Just missed it: Week Two

Once again this is not a complete list, but I hope to catch up next week and we certainly will with the byes coming, but here are this week’s raw notes on some potential TDs.

Alex Smith nearly scored a rushing TD on the first drive, as he tucked and ran from the 15, tripped at the 2.

Tony Romo hit Dez Bryant on a 38-yard gain but Bryant had to stretch out for it and make an acrobatic diving catch. A better throw would’ve resulted in a 44-yard TD on Dallas’s second possession. He eventually scored to cap the drive on a 2-yard pass from Romo.

Dez Bryant had what would’ve been a 22-yard catch nullified as he was whistled for pass int. early in 2nd qt. And with 9 minutes left in 4th, Bryant had two steps on a defender but dropped a throw from Romo that minimally would’ve been a 30-yard gain and possibly a 79-yard TD.

Antonio Gates was held without a TD but had a near miss as Rivers hit him on a crossing pattern that seemed to be there all day. Brandon Boykin came from behind and stripped the ball from Gates at the 1 and the Eagles recovered the fumble after a 25-yard gain late in the second quarter.

Early in the second quarter, Michael Vick threw deep down the right sideline for DeSean Jackson who caught the ball but only got one foot inbounds before stepping over the sideline. Jackson had about 3 yards on the corner Shareece Wright and would’ve easily had a 69-yard TD. Late in the second, Vick just overthrew Jackson as he had to hurry a throw under pressure, but Jackson had four yards on Wright. Then in the third quarter, Jackson got past Wright and safety Eric Weddle but the pass went off Jackson’s fingertips. Then later on the same possession, Vick and Jackson connected for what looked to be a 37-yard score but Eagles rookie tackle Lane Johnson lined up off the line of scrimmage and was flagged for illegal formation.

Vick had another TD pass that he didn’t cash in on. On the team’s second drive, third and goal, he threw to James Casey but Casey had to go down to try and make the catch and the ball slipped out and banged off the ground for an incompletion. If the ball was just a touch higher, it would’ve been a TD. Instead the Eagles settle for a FG and a tie game at 3-3.

Joe Flacco threw great deep ball to Marlon Brown and would’ve been a 32-yard TD, but went through Brown’s hands on first drive.

Another excellent Flacco throw to end zone but Torrey Smith bobbled it before hauling it in out of bounds. It would’ve been a 29-yard TD just before half.

Julian Edelman had double move early in the game, but Tom Brady missed him for a long gain.

Geno Smith missed Bilal Powell down sideline on opening drive for potential big gain.

Edmund Gates had a TD on the board near goal line but popped out of his hands after hit.

Kenbrell Thompkins initially had a TD on the board but taken off on long pass through his hands in end zone.

Russell Wilson passed to Zach Miller, who couldn’t bring it in for 6-yard TD

Drew Brees to had a pass to Jimmy Graham, but tackled just inside 1

Vincent Jackson had a 73-yard TD comes off the board thanks formation penalty

Carson Palmer threw ball to Michael Floyd in end zone, and he caught but forced out

Palmer threw a pass to Andre Roberts in end zone, DPI called

Andrew Luck threw to Darrius Heyward-Bey in end zone, but he was well covered

Andrew Luck to Coby Fleener TD comes off the board on illegal shift, and later Luck and Fleener were not on the same page on what could have easily been a game-winning TD on throw inside the 20.

Ryan Tannehill threw a pass to Mike Wallace, and he was tackled at the 1

Arian Foster was just short of end zone, gets first carry on first chance in goal-to-go situation

Matt Schaub threw a pass to DeAndre Hopkins in end zone in OT, but no go. But he got him on the next play for the score.

Randall Cobb should have had TD on the first drive, but stepped out around 20

There was a 10-yard TD to Jordy Nelson called back by holding call.

James Jones reaches for pylon on a play trying to score, loses ball, Touchback

DeAngelo Williams exploded up the middle for what could have been a huge TD run, but tripped up by last defender to limit it to a good gain

EJ Manuel over throws Scott Chandler for what would have been a 25-yard TD. Manuel later threw to to Chandler on a fade, no chance of catching it in back of end zone.

EJ Manuel to Stevie Johnson in the corner of the end zone, no go

Cam Newton to Brandon LaFell for 26-yard TD, but LaFell can only get fingertips on it running near back of end zone.

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