Just missed it: Week One

We are still trying to catch up from the transition from the preseason to the regular season, which usually takes 2-3 weeks, so the following notes are not only raw, but they are incomplete. I believe starting this week we will have all of the close calls covered each week, and I will likely post them to this blog, if for no other than to actually post something here. Obviously, we’re covering everything on the site, so I usually struggle to find the time or a topic for this blog. Here’s what we have in terms of close calls from Week One.

– Stafford to Calvin for 20-yard TD, but lost it going to ground
– Stafford to Calvin for 16-yard TD, but he can’t get second foot in
– Bush rush TD comes off board with shin being down, Bell spin move TD on next play
– Bush rush TD comes off board with knee being down
– Throw to Gibson in end zone, overthrown, but PI called
– Weeden to Barnidge TD negated by holding penalty
– Overthrown Fade from 2 to AJ Green (Right back to him for TD on next play)
– AJ Green draws a DPI on shot to end zone, would have been a long TD and he still had a shot to grab it
– Steve Smith stepped out at 3 on his way into end zone (scored on next play)
– Rusell Wilson deep to Stephen Williams, Williams can’t make diving catch for 40+ yard TD (hit Kearse for TD on next play)
– Endzone throw to Thompkins, pushed out of bounds
– Through Edelman’s hands in end zone for what would have been 29-yard TD
– Edelman nearly makes great catch in corner of end zone for 10-yard TD
– Thompkins can’t handle wide-open TD in back of end zone (5 yards)
– Throw to Stokley end of 2nd in EZ, inc
– Missed Dem Thomas on stop-and-go for what would have been 15-yard TD
– Welker had position on what would have been a 70-yard TD, but fell down on the route
– Welker just overthrown on 35-yard TD
– Deeper ball in the end zone intended for Rod Streater early in the game was intercepted About 35 yards
– Terrelle Pryor threw about a 40 yard bomb the Streater in the second-quarter but it was incomplete
– Darren McFadden had a touchdown taken off the board after was ruled that he stepped out of bounds but it was a good throw by Pryor with nice touch
– While it wasn’t that close to a touchdown Streater caught a pass and was tackled at around the 2 yard line On the play Pryor was scrambling all over the place so this could be a good sign that when he’s in trouble and scrambling he looks for hos boy Streater
– Pass to the Denarius Moore on first and goal it to hit him in the chest and bounced off. Moore didn’t score on a pass to in the az 2 plays later.
– Luck did throw a bomb for 50 yards in the fourth quarter to T.Y. Hilton but he was covered very well and incomplete.
– Luck then threw another bomb for 50 yards to a streaking Hilton running toward the end zone but again it was covered well In the ball slightly overthrown
– Pryor’s game clinching interception was a pass intended for Streater about the yard or two in front of the goal line
– Alex Smith missed a wide open Anthony Fassano for about a 30 yard gain on their first play the game.
– Jamal Charles had a chance for touchdown on a catch on the play before Smith’s touchdown to Avery
– Charles popped off a really nice 18 yard gainer in the first quarter and almost scored and was tackled at the three.
– Last pass for the game with Chad Henne in was in the end zone to Ace Sanders

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  1. Looks like you just missed on your comments about Willis McGahee…the best free agent out there…irsay thinks he is damaged goods…good thing i picked him up…i noticed you deleted him in your waiver wire updated 12sep13…i have liked what you have done in the past hope you can recapture some of that magic

  2. John Hansen says:

    Really? By putting him at the very bottom of the WW as a stash and hope pickup because he might get a worked by the Giants is a “miss?” and now I’ve lost the magic? You noticed I deleted him. Would it have been better to keep him on now that it doesn’t look like he’s going to get signed? What would you have done? Kept him on there?

  3. hey john…is that really you…i have david wilson and i read to be pro-active sign mcgahee, but you did say you did not know who they would sign…the timing could not have been worse for me in reading that post. i had to make a waiver move that day…i must say that i have done really well in my fantasy league after becoming a member of your site…i was just hoping we could keep my/our streak alive…thanks for all the valuable information…i can not get enough

    ps i did not think you would respond personally…i appreciate your comments…wish i would have come up with your idea

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