Week one and a note on the site

I hope you enjoyed our preseason content this summer. Based on all the feedback we’ve received, it appears our readers have never felt more prepared for their drafts than they have this year. That’s good, since we’ve never worked harder than we did this year on covering the preseason. I do sense this year is going to be a little crazier than usual, but I feel very good about the advice we’ve put forth this summer.

As I do each year around this time, I have to note how difficult Week One is for us. Every Labor Day we get inundated with e-mails looking for Week One content, yet for example, I was still working on preseason material as of last night for those with late drafts. It’s tough to slam on the preseason brakes and shift gears to Week One, so this week will not be a typical week in terms of our content. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect this week:

  • E-mails – With the regular season underway, we’ll start touching base via e-mail more often, starting with our Wednesday Practice Report tomorrow. You’ll notice next week, once we get into our regular routine, that we’ll be e-mailing you at least six days a week with content or updates on content.
  • Depth Charts – Will be updated today and will account for all the moves over the last 3-4 days, which have been many.
  • Week One Projections – Will be posted this evening (9/3), which is actually earlier than usual.
  • Week One Thursday Game Center – We should have this posted Wednesday Evening.
  • Week One Weekly Spotlight: For those who play in weekly or daily games, including salary cap games.
  • Week One Staff Picks – Will be posted Thursday Morning.
  • Week One Matchup Podcast – Will up Thursday Morning, as usual.
  • Week One Game Center – Will be posted on Friday.
  • Week One IDP Previews – Will be posted on Friday.
  • Practice Report – Our usual practice reports will be posted online and e-mailed when complete on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.

Again, once we get past this week (Week One), we’ll slip into a regular routine. For information on exactly what we’ll be producing and when, check the bottom of our Site Help page.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to outline a few changes we’re making this year. People are generally resistant to change, but we wouldn’t make any changes if we didn’t firmly believe they would make the service better, and that’s always my primary focus.

One major change this summer was our new site design. We’ll have some tweaks to it this week for the regular season, but the response to the new design has been very positive. I think the site is a lot cleaner and easier to navigate and find things. As always, we’re looking to improve our offerings and make the user experience more enjoyable, and I think the new site design does that.

Another large change this year, if you haven’t noticed already, is that we’ve introduced our NFL News feed, powered by KFFL.com. We’ve always said that we’re not a news service, but covering all the news and injuries has been something that has bogged us down a bit. Thanks to this news service, we have a constantly-updated feed of all news, notes, transactions, injury updates, breaking news, etc. You really don’t have to go anywhere else now for all the latest news. This is a major upgrade for the site and it’s one that will also free us up more and allow us to expand and offer other articles. I’ve known the people behind KFFL.com for over 15 years. In fact, the very first fantasy football writer/contributor to that site was yours truly, back in 1996.

In addition to adding some new features articles this year (again, check the Site Help page for details) another major change this year is our Game Center. For years this weekly project has also completely bogged us down because it forced us to cover every player (even scrubs) too in-depth. This not only prevented us from doing more articles, chats, podcasts, etc. It also caused us to miss some important things at times that should have been covered. We’ve noticed that our readers prefer shorter, more concise articles – and more interaction with us via podcasts, chats, etc. – so our Game Center this year will be reduced in length. We will still cover all the angles in a matchup that need to be covered; it’s just not going to be as wordy. In this case, less is more.

Also, here’s update on the MyGuru apps. Honestly, I did not plan on offering the new NFL News feed until mid-to-late July, so that was a late addition. It slowed us down a bit in other development areas, but I made the decision to roll out the News Feed because I think it’s a huge asset. We didn’t quite make it in terms of having the MyGuru upgrade in the stores by Week One, but we’re very close. Both apps are operational now from last year’s version, but we’re submitting the upgrade to Apple for the iPhone update this week, with the Droid update about a week later. How quickly Apple approves the app is out of our control, however. But I can say with great confidence that the upgrades will be worth the wait. We’re talking a major, major upgrade to these apps, so look out for that.

That should do it in terms of some items I wanted to pass along to you right now. If I have other things to cover, I’ll make sure they’re passed along via my blog, e-mails, or somewhere on the site.

Thanks again for subscribing in 2013 and good luck this year.

John Hansen

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  1. Jim Brady says:

    Great show on XM.

    Our league re-drafts after week 9. Hard to extrapolate season projections…like to see the total season broken into weeks if possible…asking too much?


    Best investment I’ve ever made..

    Jim Brady, Cincinnati

  2. Larry Goebel says:

    Hey John:

    Great job to you and the staff for getting me ready for my four leagues this year. Unless I’m going blind, however, (which might be the case), I couldn’t find Roddy White mentioned anywhere in yiour 2013 Draft Plan. Was this just an oversight?

    In any case, keep up the great work. I really enjoy and need the information you guys continually supply.


  3. Bill Koebel says:

    As the years go on, I am always ahead of the game with your hard work, thanks Guru team. So pumped about the mobile app and love the site upgrades. I tell everyone about it.

  4. Stuff says:

    BTW LOVE your Auction spreadsheet. I do not remember (or did not notice it) last year. It was very helpful

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