter at Indy, Seattle D had a blocked punt that should’ve been recovered in the end zone for a TD, but instead the player who recovered the block slid out of bounds with the ball and was unable to cover it in the end zone for a TD, instead settling for a safety.
  • 1st and 15, 18 seconds left in half, Golden Tate got deep behind the defense as Russell Wilson stepped up and out of collapsing pocket. As Wilson ran forward and threw, he overthrew Tate who would’ve scored on a 47-yard pass play had the ball been delivered better.
  • 11:30 left in 3rd, Wilson took back-to-back shots to the end zone but overthrew both balls on 2nd and 3rd downs to Doug Baldwin and Sydney Rice, respectively, from the Colts’ 18 and Seattle settled for a FG.
  • Tannehill tried to hit Mike Wallace down right sideline with 1:14 left in first half on 2nd and 10 from the Miami 40, would’ve been a 60-yard TD if throw was there, it was a little short, and this was after Tannehill was limping, favoring his left leg.
  • Flacco took a 20-yard shot to Smith in end zone, but pass interference call on play as Smith could not haul it in, 12:12 left in third. Set Ravens up, 1st and goal on MIA 2 for a Ray Rice TD run on next play.
  • Michael Vick on a designed run, from the 15 of NYG, got 14, nearly a TD run. Next play, 1-yard run for McCoy.
  • Eli Manning for WR Rueben Randle with under 2:00 left in 2nd qtr but ball slightly underthrown and allowed d-back to break up play. A better throw would’ve resulted in a long gain and possibly a 60+yard TD.
  • Giants 1st and 10 at own 37 Eli deep ball to Victor Cruz but overthrew him. Minimally a 40-yard gain, and possibly a 63-yard TD, that was missed.
  • Later in 3rd qtr, back to back deep shots to Cruz: one over throw and one resulted in a pass int that led to Giants TD a few plays later to give NYG a 21-19 lead.
  • Jac PR Ace Sanders returned a punt 88 yards for a TD in mid-first quarter but a penalty, illegal block in back, nullified it.
  • Jac QB Chad Henne, on his second throw of the game after coming in late in the 3rd qtr, tossed to Cecil Shorts in the end zone but good coverage broke up the pass.
  • Rams took a deep shot on 2nd and 10 from their own 37 with 3:06 left in 3rd. Bradford for WR Chris Givens but ball was a bit underthrown and allowed defender to close and knock ball away.
  • Jac encroachment penalty on 4th and 3 play with 1:48 left gave Rams a first down and from there they took a knee a couple of times and ran out the clock. Had the play stood, it would’ve simply been a 26-yard FG attempt for PK Greg Zuerlein. If you have Zuerlein and lost by 1, 2, or 3 points, blame Sen’Derrick Marks for his penalty which took 3 points away from you and your squad.
  • With about 1:50 left in first quarter, KC QB Alex Smith hit Donnie Avery on a deep ball, but Avery had to stop to come back and get it, and rather than a 64-yard TD if he was hit in stride, it was just a 44-yard gain as Avery was tackled immediately.
  • TEN QB Ryan Fitzpatrick hit Delanie Walker on 15-yard throw and he got down to the 1. Then KC defense held them on four plays and goal to go to no points, including a 2nd and goal that was Ryan Fitzpatrick to himself for no gain. Jackie Battle was stopped twice at the 1-yard line for no gain and Fitzpatrick was sacked at the 1 as well.
  • TEN WRs Kenny Britt and Justin Hunter were targeted on consecutive goal-to-go plays for the Titans in the mid-3rd quarter but Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn’t quite connect with either from 7 yards out. Hunter, the rookie WR, was seeking his third straight game with a TD.
  • Delanie Walker nearly had a touchdown again later, as Fitzpatrick threw to him down the middle late in the fourth quarter, but he was tripped up at the 1-yard line.
  • Dwayne Bowe just barely stepped out of bounds after shaking a tackle and taking off on what would’ve been a 66-yard TD. Instead it was a 17-yard gain.
  • Dwayne Bowe just missed a TD and was tackled at the one on 2nd and 2 from the 8 with 7:11 left in the game. He might have broken the plane of the goal line but it was not reviewed.
  • Bowe was then targeted in the end zone on 1st and goal at the 1 but the pass was deflected away, and pass interference was called, resulting in a 1st and goal and Jamaal Charles scored go-ahead TD.
  • Rob Bironas missed a field goal with no time left, slightly wide right from 32 yards out.
  • Jacquizz Rodgers stuffed at the 1 to end the first half
  • Ryan to Julio Jones for 38-yard TD, unable to hang on with diving catch
  • Ryan to Harry Douglas for 27-yard TD, broken up
  • Tony Romo to Dez Bryant for 8-yard TD, unable to connect
  • Montee Ball stuffed at the 1
  • Romo to Dez, who couldn’t make diving 25-yard TD in end zone
  • Romo to Dez from their own 15, finally taken down at the 4
  • Steve Smith drops easy 5-yard TD
  • Cam Newton underthrows Smith on what could have been a TD, INT instead
  • Carson Palmer picked off at goal-line near end of 1st half


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